The Great Divide

The Founding Fathers concept of the Supreme Court was that these nine people would be able to rise above the Politics of  Political Parties. It is their job to see that this country, it’s Politicians, the wealthiest  and the poorest are all represented equally. These nine people are appointed to the Supreme court for life. They should not owe allegiance to any party,any interest or any individual. Their job is simply to opine on those issues which  give equal rights to all citizens and justice for all. This court has failed  this country on one issue after another. It is a court divided within itself. The women against the men. The Liberals versus the conservatives. They are Politically , ethnically and sexually divided., This does not fit the mandate of the Supreme Court. The recent ruling by this court in the Hobby Lobby case gives corporations and  their owners, the power to deny their female employees their right to birth control options under the Corporate insurance policies. This, under the guise of religious Freedom. The Founding fathers of this country never conceived of Religious freedom becoming the tool with which the Society would be controlled. Each person has the right to practice his or her Religion . Religion is a  personal and private matter. However, it was never conceived by the Founding fathers that this right would become the controlling power over the electorate, the people or the Government of this country.  Girls, Boys, Men Women Hit the streets. Impeach this supreme Court.


Has condoned the shutting down of abortion clinics by their ruling

Has not just infiltrated the hobby lobby but Roe versus Wade

The Sky is the Limit

I’ve been writing about the ugly tall buildings since early September 2014. It is only now that the New York Times has begun to look at the skyline of Manhattan and to begin writing about the destruction of the City……

See New York Time Article Here

Well it looks as though they have  finally caught on to the idea that these ugly tall buildings will destroy the city. It will be a cavernous nest of dark streets. No one living in Manhattan will be able to see the sky ever again. Dark streets are usually empty streets and this is an open invitation to criminals and street people to take over the deserted spaces. If enough people understand what the real Estate industry and the Politicians are doing to Manhattan in the name of money, maybe we can stop the process.


The Latest Erection


This ugly building can be seen from anywhere in Manhattan, New Jersey, and on the way in from Connecticut. It dominates every view of Manhattan. Mr. Viñoly the architect of this building said “the square is the purest geometric form”. It may be square, but it surely is ugly. Originally I was told that it was to have some green around it. Well, the green turned out to be just another all glass  commercial building,rectangular in shape and  attached or just squatting next to the perfect square tower which is so tall that I can’t bend my head back far enough  to see the top of it unless i’m several streets distance from it.

At 100 million dollars per apartment, it certainly contributes nothing  to solve any  housing problem in Manhattan, and as I have pointed out before, the tax abatement that these real estate mafia are able to squeeze out, contributes  not a penny to the city and nothing for the tax payers, and nothing towards affordable housing. Buildings like this are in fact chasing the artists,the craftsmen, the young people and working people totally out of the city. Nobody will be able to live here, and the very wealthy people who buy these apartments are just parking their money there probably for future laundering.. Mr. Viñoly, the designer of this tall building who has made a commitment to design many civic initiatives which supposedly demonstrates his ability to creatively integrate buildings into urban sites has totally missed the mark on this one. This building is not integrated into any part of the city. It serves no purpose. It is an Icon to money and somehow it represents everything that is wrong in our society. Where are the beautiful buildings like the Chrysler building? Where is the symmetry of architectural style and balance that you can still see if you look North on Park Ave.and  Riverside drive.Where are the beautiful old Town Houses on Fifth Ave?F ewer everyday.. It was this amazing mix of style and proportion  that made New York a beautiful ,exciting  and glamorous City  It always had enough human elements to make it possible to live here. These new buildings  have no style,no proportion no human scale and no architectural  virtue.

Mr. Viñoly has many buildings credited to his name, I haven’t personally seen them. The only one I have seen is this one.  The designer of this building, and who ever is the designer of the other tall buildings rising in Manhattan,  have no sense of beauty, no sense of history, no sense of style, no sense of proportion, no sense at all. .

In  Switzerland when someone wants to build a new edifice,they have to show what the dimensions will be and all the neighbors have the right to express their  opinions .If the weight of evidence is against the construction it may be stopped. What can we do to  give some second thought to what is happening to our town?. We the people should make our voices heard. Run the scoundrels out and reclaim our city.

This is a rendering which looks favorably upon the Manhattan of the future. Shadows have been excluded and sky included. As though you would ever be able to see the sky above the height of these buildings.

15725743685_24ab177a24_k (1)

As the sun rises in  the East and travels across the Southern part of Manhattan towards the West, these over-sized towers will cast deadly shadows over Central Park

Like it or not, the climate will change.

Climate Change is happening rapidly. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)has  announced national limits on carbon pollution from existing power plants,  the single largest source of carbon emissions in the Untied States.

Even though a majority of the Americans in our country today want our government to take forceful steps to combat climate change, Congress does not seem to recognize our concern. The wealth and power in the fossil fuel industry are aligned with a cadre of climate denying Representatives and Senators who continue to block any reasonable attempt by Congress to protect the American people from the growing threat of climate change.

Industry groups such as the National Association of Manufacturers, The American Petroleum Institute, the Coal Lobby, and once the again, the infamous KOCH BROTHERS are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on an all out assault on the EPA climate action. Their great ally Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell is on record that he will block any attempt by the EPA to limit carbon emissions from the power plants. Thanks to him and his cohorts, the global carbon emissions have continued to rise. In fact carbon emissions are rising at twice the rate in the 21st century over where  they were in the last decades of the 20th century.   These groups will tell you that putting limits on power plants will hurt the economy and destroy jobs. History does not bear this out. The power industry has cleaned up many dangerous pollutants such as Sulfur Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide and other particulate matter. Their industries have continued to profit and the US economy has nearly doubled in the past 25  years, and Americans have been healthier due to these actions.

I keep reading articles by scientist from around the world, who are now reporting that if human kind does not take immediate and aggressive action to combat climate change, within fifteen years the problem will be virtually unsolvable with the technology available to us  today. We the citizens of this country, we the citizens of our planet are in serious trouble. We need to act now. Write to your Congress.Force them to hear from the majority of Americans who want bold action on climate change. This means YOU.



Punishing the Pensioner  

What kind of people have we become in this country? Every time I open a newspaper or a magazine I read about graft, theft, fraud and greed.  Today I found myself enraged when I read that an American soldier, Capt. Elder Saintjuste who had fought in that worthless war in Iraq, after serving three tours of duty in Iraq, has been forced to retire as a sergeant. He served in the army for twenty years. He served at the behest of the then President of the United States of America, Mr. George W. Bush  who took this country into a War that has totally destroyed the Middle east and has cost this country it’s wealth both in lives and dollars. Now a soldier who has risen through the ranks to become a Captain in the army, thinking that he had a great job and a secure retirement for his family ,has been forced to retire at  $1200 a month less than a Captain’s pay because he hasn’t been a Captain long enough to receive full retirement pay for that rank.. Why should those people who have risked their lives to save ours, why should they be deprived of their pay and not the members of the Congress, and the Senate who seem to serve only themselves these days and not the people of this country. They, who have spent vast fortunes for their elections should surely sacrifice something for the people who have risked their lives for them.

Rita Fredricks, actor, activist, blogger

Finally, A Brilliant Explanation of Obama’s Middle East Policy (Source: Aubrey Bailey, Fleet)

Finally, A Brilliant Explanation of Obama’s Middle East Policy (Source: Aubrey Bailey, Fleet)
U.S. Middle East Policy Is Clear As Mud
Are you confused by what is going on in the Middle East? Let me explain. We support the Iraqi government in its fight against the Islamic State. We don’t like the Islamic State, but the Islamic State is supported by Saudi Arabia, whom we do like. Turkey also supports the Islamic State which is fighting against the Kurds, which the Turks do not like.
We don’t like President Assad in Syria. We support the fight against him, but not the Islamic State, which is also fighting against him.
We don’t like Iran, but Iran supports the Iraqi Government against the Islamic State. So, some of our friends support our enemies and some of our enemies are our friends, and some of our enemies are fighting against our other enemies, whom we want to lose, but we don’t want our enemies who are fighting our enemies to win. Do you understand now?
Aubrey Bailey, Fleet, Hants.
P.S.: and finally, there is Israel. Obama refused to sell Israel Hellfire missiles during the recent war with the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza, whom we do not like. Instead, the Hellfire missiles were supplied to the Hezbollah terrorist organization along with a militarized Cessna AC-208 aircraft to fire the Hellfire missiles. Hezbollah is a terrorist enemy fighting to keep Syria’s Assad in power against Assad’s enemies, some of whom are the U.S.’s friends. However, Hezbollah is also fighting against the Islamic Republic which is, in turn, fighting against Assad. For this reason, the U.S. is supplying the Hezbollah with weapons by way of Lebanon to fight the Islamic State, which is America’s enemy – even though Hezbollah will someday use these Hellfire missiles against Israel, which is our friend, (the same Hellfire missiles which Obama refused to sell to Israel in the first place). Of course, the Hezbollah will also use the Hellfire missiles against Assad’s enemies to help keep Assad in power. Do you still understand now?
Just to be sure, I will say it again:
Some of our friends support our enemies and some of our enemies are our friends, and some of our enemies are fighting against our other enemies, whom we want to lose, but we don’t want our enemies who are fighting our enemies to win.

Knock out the heavy weight

On a recent trip to Costco uptown on 116th Street, I noticed that almost all the children were overweight and most of the adult customers as well. The average weight of the American child has been climbing since the 1980s. Now 1 in 3 kids are obese or overweight. Projecting this observation, in about 10 or 15 years, more than half the adult population would be dangerously overweight. There will be millions of cases of diabetes, stroke and heart disease.

Apparently, President Obama tried to address this problem. He got behind the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, which was to impose strict new standards on all foods sold in public schools. It became law in 2010 with overwhelming support in Congress. Although at the time the Republicans in the Senate seemed to support this bill, they now attack it as a nanny state intrusion. Food companies argue that the standards are too severe and some kids don’t like the food. It looks as though if the Republicans gain control of the Senate this fall, they will immediately gut the program within a year and with it will also be lost the fight against childhood obesity.

Last time the Republicans had the opportunity, they decided that the price of lunch would be driven up, that sodium reductions would be expensive and that children wouldn’t necessarily eat the lower sodium food. Apparently in the Reagan Administration, they allowed schools to count ketchup as a vegetable and pizza as a vegetable. It seems as though the Republicans again have no regard for the health of the nation.

It is clear that the population of our country is truly obese and not healthy. Something must be done. Healthy food may require children to change their eating habits. Maybe the schools need to have small gardens so the children can learn more about food and nutrition. Of course there is a cost but the cost is far lower than what we will be paying when these children are older and suffer from obesity, diabetes, colon cancer, high cholesterol and heart problems. Spend the money now to save money in the future.

Vote now for the candidates who will support the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act.


Awake and sing, ye that dwell in the dust!

After 9/11, it appeared that most of the terrorists who had attacked and destroyed the World Trade Center turned out to be from Saudi Arabia. I didn’t hear any outcry at that time from Muslims all over the world or even in America or New York City for that matter. If the Muslim world would rise up and attack ISIS, or whatever they call themselves, these barbarians would soon be starved out. The fact of the matter is that the only Muslim group that seems to have reacted to the beheadings of truly innocent people, appears to be in France. When you look at the number of Muslims in the world they are one of the largest religious populations on the globe and I believe that in around 2020 there will be approximately 17 million in America. Why have we not seen some concerted activity anywhere? These barbarians must not be allowed to carry the banner for Islam.

I understand and certainly believe that not all Islamists are terrorists or cut throats but I think that the world of Islam needs to make its presence felt on this issue or risk everyone being tarred by the same feathers. ISIS is collecting millions of dollars a day from the oil wells that they have illegally taken over, and the ransom money that is being paid to them for the lives of the innocent people whom they have kidnapped and are prepared to behead.

The Imams and the people of Islam need to be allied with the rest of the world to fight terrorism. They need to speak out against and root out the terrorists who live amongst them and who lay claim to being their brothers because they are all Muslims. In his letter written from his jail cell in Birmingham Alabama in 1963 Martin Luther King demanded the very same thing of his Christian ministers when he urged them to rise up against the Klu Klux Klan.

Yes, there are individual voices now and then, but there is no sense of community action by those who simply do not and will not accept ISIS and their barbaric executions of innocent people.

Death and Destruction of Manhattan


New York City is in the process of becoming the worlds ugliest city. It is my understanding that it is Mr.Bloomberg our former mayor who gave out permits, left, right and center for anyone to build the highest,ugliest buildings ever seen by man, to be built helter skelter in Manhattan. Apparently no one in this city’s administration, or any other administration cares anything about the quality of  our city life, or the inherent beauty of the city.

Manhattan was famous for the beauty that was created by the symmetry of the buildings on Park and other avenues, where most of them were of a certain height. All the buildings on West End Avenue, Park Avenue, Fifth Avenue, Madison Avenue, West End Avenue, were largely well designed buildings. At the same time New York  had a few taller but beautiful buildings like the Empire State building and the Chrysler building, and still New York was able to preserve and improve the older lovely townhouses that have existed in various neighborhoods of Manhattan.  It was this strange combination of tall buildings, sharing city blocks with seven story town houses. That has always been part of the attraction and charm of Manhattan.

Now suddenly, buildings are going up right, left and center of unimaginable height with no sense of design or proportion. Probably the ugliest building in the world is on West 57th street, right across from Carnegie Hall. And on 56th street and Park Avenue one of the tallest buildings in the world with no special design and nothing to recommend it. It is decimating the the symmetry, the scale that has contributed so much to the fascination, variety and excitement of the city. This building on 56th street and Park Ave has absolutely nothing to recommend it. It is an architectural anomaly, it doesn’t even have any green space around its needle like facade. It is so obviously built for and by American greed. The word on the street  is  that it is likely being owned by extremely wealthy foreigners who will not inhabit the building, but whose ownership of the property allows them to park their money there.

This ugly building can be seen from any place in Manhattan and driving into Manhattan it is almost the only building you can see, and it totally destroys the skyline of Manhattan. One has to think that Mr.Bloomberg had something in mind when he gave out the permits for these ugly buildings to be built. I know his intention was to renew the midtown of Manhattan and to bring more money into town. But it is certainly a mystery as to how this will happen when we have what I hear are 15-20 year tax abatements bringing nothing, zilch, nada into the city coffers.

As far as employment is concerned, they could have built more beautiful buildings at half the height spread around many parts of Manhattan, this would have created many more jobs in the construction industry. If the people of this city had anything to say about what goes on in our city, they should say “tear down those buildings”. Bloomberg is gone. The damage he did will live on in infamy. It is up to us to make sure that Mayor  de Blasio does not continue the ongoing destruction of Manhattan.


Please note: Your power is in your vote

Sunday, September 21st, thousands of people, men, women, boys, girls, gays, straights and celebrities all hit the streets to raise awareness of the imperative need to change our attitudes, habits, and actions regarding climate change.

My dear people, the biggest change you can make right now is to go to the polls and vote. Your vote is all that is needed to draw the attention of the nation and to force the Congress to make the necessary changes in the laws. In this country only about 1/3 of the population votes. They vote for Senators like Mitch McConnell. Who will never ever support any bill requiring changes which may help to save our planet. He and the Tea Party are more interested in shutting down the government, destroying the country and the President rather than saving the planet.

In a few weeks, you will have the opportunity to go to the polls and vote. A democratic majority in the Senate and the House would  enable the President of the United States to have the support to effect the very changes that you were demanding  last Sunday on the streets.

Even if you never vote for a Democrat again,  do it this time. That will kick-start the passage of the kind of laws that you called for on Sunday. We need a democratic majority in order to pass the very bills that thousands of you were demanding.

In Australia people who do not vote are fined. And in Brazil, if  there are three elections for which you do not vote, you are not only fined, but your passport is taken away from you. It is your obligation as well as your privilege as a citizen of the United States to vote. Hopefully you will vote for a democratic  majority of Senators who in turn will effect the changes you are demanding.

You and your vote matter.