Back Biden Better

Everybody who wants to save this country, anyone who is interested in living in a democracy, anyone who cares about America and how it is viewed by the world, has to support Biden at this time.

It doesn’t really matter that Biden is not a good speaker, which he has never been. He is not a circus barker like Trump. But look at his record, he has reduced inflation, the cost of medication, he has built back bridges and infrastructure, saved families from starvation, he raised the wage level in the country, reduced unemployment to the lowest its ever been, and he came up with a plan that both Democrats and Republicans agreed on for Boarder Control. First Trump and his republican cohorts agreed on it then they destroyed it .

Just realize that Roosevelt was a pretty great president, but he couldn’t walk an inch without being carried. Of course being 81 is not that same as being 50 or 60, but we don’t have a 50 or 60 year old at the moment who could beat Trump.

If Trump is elected it will be the same as living in Nazi Germany under Hitler. Hitler was also elected by the people. America went to war for World War 2 to prevent Hitlers destruction of Europe and America. Now we have a Hitler within, ready to take over the nation, with a huge following of people who do not understand that they would be giving up their democracy if Trump became President.

Once, Biden is President, at least it will be possible to disagree with his policies or whatever he wants to do. If Trump becomes President there will be no room for disagreement.

Don’t forget that Trump himself has told us how great he thinks Putin is. Also, he thinks the Mein Kampf is one of the greatest books ever written. He would destroy NATO, isolate the United States, destroy the bonds and contracts that have kept the country safe for 52 years without a war.

Aside from all of that, don’t forget he is a man who has been convicted of 34 felonies, has committed treason against the United States. Sure it would be better if we had a young vital candidate for the Democratic party, but we don’t. We have a man who has been successful in government for 45 years or more. He may stutter, and may not have the stamina of a 45 year old, but that doesn’t mean he can’t successfully run the country.

This seems an in opportune moment to switch horses. Roll up your sleeves, get on your telephone, and get out to vote in favor of Biden.

The Powers that be, are the Powers that are

The day that Trump became President of the United States of America was day that he destroyed the Supreme Court as we have known it. He had the benefit of already having Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, two totally unqualified people to inhabit the Supreme Court, let alone to have lifetime job security. He was able to cynically appoint, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett three more equally unqualified justices to sit on the Supreme Court knowing that one day he would probably be a defendant before them.

This group of “would be wisemen” chose to destroy Roe v. Wade depriving women of their rights, but they were able to go on by totally degrading our democracy by exonerating Trump and all future Presidents of crimes while committed in office. Thus, paving the way for the total destruction of democracy

If this country is to be saved at all , if it is not to fall into the hands of Trump and his sycophants, Biden must take hold of the power that was afforded to him yesterday by the Supreme Court and run with it to victory. Biden has to find the voice to attack Trump loud and clear as a liar, a man who has committed treason against the United States, a man who has stolen from the government both in and out of office, a man so despicable in character that he will destroy not only the United States but NATO and all the treaties that have kept this country free of war since World War 2.

We went to war in World War 2, to fight Hitler. Hitler promised to make Germany “great again.” He did. He made it the pariah of the world. He made it the enemy of the world, and we the United States of America went to war to keep him from destroying England and the United States.

Those people who are supporting Trump today simply cannot understand that they, like the German nation before them, are voting for an autocrat, and a dictator. This is not a question of Republican or Democrat. People across the aisle can discuss, argue, and fight and have a difference in opinion. If Trump is elected there will be no room for discussion. Trump and Putin will rule the world, and America as we have know it will be a dream of the past.

The world gone dead.

A Perfect Democracy

In 1920, H.L. Mencken wrote “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and a complete narcissistic moron.”

What more could be said. Last night’s debate was a heartbreaking disaster for the Democratic Party.

Are Women Not Human?

In 1973, Sarah Weddington, a 26 year old lawyer, pled and won the case of Roe V. Wade. Two years ago today, Roe V. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court and has since deprived women of their fundamental rights. 

It should be her right to decide whether she is healthy enough to carry. Her right to decide whether her life is at stake. Her right to decide whether she can afford to have a child. Her right to decide whether she desires to bear the child of a rapist. Her right to get medical attention. Her right to be a human being.

Contrary to the loss of women’s rights, men have all the rights and absolutely no responsibility. It is as though women could self inseminate, become pregnant on their own without a male partner. Many ordinary men, and even worse largely powerful republican men, seem to have the attitude that they have no responsibility whatsoever. They can impregnate women, walk away, and take no responsibility for the child. After all, men are the most responsible and irresponsible partner in a women’s pregnancy.

What arrogance to think that men have the right to rape, even impregnate underage girls, and to do whatever they please with women’s bodies, but women should have no right to determine their own fate. 

There are no existing laws regarding mens bodies or responsibilities. The laws only apply to women. This society has been totally male dominated for 247 years.The male need to control women goes to such an extent that they even control the need for women to get birth control pills.

There is only one simple answer to this. Every single male member of the world, and certainly of the United States of America, must under go a vasectomy at the age of 12 mandated by the state which would only be reversible when he can prove to the state that he is ready to take responsibility as a parent. This at least would reduce the number of pregnancies resulted in rape, unexpected pregnancies amongst underage girls, and at least would force men to take some responsibility. 

The overthrow of Roe v. Wade is clearly an attack on Women’s Rights in the United States of America by a group of right wing extremists who should have absolutely no right to serve as Justices of the Supreme Court, the Congress, or the Senate in the United States of America. The Supreme Court was once the most respected court in the land, and perhaps in the world. Today, it has lost all credibility proving the no one should have the right to a lifetime term in any office.

Clamshell Generation

The computer and the telephone have alienated an entire generation. It is impossible to look at America today without wondering what has caused this tremendous division in the country. And what is the division? 

It seems as though a generation of people have grown up without having any real connection to the society in which they live. Their attachment is to their computers, their telephones, and to an ever-narrowing landscape world. They observe but they don’t participate. That seems to be a large part of the younger generation. 

Another part of the population are the people who are hostile, angry, and don’t seem to really understand what is happening in the world. They are willing to attack the Capital of The United States and sacrifice the lives of the people who guard the gates. They don’t seem to understand the relationship between aiding the Ukraine in it’s war against Putin is keeping people occupied in a war over there, and not here. One always has to remember that Putin’s aim is the destruction of the United States.

Ever since the end of the Vietnam War, Americans have not been involved in any public service. There has been no draft. It may be that the only thing that can save this country is to reinstate the draft. 

People can choose to serve in the military – the Army, Navy, or Air Force – or they can choose to serve in some form of Peace Corps either home or abroad. 

Years ago, Helen Parkhurst, who is the founder of the Dalton School, one of the most advanced, progressive schools in the Nation, was totally committed to the idea that everyone as they graduate high school should serve for 2 years in some form of public service before going to college. Today, this idea seems more necessary than ever. 

Public service gives people a sense of commitment and exposure to the needs of other people and other societies. When people all work for a common cause, they recognize the commonality of their interests and their humanity, and they recognize the common needs. It also helps them to find a way to do something constructive towards solving social problems. 

About a third of the countries in the developed world have mandatory military service while America does not have a commitment to public service. Perhaps this may be a partial cause of some of the divisions in the country.

A draft gives a person many different possibilities to serve in whatever way they choose. The important thing is to be involved, and to be part of the social action that shapes and defines the direction of a country. It makes you a participant. The point is that this is a generation that sits by and watches the world go by.

Perhaps the social problem today and the division in this society is related to the lack of connection that public service provides. 

The world is dangerously spinning towards some kind of conflagration while everyone is living in his/her own little shell.

Your Vote Matters More Than Ever Before

The following was posted back in 2022. Nothing has changed, except that there are probably even more reasons not to vote for Trump today. Please send this list out to all of your friends and family and distant relatives and acquaintances and whoever you can get it to. Since then, he’s been indicted 34 times and found guilty on innumerable charges. The man is a dictator, a danger to democracy, and the biggest danger is the number of people who believe him. They do not understand that Hitler was elected by the people of Germany, and ultimately, WWII was fought to destroy Hitler and to keep him from destroying all of Europe and America. Today, we have the same enemy within our country. Every vote matters. Please make sure that you and everyone you know votes against Trump.

Can you help get this information out to the 85 million people who are still supporting Trump?


It is beyond understanding that Americans who claim to believe in America Democracy could ever have supported Trump as president of the USA. 

One can only come to the conclusion that the people who have supported him and continue to support him are bent on the destruction of the Democracy under which we as nation have flourished for the past 200+ years.

These people are either utterly ignorant or total fascists. 

For those people who think that Trump was not so bad and who still support his return to twitter and to power, despite the fact that he committed insurrection against the government of the USA and continuous to hide documents of national security, here is a list of some of his offenses. 

1. he incited an insurrection against the government.
2. mismanaged a pandemic that killed a million Americans,
3. separated children from their families, lost those children in the bureaucracy,
4. tear-gassed peaceful protesters on Lafayette Square so he could hold a photo op holding a Bible in front of a church,
5. tried to block all Muslims from entering the country,
6. got impeached,
7. got impeached again,
8. had the worst jobs record of any president in modern history,
9. pressured Ukraine to dig dirt on Joe Biden,
10. fired the FBI director for investigating his ties to Russia,
11. bragged about firing the FBI director on TV,
12. took Vladimir Putin’s word over the US intelligence community,
13. diverted military funding to build his wall,
14. caused the longest government shutdown in US history,
15. called Black Lives Matter a “symbol of hate,”
16. lied nearly 30,000 times,
17. banned transgender people from serving in the military,
18. ejected reporters from the White House briefing room who asked tough questions,
19. vetoed the defense funding bill because it renamed military bases named for Confederate soldiers,
20. refused to release his tax returns,
21. increased the national debt by nearly $8 TRILLION,
22. had three of the highest annual trade deficits in U.S. history,
23. called veterans and soldiers who died in combat losers and suckers,
24. coddled the leader of Saudi Arabia after he ordered the execution and dismembering of a US-based journalist,
25. refused to concede the 2020 election,
26. hired his unqualified daughter and son-in-law to work in the White House,
27. walked out of an interview with Lesley Stahl,
28. called neo-Nazis “very fine people,”
29. suggested that people should inject bleach into their bodies to fight COVID,
30. abandoned our allies the Kurds to Turkey,
31. pushed through massive tax cuts for the wealthiest but balked at helping working Americans,
32. incited anti-lockdown protestors in several states at the height of the pandemic,
33. withdrew the US from the Paris climate accords,
34. withdrew the US from the Iranian nuclear deal,
35. withdrew the US from the Trans Pacific Partnership which was designed to block China’s advances,
36. insulted his own Cabinet members on Twitter,
37. pushed the leader of Montenegro out of the way during a photo op,
38. failed to reiterate US commitment to defending NATO allies,
39. called Haiti and African nations “shithole” countries,
40. called the city of Baltimore the “worst in the nation,”
41. claimed that he single handedly brought back the phrase “Merry Christmas” even though it hadn’t gone anywhere,
42. forced his Cabinet members to praise him publicly like some cult leader,
43. believed he should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize,
44. berated and belittled his hand-picked Attorney General when he recused himself from the Russia probe,
45. suggested the US should buy Greenland,
46. colluded with Mitch McConnell to push through federal judges and two Supreme Court justices after supporting efforts to prevent his predecessor from appointing judges,
47. repeatedly called the media “enemies of the people,”
48. claimed that if we tested fewer people for COVID we’d have fewer cases,
49. violated the emoluments clause,
50. thought that Nambia was a country,
51. told Bob Woodward in private that the coronavirus was a big deal but then downplayed it in public,
52. called his exceedingly faithful vice president a “p—y” for following the Constitution,
53. nearly got us into a war with Iran after threatening them by tweet,
54. nominated a corrupt head of the EPA,
55. nominated a corrupt head of HHS,
56. nominated a corrupt head of the Interior Department,
57. nominated a corrupt head of the USDA,
58. praised dictators and authoritarians around the world while criticizing allies,
59. refused to allow the presidential transition to begin,
60. insulted war hero John McCain – even after his death,
61. spent an obscene amount of time playing golf after criticizing Barack Obama for playing (far less) golf while president,
62. falsely claimed that he won the 2016 popular vote,
63. called the Muslim mayor of London a “stone cold loser,”
64. falsely claimed that he turned down being Time’s Man of the Year,
65. considered firing special counsel Robert Mueller on several occasions,
66. mocked wearing face masks to guard against transmitting COVID,
67. locked Congress out of its constitutional duty to confirm Cabinet officials by hiring acting ones,
68. used a racist dog whistle by calling COVID the “China virus,”
69. hired and associated with numerous shady figures that were eventually convicted of federal offenses including his campaign manager and national security adviser,
70. pardoned several of his shady associates,
71. gave the Presidential Medal of Freedom to two congressmen who amplified his batshit crazy conspiracy theories,
72. got into telephone fight with the leader of Australia(!),
73. had a Secretary of State who called him a moron,
74. forced his press secretary to claim without merit that his was the largest inauguration crowd in history,
75. botched the COVID vaccine rollout,
76. tweeted so much dangerous propaganda that Twitter eventually banned him,
77. charged the Secret Service jacked-up rates at his properties,
78. constantly interrupted Joe Biden in their first presidential debate,
79. claimed that COVID would “magically” disappear,
80. called a U.S. Senator “Pocahontas,”
81. used his Twitter account to blast Nordstrom when it stopped selling Ivanka’s merchandise,
82. opened up millions of pristine federal lands to development and drilling,
83. got into a losing tariff war with China that forced US taxpayers to bail out farmers,
84. claimed that his losing tariff war was a win for the US,
85. ignored or didn’t even take part in daily intelligence briefings,
86. blew off honoring American war dead in France because it was raining,
87. redesigned Air Force One to look like the Trump Shuttle,
88. got played by Kim Jung Un and his “love letters,”
89. threatened to go after social media companies in clear violation of the Constitution,
90. botched the response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico,
91. threw paper towels at Puerto Ricans when he finally visited them,
92. pressured the governor and secretary of state of Georgia to “find” him votes,
93. thought that the Virgin islands had a President,
94. drew on a map with a Sharpie to justify his inaccurate tweet that Alabama was threatened by a hurricane,
95. allowed White House staff to use personal email accounts for official businesses after blasting Hillary Clinton for doing the same thing,
96. rolled back regulations that protected the public from mercury and asbestos,
97. pushed regulators to waste time studying snake-oil remedies for COVID,
98. rolled back regulations that stopped coal companies from dumping waste into rivers,
99. held blatant campaign rallies at the White House,
100. tried to take away millions of Americans’ health insurance because the law was named for a Black man,
101. refused to attend his successors’ inauguration,
102. nominated the worst Education Secretary in history,
103. threatened judges who didn’t do what he wanted,
104. attacked Dr. Anthony Fauci,
105. promised that Mexico would pay for the wall (it didn’t),
106. allowed political hacks to overrule government scientists on major reports on climate change and other issues,
107. struggled navigating a ramp after claiming his opponent was feeble,
108. called an African-American Congresswoman “low IQ,”
109. threatened to withhold federal aid from states and cities with Democratic leaders,
110. went ahead with rallies filled with maskless supporters in the middle of a pandemic,
111. claimed that legitimate investigations of his wrongdoing were “witch hunts,”
112. seemed to demonstrate a belief that there were airports during the American Revolution,
113. demanded “total loyalty” from the FBI director,
114. praised a conspiracy theory that Democrats are Satanic pedophiles,
115. completely gutted the Voice of America,
116. placed a political hack in charge of the Postal Service,
117. claimed without evidence that the Obama administration bugged Trump Tower,
118. suggested that the US should allow more people from places like Norway into the country,
119. suggested that COVID wasn’t that bad because he recovered with the help of top government doctors and treatments not available to the public,
120. overturned energy conservation standards that even industry supported,
121. reduced the number of refugees the US accepts,
122. insulted various members of Congress and the media with infantile nicknames,
123. gave Rush Limbaugh a Presidential medal of Freedom at the State of the Union address,
124. named as head of federal personnel a 29-year old who’d previously been fired from the White House for allegations of financial improprieties,
125. eliminated the White House office of pandemic response,
126. used soldiers as campaign props,
127. fired any advisor who made the mistake of disagreeing with him,
128. demanded the Pentagon throw him a Soviet-style military parade,
129. hired a shit ton of white nationalists,
130. politicized the civil service,
131. did absolutely nothing after Russia hacked the U.S. government,
132. falsely said the Boy Scouts called him to say his bizarre Jamboree speech was the best speech ever given to the Scouts,
133. claimed that Black people would overrun the suburbs if Biden won,
134. insulted reporters of color,
135. insulted women reporters,
136. insulted women reporters of color,
137. suggested he was fine with China’s oppression of the Uighurs,
138. attacked the Supreme Court when it ruled against him,
139. summoned Pennsylvania state legislative leaders to the White House to pressure them to overturn the election,
140. spent countless hours every day watching Fox News,
141. refused to allow his administration to comply with Congressional subpoenas,
142. hired Rudy Giuliani as his lawyer,
143. tried to punish Amazon because the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post wrote negative stories about him,
144. acted as if the Attorney General of the United States was his personal attorney,
145. attempted to get the federal government to defend him in a libel lawsuit from a prominent lady who accused him of sexual assault,
146. held private meetings with Vladimir Putin without staff present,
147. didn’t disclose his private meetings with Vladimir Putin so that the US had to find out via Russian media,
148. stopped holding press briefings for months at a time,
149. “ordered” US companies to leave China even though he has no such power,
150. led a political party that couldn’t even be bothered to draft a policy platform,
151. claimed preposterously that Article II of the Constitution gave him absolute powers,
152. tried to pressure the U.K. to hold the British Open at his golf course,
153. suggested that the government nuke hurricanes,
154. suggested that wind turbines cause cancer,
155. said that he had a special aptitude for science,
156. fired the head of election cyber security after he said that the 2020 election was secure,
157. blurted out classified information to Russian officials,
158. tried to force the G7 to hold their meeting at his failing golf resort in Florida,
159. fired the acting attorney general when she refused to go along with his unconstitutional Muslim travel ban,
160. hired notorious racist Stephen Miller,
161. openly discussed national security issues in the dining room at Mar-a-Lago where everyone could hear them,
162. interfered with plans to relocate the FBI because a new development there might compete with his hotel,
163. abandoned Iraqi refugees who’d helped the U.S. during the war,
164. tried to get Russia back into the G7,
165. held a COVID super spreader event in the Rose Garden,
166. seemed to believe that Frederick Douglass is still alive,
167. lost 60 election fraud cases in court including before judges he had nominated,
168. falsely claimed that factories were reopening when they weren’t,
169. shamelessly exploited terror attacks in Europe to justify his anti-immigrant policies,
170. still hasn’t come up with a healthcare plan,
171. still hasn’t come up with an infrastructure plan despite repeated “Infrastructure Weeks,”
172. forced Secret Service agents to drive him around Walter Reed while contagious with COVID,
173. told the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by,”
174. fucked up the Census,
175. withdrew the U.S. from the World Health Organization in the middle of a pandemic,
176. did so few of his duties that his press staff were forced to state on his daily schedule “President Trump will work from early in the morning until late in the evening. He will make many calls and have many meetings,”
177. allowed his staff to repeatedly violate the Hatch Act,
178. seemed not to know that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican,
179. stood before sacred CIA wall of heroes and bragged about his election win,
180. constantly claimed he was treated worse than any president which presumably includes four that were assassinated and his predecessor whose legitimacy and birthplace were challenged by a racist reality TV show star named Donald Trump,
181. claimed Andrew Jackson could’ve stopped the Civil War even though he died 16 years before it happened,
182. said that any opinion poll showing him behind was fake,
183. claimed that other countries laughed at us before he became president when several world leaders were literally laughing at him,
184. claimed that the military was out of ammunition before he became President,
185. created a commission to whitewash American history,
186. retweeted anti-Islam videos from one of the most racist people in Britain,
187. claimed ludicrously that the Pulse nightclub shooting wouldn’t have happened if someone there had a gun even though there was an armed security guard there,
188. hired a senior staffer who cited the non-existent Bowling Green Massacre as a reason to ban Muslims,
189. had a press secretary who claimed that Nazi Germany never used chemical weapons even though every sane human being knows they used gas to kill millions of Jews and others,
190. bilked the Secret Service for higher than market rates when they had to stay at Trump properties,
191. apparently sold pardons on his way out of the White House,
192. stripped protective status from 59,000 Haitians,
193. falsely claimed Biden wanted to defund the police,
194. said that the head of the CDC didn’t know what he was talking about,
195. tried to rescind protection from DREAMers,
196. gave himself an A+ for his handling of the pandemic,
197. tried to start a boycott of Goodyear tires due to an Internet hoax,
198. said U.S. rates of COVID would be lower if you didn’t count blue states,
199. deported U.S. veterans who served their country but were undocumented,
200. claimed he did more for African Americans than any president since Lincoln,
201. touted a “super-duper” secret “hydrosonic” missile which may or may not be a new “hypersonic” missile or may not exist at all,
202. retweeted a gif calling Biden a pedophile,
203. forced through security clearances for his family,
204. suggested that police officers should rough up suspects,
205. suggested that Biden was on performance-enhancing drugs,
206. tried to stop transgender students from being able to use school bathrooms in line with their gender,
207. suggested the US not accept COVID patients from a cruise ship because it would make US numbers look higher,
208. nominated a climate change sceptic to chair the committee advising the White House on environmental policy,
209. retweeted a video doctored to look like Biden
210. had played a song called “Fuck tha Police” at a campaign event,
211. hugged a disturbingly large number of U.S. flags,
212. accused Democrats of “treason” for not applauding his State of the Union address,
213. claimed that the FBI failed to capture the Parkland school shooter because they were “spending too much time” on Russia,
214. mocked the testimony of Dr Christine Blasey Ford when she accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault,
215. obsessed over low-flow toilets,
216. ordered the rerelease of more COVID vaccines when there weren’t any to release,
217. called for the construction of a bizarre garden of heroes with statutes of famous dead Americans as well as at least one Canadian (Alex Trebek),
218. hijacked Washington’s July 4th celebrations to give a partisan speech,
219. took advice from the MyPillow guy,
220. claimed that migrants seeking a better life in the US were dangerous caravans of drug dealers and rapists,
221. said nothing when Vladimir Putin poisoned a leading opposition figure,
222. never seemed to heed the advice of his wife’s “Be Best” campaign,
223. falsely claimed that mail-in voting is fraudulent,
224. announced a precipitous withdrawal of troops from Syria which not only handed Russia and ISIS a win but also prompted his defense secretary to resign in protest,
225. insulted the leader of Canada,
226. insulted the leader of France,
227. insulted the leader of Britain,
228. insulted the leader of Germany,
229. insulted the leader of Sweden (Sweden!!),
230. falsely claimed credit for getting NATO members to increase their share of dues,
231. blew off two Asia summits even though they were held virtually,
232. continued lying about spending lots of time at Ground Zero with 9/11 responders,
233. said that the Japanese would sit back and watch their “Sony televisions” if the US were ever attacked,
234. left a NATO summit early in a huff,
235. stared directly into an eclipse even though everyone over the age of 5 knows not to do that,
236. called himself a very stable genius despite significant evidence to the contrary,
237. refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power and kept his promise.
238. Don’t forget that he took many classified & top-secret documents with him when he left the White 

If you feel that this list is incomplete, please feel free to make any additions of your choice.

Biden Better Than Perceived

Biden has been going through some horrible personal tragedies with his son, Hunter. Hopefully the courts will cut Hunter some slack in support of his effort to successfully give up drugs. He is an unfortunate drag for Biden. It’s not just that Biden is 81 years old, it’s that he has these personal family tragedies to deal with, which would weigh heavily on anyone.

It is always important to remember that despite the criticism from the know-nothing, Trump-following right, he has still done more for this country during his Presidency than he is given credit for. After all, he did not just become President to take over the reigns of government, he had the great burden of trying to bring this country back from the disastrous path upon which Mr. Trump’s Presidency had taken it.

Below are some of the highlights from Biden’s Presidency, written by my colleague, David Caleb:

  • Best economic recovery from COVID in the G7, WSJ calls the US economy right now “the envy of the world.” 
  • GDP growth has averaged over 3% in Biden’s Presidency, 3 times higher than Trump averaged per year
  • Lowest unemployment rate in a peacetime economy since WWII, jobs more plentiful today than at any time since the 1960s. 8 times as many Biden jobs in 40 months as last 3 GOP Presidents combined over 16 years. Overwhelming majority of Americans have never experienced a job market this robust and strong
  • Inflation has fallen, dramatically, and prices of many goods, including many food items, continue to fall
  • Very elevated wage gainsnew business starts and prime-age worker participation rates
  • Lowest uninsured rate in history, ACA signups this past year highest ever
  • The annual deficit is trillions of dollars lower today than it was when Trump was in the White House
  • Median wealth up 37% from 2020-2022; median wealth for 18-34 year olds in this period more than doubled
  • The Biden Administration has erased more than $130b in student debt
  • Homeownership rates for Gen Z were above both Millennials and Gen X at this point in their lives 
  • Many cities and states have raised the minimum wage in recent years, creating a much higher income floor for young and low-wage workers
  • Domestic oil production set records in 2023, and we are setting records with renewable energy production too. America is more energy-independent than it has been in decades
  • Biden’s ambitious investment agenda will create growth, innovation, and opportunities for American workers for decades to come, and is already dramatically accelerating our energy transition from carbon-based fuels

Let’s operate with facts not feelings. Work hard. Worry less. Don’t allow Republicans to suppress your vote. Show up and vote on Nov 5 and bring 3 friends with you. 

Noise Pollution

There are many things affecting the quality of life in Manhattan. Aside from the lack of affordable housing, aside from the fact that the cost of living is so high that almost no one who works in the city can afford to live here, aside from the fact that there is still unnecessary piles of garbage on the streets, and on top of all of this, it is absolutely deafening to walk on the uneven pavements of the streets of Manhattan.

The constant tooting of horns, which once was illegal in the city of New York, the noises made by unnecessary racing of motors, and over acceleration by cars and trucks, the ridiculous sirens made by fire trucks, police cars, and ambulances, all contribute to the noise pollution that is deafening the city.

Any small distinctive tinkling sound made by a fire engine or ambulance should force traffic to pull aside and make space for these special vehicles. This is just common decency and is observed by every other city in the world.

Why do New Yorkers have to be hit with a sledge hammer in order to make way for an ambulance or fire engine? Cars revving their motors and drivers with their hands on the horns of their vehicles, trucks screeching along down the streets taking up half the space, all contributing to the noise pollution of the city.

In every other city of the world, trucks makes their deliveries in the off hours. In France and Paris it is illegal to toot your horn on any constant basis. People are respectful to the sound of an ambulance or fire engine and immediately move to the side to enable these vehicles to pass. 

There is something about the constant construction in Manhattan that makes no sense. Beautiful old buildings are constantly being torn down to be replaced by ugly modern glass construction or left like garbage dumps for years on end. Meanwhile, the city has not concentrated on solving the affordable housing problem, so this endless construction is creating a double problem. Constantly obliterating light, intensifying traffic, and not doing anything to make it possible for people to be able to afford to live in Manhattan.

Manhattan is becoming an island of very wealthy people with no services as it becomes increasingly expensive for people to commute into New york for work.

Some consideration needs to be given to preserve life in the city, and once again to make it possible for young people, artists, and workers to live in the city. Otherwise, we will increasingly see an unlivable noisy city with fewer amenities, fewer workers, and many empty buildings only benefiting the contractors who build them.  

America Beware

While on the subject of Trump, let it be known, that no bank in the world would lend him money expect the Deutche Bank. This bank, was completely funded by Putin.

So here you have Donald Trump totally beholden to Putin for the rest of his life. Putin’s one and single aim in life ultimately is the destruction of the American Democracy, and of America.

Putin has done everything he can to control our cyber space, to disseminate misinformation, and in many ways he has been successful. Americans who get their misinformation from certain channels and media influencers on TikTok are being manipulated to undermine our Democracy by Putin, and Donald Trump, the would be President of The United States.

The importance of this is to get the word out to his supporters, who probably do not have the information about Trump’s relationship to Putin.

Everyone in America needs to be aware that our democracy is in danger of being destroyed. If you have lived through World War 2, you would know and remember that Hitler was elected by the people and his aim was not only to annihilate the Jews, of whom he killed 6 million, but also to conquer all of Europe and ultimately America as well.

Although Trump does not pretend to be conquerer, he would on the other hand destroy NATO, turn America over to Putin, and totally destroy the country as we have known it.

There is nothing more to say about Trump. He is a destroyer.

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Cry the beloved country

How is it possible to even think of this man, Donald Trump, to represent the United States of America to the world.

A man who’s been indicted 3 times amounting to 88 felony charges, a man who is responsible for an attempted coup against the U.S. Government, a man who has told everyone in the world that if he were president of the United States, he would remove every benefit that’s been painfully won over the years to help every American rise on the socioeconomic latter.

He will destroy the base of our democracy.

It is very simple to be a dictator, which is exactly what Trump wants to be. It is very easy to tell people what to do and to force them to do it.

It is not simple and easy to govern a democracy. A democracy allows everyone the right to speak out and make demands of their government.

This is not a question of right or left or of the democratic party or republican party. This is purely a question of decency in government.

Trump who can barely read and write can be a dictator. He does not have either the knowledge or the ability to be a President. Even beyond his illiteracy, he is a known crook and a criminal.

Is this how America wants to be seen by the world? It should be totally inconceivable that this man could ever be considered for the Presidency of the United States of America.

Every American of voting age stand up, vote, and fight to preserve our democracy.