As I look around at the United States today, it seems to me that all the progress that has been made in a multitude of areas is suddenly being eroded. Starting with the subjects of religion and education, this country which was founded on the principle of religious freedom had over time become more tolerant of religious differences, rather than less tolerant. It has always been my understanding that religion was not to factor into Government policy and certainly not into public education. There was always to be a separation of Church and State.

As I look around these days, I see more and more encroachment of religion on the Government of the United States. And like so much else that is happening in this country since Mr. Trump’s presidency, religion is creeping into the schools, religion is even affecting NGO’s working in underserved, underfed, underdeveloped communities around the world. Suddenly Federal money is being taken away from NGO’s for even mentioning the idea of abortion. Obviously this a Government policy based on religious bias.

Religious schools and public schools are the basis of education in the United States. And ultimately may therefore effect policies made by the Government of the United Sates. The education of the public ultimately becomes a Governmental issue. There should be no Government money paid out to any religious institution. All religious institutions, Churches, Synagogues and Mosques and any other religious institutions should pay taxes the way any other corporation does. Anybody has the right to practice his/her religion and to support their Churches, their Mosques, their Synagogues, their whatever. It is the province of the Government to ensure freedom of religion, but it should not be within the province of the Government to financially support or institutionalize any individual religion, religious concept or religious institution. I believe that public schools financed by the Government and charged with education of the public should teach the history and meaning of every religion in depth as well as in its historical context. Religion has played a huge part in the rise of capitalism and nationalism around the world and it should be taught in that historical context.

Recently a woman was fired from a Muslim school receiving public financial support. She was teaching the children that the story of Adam and Eve was a myth. Well what is it if it is not a myth? What proof is there anywhere, that anything in the Bible whether it is the New or the Old Testament is based on fact? After all, the Old Testament was handed down story by story over hundreds of years, and the New Testament was written four hundred years after the death of Christ. Taxpayer money should not be supporting religious private schools which are often narrow minded and belief driven. No individual religion should be permitted to be taught in Government funded schools. I believe that no religious doctrine should be supported in any public school. The point is that tax payer money, should not be supporting these private religious institutions. These religious institutions should all only be supported by private money. Taxpayer money should only be used to educate the public in accordance with tested and proven levels of education. Keep religion out of public education and out of policies made by the Government.

There are NGO’s all over the United States working in war-torn countries, where poverty, starvation, rape and death are everyday occurrences. Yet Mr. Trump is refusing to fund those very organizations that are helping women by providing healthcare, safe abortion or even for mentioning the possibility thereof. I believe that this is an insinuation of religious prejudice into both education and Government policy.

I seriously question whether the Government of the United States should be depriving organizations of funding because they support the rights of women to make personal decisions about their own lives. This is a clear example of religious bias determining Government policy, a clear violation of the separation of Church and State. Mr. Trump and his religious horse whisperer are guilty as charged.

Even as i am writing this I feel my blood pressure and my anger rising. I am ready to hit the streets again. I hope you’ll join me.