Shedding Light on Civil Rights

When I Have Fears Part 2

The progress that has been made through careful and insightful legal action to improve the conditions under which people live, work, and survive in America are systematically being destroyed by a man who, by cheating, lying, and stealing, has managed to survive and flourish.

The following weeks will be dedicated to listing Trump’s incredible moves against the United States of America and the Democracy for which we stand.

ActionPolicy AreaSpecific Policy AreaDate
196. Removed all Spanish content from the White House website. Allegedly this was because the site was doing maintenance and Spanish language content was given a low priority, begetting the question of why it was given low priority. As of July 2017, the White House still does not have a Spanish language websiteCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access23-Jan-2017
197. Called for major investigation into unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud, which can only be only be described as frivolous (pending)Civil RightsEnfranchisement and Access25-Jan-2017
198. Prevented foreign NGOs which receive US funding from providing abortion counselingCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights23-Jan-2017
199. Wiped pages on Civil Rights, Climate Change, and LGBT Rights from the White House website after taking officeCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access20-Jan-2017
200. Had the Department of Justice halt a case on Texas’s voter ID lawCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access20-Jan-2017
201. Withdrew a challenge to an injunction blocking guidelines that would prevent discrimination against transgender people in restrooms, then later withdrew the guidelines altogetherCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights11-Feb-2017
202. Decided to treat transgender rights as a “states rights issue”, presumably knowing full well what “states rights” tends to mean for civil rights issuesCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights21-Feb-2017
203. Dropped support for allowing Transgender students to use locker rooms of their choiceCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights23-Feb-2017
204. Had the DOJ officially drop the case against Texas’s discriminatory voter ID lawCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access27-Feb-2017
205. Omitted sexual orientation and gender identification from the 2020 census, making it more difficult to collect information that may be used to improve research and policy on LGBTQ issuesCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights29-Mar-2017
206. Provided the tie breaking vote to defund family planning clinicsCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights30-Mar-2017
207. Mike Pence won’t eat alone with women other than his wife in a move that’s not just bizarre, but does tangibly harm progress on women’s rightsCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights30-Mar-2017
208. Defunded a global maternal health organization which helps save tens of thousands of lives per yearCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights3-Apr-2017
209. Attempted to strong arm twitter into disclosing the identities of numerous private user accountsCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access7-Apr-2017
210. Ended Obama era rule that prohibited states from defunding healthcare providers which provide abortionsCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights14-Apr-2017
211. Discontinued the “Let Girls Learn” programCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights1-May-2017
212. Halted litigation against healthcare settings that discriminate against transgender peopleCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights3-May-2017
213. Cited a segregation era ruling to justify travel banCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access8-May-2017
214. Launched investigation into frivolous voter fraud chargesCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access11-May-2017
215. Broadened the Mexico City policyCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights16-May-2017
216. Proposed dismantling the Labor Department agency which polices Civil Rights issues among contractorsCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access29-May-2017
217. Moved to roll back birth control coverageCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights30-May-2017
218. Broke with the new tradition of issuing a proclamation for LGBT pride month, while also reportedly looking into ways to roll back the Obama administration’s efforts to integrate transgender troops into the military.Civil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights2-Jun-2017
219. Rejected the UN Human Rights Council’s call for access to safe abortionsCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights23-Jun-2017
220. The “Election Integrity Commission”, the commission initiated by Trump in item #214 to investigate “voter fraud” on the basis of spurious claims, pushedfor data from the states that breached voter privacy lawsCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access3-Jul-2017
221. The education department’s civil rights head trivialized 90% of rape casesCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights12-Jul-2017
222. Banned transgendered people from serving in the militaryCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights26-Jul-2017
223. Said that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission will no longer protect people based on sexual orientation, allowing a return of employment discrimination against gay and lesbian employeesCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights27-Jul-2017
224. Moved to divert resources in the Civil Rights division of towards undermining affirmative actionCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access1-Aug-2017
225. Cut dozens of Native American tribes out of a land buy-back programCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access4-Aug-2017
226. Allowed Winchester to circumvent a federal order to end its discriminatory zoning practicesCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access8-Aug-2017
227. Reversed the DoJ’s position in a supreme court case, backing Ohio’s voter purgeCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access8-Aug-2017
228. Following up from #222, issued an executive order banning transgender people from the militaryCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access25-Aug-2017
229. Removed a report on sexual violence from the White House websiteCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights30-Aug-2017
230. Ended an Obama era policy to reduce pay discriminationCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access29-Aug-2017
231. Moved to overhaul how colleges investigate sexual assaultCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights7-Sep-2017
232. Filed papers with the Supreme Court backing a baker who broke Colorado’s anti- discrimination laws by discriminating against gay couplesCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access7-Sep-2017
233. Appointed one woman for US attorney out of a total of 42, a horribly lopsided figure generally suggesting discriminationCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights12-Sep-2017
234. Argued, in court, that employers can fire people for being gayCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights28-Sep-2017
235. Backed a 20 week abortion banCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights3-Oct-2017
236. Removed Title VII protections for transgendered employeesCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights5-Oct-2017
237. Rushed to pack courts with anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ judgesCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights7-Oct-2017
238. Rolled back a mandate for health insurance to cover birth controlCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights6-Oct-2017
239. Betsy Devos and the Department of Education rescinded 72 policy documents that outline the rights of students with disabilitiesCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access22-Oct-2017
240. Requested an emergency stay on a court decision requiring the department of defense to begin accepting transgender recruits by Jan 1, 2018Civil RightsEnfranchisement and Access11-Dec-2017
241. Took down the White House’s site for petitionsCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access18-Dec-2017
242. Ended a rule to crack down on discriminatory practices in the housing market wherein the CFPB collects demographic data on borrowers in order to determine whether or not lenders are discriminatingCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access21-Dec-2017
243. Refused to help transgendered teenagers in their discrimination suitCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights16-Jan-2017
244. Introduced a rule to shield healthcare workers who refuse to provide patients with healthcare services due to “moral objections”Civil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights16-Jan-2017
245. Rescinded guidance from the Obama Administration which prevented states from de- funding planned parenthoodCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights19-Jan-2017
246. Moved to make it harder for immigrants using public health benefits to gain citizenshipCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access8-Feb-2018
247. Removed anti-discriminatory language from the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s mission statementCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access6-Mar-2018
248. Reversed a series of moves to reduce discrimination in schools, de-emphasizing diversity as a consideration in funding, delaying a rule aimed at stopping discriminatory standards in special education, and eliminating “systemic” investigations into discriminationCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access2-Mar-2018
249. Used the Parkland shooting as a pretext to re-introduce discriminatory school disciplinary actionsCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access14-Mar-2018
250. Issued a new memorandum banning transgendered people from the militaryCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights24-Mar-2018
260. Moved to roll back an Obama era rule preventing doctors and hospitals from discriminating against transgender peopleCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights21-Apr-2018
261. Following up from #260, House Republicans voted to kill auto lending guidelines preventing discriminationCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access8-May-2018
262. Move to rollback various legal protections against housing discriminationCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access10-May-2018
263. Rolled back protections for transgender inmatesCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights12-May-2018
264. With Niel Gorsuch providing the deciding vote, green lighted aggressive purging of voter rollsCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access11-Jun-2018
265. The Supreme Court enabled “crisis pregnancy centers” that mislead and outright lie to pregnant women by overturning a basic consumer protection that requires clinics to notify patients if they’re medically licensed and let them know their healthcare optionsCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights26-Jun-2018
266. Reversed Obama era guidelines aimed at improving racial diversity in college admissionsCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access3-Jul-2018
267. Ordered the creation of a “religious liberty task force” to push conservative social policyCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights30-Jul-2018
268. Claimed people need IDs to buy groceries in order to justify harsh voter ID lawsCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access1-Aug-2018
269. Underreported instances of racial discrimination in schoolsCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access22-Aug-2018
270. Backed students suing Harvard over it’s admissions policy aimed at promoting diversityCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access29-Aug-2018
271. Moved to issue new rules limiting the liability of Universities for sexual assaultCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights29-Aug-2018
272. After it was revealed that his Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, had sexually harassed a classmate and lied under oath, continued to rush his nomination forward and sought to discredit his accuserCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights14-Sep-2018
273. Killed fetal tissue research that could save lives and instead decided to audit itCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights25-Sep-2018
274. According to a leaked memo, considered removing transgendered from the definition of sexual discrimination under Title IXCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights15-Oct-2018
275. Moved to expand the religious exemption for birth control coverageCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights19-Oct-2018
276. Vowed to end birthright citizenship, which would reduce countless immigrants to a perpetual second class status and violate the ConstitutionCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access30-Oct-2018
277. Moved to allow employers greater flexibility to deny health insurance covering birth control to their employeesCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights31-Oct-2018
278. Published new rules denying birth control coverage mandated under Obamacare and billing Medicare and Medicaid users separately for abortion servicesCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights8-Nov-2018
279. Issued new rules protecting those accused of sexual harassmentCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights16-Nov-2018
280. Pressured 4-H to drop its LGBT friendly policyCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights19-Nov-2018
281. Urged the supreme court to immediately take up the transgender ban in the militaryCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights23-Nov-2018
282. Following up from item #273, killed NIH contracts to fund fetal tissue research aimed at finding treatments for Parkinson’s disease and other illnessesCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights4-Dec-2018
283. Continued to press having the military restrict transgender troopsCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights9-Dec-2018
284. Moved to roll back roll back of anti- discrimination rules aimed at curbing actions that have a disparate impact on different groups of people based on ethnicity, gender and other characteristicsCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access2-Jan-2018
285. A Federal Court blocked the administration’s expansion of religious exemptions to providing birth control in #275, citing dire public health and financial consequencesCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights13-Jan-2018

See a full list of Trump’s actions against the United States of America here

List last updated 6:40am EST, 3/19/2019

When I have fears…

Part 1

I am sure that Trump has fears that he may cease to be before he has destroyed our nation and brought us all down with him.

Alone and desperate, he sits at his desk in the Oval Office and dreams up actions he can take to hasten our demise as a nation, as a world power, as a democracy and as a world in which we might choose to live with intelligence, industry and compassion.

The following weeks will be dedicated to listing Trump’s incredible moves against the United States of America.

ActionPolicy AreaSpecific Policy
1. Has taken a weirdly Nixonian line on executive privilege, using loopholes in the law to circumvent laws on conflicts of interest and nepotismAbuse of PowerConflict of
2. Possibly violated the constitution by allowing his hotels to accepting payment from foreign governments, then merging his personal and government finances by passing the money on to the treasury department.Abuse of PowerConflict of
3. The Justice Department will be defending the Trump Administration on conflict of interest cases at tax payer’s expense. It, along with the significant federal expenditures required to track Trump’s business interest, represent a dubious public expense that could have been avoided had Trump more clearly divested himself of his private holdings.Abuse of PowerConflict of
4. Used congressional staffers to create the Muslim Ban Executive Order. Had staffers sign non-disclosure agreements so that their employers (congress) would not know about it, thus circumventing the division between the executive branch and the congressional branch.Abuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
5. Weakened the Obama Administration’s lobbying banAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
6. Maintained much of his private security after assuming office, which has previously been accused of using excessive, racial profiling, and trampling free speechAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
7. Threatened to cut federal funding to UC Berkley after student protestsAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
8. Questioned legitimacy of judges who blocked his travel ban, an attack on judicial independence which even Trump’s own supreme court nominee found demoralizingAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
9. Possibly broke ethics rules by going out of their way to criticize Nordstrom for dropping Ivanka Trump’s product line, then publicly endorsing themAbuse of PowerConflict of
10. As President-Elect undermined Obama’s foreign policy and possibly broke the Logan Law when Michael Flynn called Russian Ambassador and suggesting that the Trump Administration would roll back sanctions. Flynn was eventually forced to resign as questions emerged as to whether or not he had misled the White House and received money from the Russian governmentAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
11. After learning of Michael Flynn’s potentially illegal activities in #10, did nothing for 18 days.Abuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
12. He and the Republican Congress have also rejected investigating potentially serious misconduct by administration officials related to #69, and instead have indicated their desire to go in the opposite direction by cracking down on whistle blowersAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
13. Caught lying about communicating with Russian intelligence officials during the 2016 campaign. In fact, the Trump campaign maintained regular contact with Russian intelligence officialsAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
14. Ordered government economists to cook up rosy economic forecasts. Also appears poised to tamper with the way economic statistics are calculated to advance his policy goalsAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
15. Spent several times what the Obama Administration cost in vacationsAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
16. Jeff Sessions failed to disclose ties with Russian officials, possibly lying under under oathAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
17. Meddled in the FBI by trying to direct the agency to dispute reports of Trump’s ties with RussiaAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
18. Refused to participate in ethics training prior to assuming officeAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
19. Trump’s advisor and son-in-law, Jarod Kushner, also attended A meeting with Russian envoys in December with Michael Flynn, potentially breaking the Logan Law. Kushner was also likely paid $50,000 by a Kremlin linked Foreign Policy GroupAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
20. Deregulation czar, Carl Icahn, apparently used his position to strong-armthe ethanol lobby to save his own company millionsAbuse of PowerConflict of
21. Skirted its own ethics rules by hiring lobbyists to serve in areas where they had lobbied while in the private sectorAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
22. During his campaign had approved an adviser’s trips to Moscow, despite continuing to deny any links with RussiaAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
23. Dramatically fired justice department attorneys from the Obama era in a move that many law enforcement officials considered to be confused and disruptiveAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
24. EPA Director, Scott Pruit, started using the EPA as essentially his own PR firmAbuse of PowerConflict of
25. After ostentatiously pledging to donate both his Presidential salary and profits from the patronage of foreign governments at his businesses, refusedto provide any actual proof that he is doing either of those thingsAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
25. Possibly divulged classified informationAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
26. Continued to attract potential conflicts of interest with lobbying groups holding events at Trump propertiesAbuse of PowerConflict of
27. Made a severe ethics violation and caused significant potential conflicts of interest by having Ivanka Trump move into the West WingAbuse of PowerConflict of
28. Appears to have colluded with Representative Devin Nunes to subvert the probe into the Trump Administration’s connections to Russian intelligence agencies and shutting the public out of the proceedings and later cancellinghearingsAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
29. Broke promise to ensure XL Pipeline delivered “significant profits” to AmericansAbuse of PowerConflict of
30. Tried to block Sally Yates from testifying in the Russia probeAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
31. Broke ethics pledge for appointments as appointments return immediately as lobbyistsAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
32. Stopped disclosing troop deployments in Iraq and SyriaAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
33. Betsy DeVos’s brother, Blackwater founder Erik Prince, held talks to establish secret back channel with the Russian governmentAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
34. Undermined transparency and drew law suits by not release visitor logs to the white houseAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
35. Earned a GAO investigation into whether or not the Trump Administration followed federal guidelines and ethics rules in its transitionAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
36. In addition to keeping the White House visitor logs secret, also shut downthe portal, which also makes information on public financial disclosures and white house staffAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
37. Ivanka Trump won China trademarks the day she dined with Chinese President Xi Jinping, suggesting a breach of conflict of interestsAbuse of PowerConflict of
38. Overall, was determined to be the least transparent administration in decadesAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
39. Threatened to break up the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals after another court overturned his immigration banAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
40. It was revealed that Michael Flynn’s numerous questionable activities had been flagged years ago, mean that at the very least, Trump failed to do proper due diligence with Michael FlynnAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
41. Harassed Sally Yates before she was set to testify on the Russian probeAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
42. Fired James Comey under suspicious circumstances, possibly in retaliationfor his role in escalating the Russian probe, and then attempted to pass blameonto Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein, then admitted he fired Comey over the Russian probe and threatened him with implied tapings of their meetingsAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
43. Asked Comey to stop the FBI investigation of Michael Flynn. Also in that session asked whether they should start jailing a couple of journalists to intimidate the press.Abuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
44. Jeff Session’s background check form omitted meetings with RussiansAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
45. Jared Kushner attempted to set up a secret back channel with Russia, outside monitoring by US security agencies.Abuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
46. Moved to return Russian compounds which had been seized over concerns of Russian meddling in the 2016 electionAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
47. Once again issued dozens of ethics wavers to dozens of former lobbyists working in his administrationAbuse of PowerConflict of
48. Former FBI Director James Comey revealed in a prepared testimony that Trump attempted to impede a Federal Investigation and undermine the independence of the FBIAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
49. Came under investigation for obstruction of justiceAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
50. In response to #49, began making threats towards Robert MuellerAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
51. Has generally packed his administration with people with extensive ties to corporate America at a rate of 70%Abuse of PowerConflict of
52. Republicans held a huge fundraiser at one of Trump’s hotelAbuse of PowerConflict of
53. Was so riddled with so many ethical problems that even one of its own ethics advisers resigned in disgustAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
54. Similar to item #320, The Trump Administration’s own ethics chiefresigned in disgust at the apparent corruption of the administrationAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
55. Possibly meddled in anti-trust cases for political reasonsAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
56. Attempted to use “presidential immunity” in order to get a sexual harassment suit against Trump thrown outAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
57. It was revealed that during the Election, Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer who had promised “damaging information” against Hillary Clinton which he knew was connected to Russian intelligence gathered to help elect his father, very likely breaking the law and making plain Trump’s willingness to participate in foreign meddling in US elections and very likely broke the law to do soAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
58. Pulled the plug on a new FBI headquarters, which is at worst a conflict of interest for Trump (Trump hotel is across the street from the FBI building, so he has a vested interest in how that land is redeveloped), and at the very least is a short sighted move that will negatively impact the functioning of the agencyAbuse of PowerConflict of
59. Posted sensitive private information of people who had criticized the administration onlineAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
60. Had a pretty obvious conflict of interest when Kushner invited a small tech which his family has a stake in to the White HouseAbuse of PowerConflict of
61. Began investigating Robert Mueller’s team of investigators in an attempt to discredit and/or intimidate themAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
62. As an indicator of just how corrupt the Trump administration is, it was revealed that Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort is now being investigated for money laundering, and was in debt to pro-Russian interests for $17 million dollarsAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
63. Trump declared that he has “complete power to pardon” in reaction to the unfolding Russian scandal, implying that he would pardon Trump Jr, his associates, and possibly himself were they implicated in criminal activity by the ongoing investigation into their dealings with Russia. This would not only impede the investigation, but would seriously undermine the Constitution if acted upon.Abuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
64. To highlight the generally corrupt and somewhat alarming nature of the first family’s business dealings, it was revealed that Kushner bought real estate from an oligarch cited in a money laundering case, while firms linked to his family business have used his white house connections to lure in Chinese investorsAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
65. Helped his son write his misleading statement on his 2016 meeting with RussiansAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
66. Refused to turn over documents in an investigation into Scott Pruitt’s conflicts of interestAbuse of PowerConflict of
67. It was revealed Trump’s hotel in Washington has generally been profiting off his status as PresidentAbuse of PowerConflict of
68. Tried to kill a bill that would have prevented him from firing Robert MuellerAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
69. It was revealed Trump’s business continued to carry out shady business deals in Russia during the Presidential campaign, including emailing Putin about a project in MoscowAbuse of PowerConflict of
70. Blocked the Senate from interviewing FBI agents over the firing of James ComeyAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
71. Spent his travel budget recklessly, with administration staff spending money on charter flights which were obviously not necessaryAbuse of PowerConflict of
72. Used campaign funds to pay his legal feesAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
73. It was revealed Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump used her personal email for government workAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
74. Tom Price used a military jet for his travels, at a staggering cost of $500k to tax payersAbuse of PowerConflict of
75. Reversed decades worth of policy on nepotism to appoint family members to cabinet, as indicated by memos released from the Department of JusticeAbuse of PowerConflict of
76. Similar to #74, Steve Mnuchin wasted 800k of tax payer money flying on military planesAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
77. The Office of Government Ethics chastised the administration and its officials for their misbehavior and general corrosive influence on government ethics.Abuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
78. Jeff Sessions stonewalled the Senate investigation into the firing of James Comey using a dubious pretext of executive privilegeAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
79. It was revealed that Trump’s Interior Secretary had personal connections to the contractor Whitefish, which had recently been the subject of a scandal when it was awarded a contract to rebuild Puerto Rico’s electrical grid despite having no experience in the work, strongly implying some involvement of the Administration in facilitating the corrupt dealAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
80. In the clearest indication yet of collusion with Russia in the 2016 election, Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort, along with foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos and business associate Rick Gates were arrestedand charged with conspiracy against the United States and money laundering, among other things. Papadopoulos immediately plead guilty to charges that he had lied to the FBIAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
81. Former Trump campaign adviser, Carter Page, refused to hand over his documents in the probe into Russian interference in the 2016 electionAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
83. It was revealed that, during the meeting raised in #57, Trump Jr. had pushed a quid pro quo deal with Kremlin linked lawyersAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
84. Following up from #55, pushed AT&T/Time Warner to drop CNN in exchange for approving their mergerAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
85. Former Trump adviser, Carl Icahn, came under investigation for abusing his position to benefit his own company, as noted in #20Abuse of PowerConflict of
86. After it was revealed that Commerce Secretary had numerous shady dealings in Russia in the Paradise Papers, it was later revealed that he not only continues to hold a considerable stake in shipping Russian oil, he has been actively expanded that stake since taking officeAbuse of PowerConflict of
87. It was revealed Trump Jr. had maintained contact with Wikileaks during the 2016 election, likely a criminal violation of campaign finance lawsAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
88. Illegally installed Mick Mulvaney as the director of the CFPBAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
89. It was revealed that Trump has been pressuring Senate Republicans to end the investigation into Russian interference into the election for monthsAbuse of PowerLegal and
Ethical Issues
90. Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, plead guilty to charges that he had lied to the FBI about his communications with Russia. It was reported that, as part of this plea, Flynn will testify that Trump had directed him to contact Russia. LaterAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues4-Dec-2017
91. Trump’s lawyer argued that Trump could not be prosecuted for obstruction of justice because he is above the lawAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues4-Dec-2017
92. Emails released by the New York Times seemed to heavily imply that the Trump campaign had indeed known of his Russian contacts at the time, and then shortly after Trump made a tweet that he had known about his contacts at the time he fired him. This would have constituted obstruction of justice.Abuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues2-Dec-2017
93. It was revealed by former Trump aide Steve Bannon that Donald Trump knew about Donald Trump Jr.’s meetings with Russians and almost certainly met with them himself at one point. Bannon also said that Trump’s campaign staff knew that the activities were treasonous at the time and wanted to go ahead with the meeting anyways.Abuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues3-Jan-2017
94. It was revealed that Trump’s lawyers had strongly urged Jeff Sessions not to recuse himself in the Russian investigation despite the obvious conflict of interest in playAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues5-Jan-2017
95. Opened several probes into Robert Mueller’s investigation in an attempt to derail itAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues23-Jan-2018
96. Reportedly asked FBI Director Andrew McCabe who he voted for, allegedly after fuming about McCabe’s previous political connections with the Democratic PartyAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues24-Jan-2018
97. Reportedly threatened to fire Robert Mueller in June 2017, and only backed off because the White House counsel Don McGahn refused to go along with itAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues27-Jan-2018
98. Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe stepped down after a months long smear campaign by the Trump Administration, Congressional Republicans, and right wing media outletsAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues29-Jan-2018
99. Refused to implement Congressionally mandated sanctions on Russia for their meddling in the 2016 electionAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues29-Jan-2018
100. Similar to #96, asked if Deputy Attorney General Rosenthal was “on his team” on the Russia investigationAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues31-Jan-2018
101. Attempted to undermine the investigation into possible collaboration within the Trump campaign with Russian attempts to influence the 2016 election by releasing the Nunes memo alleging bias in the FBI as the primary driver for the investigationAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues2-Feb-2018
102. Despite knowing of staff secretary Rob Porter’s history of domestic violence did nothing to address the issue, and instead praised Porter and urged him not to resignAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues7-Feb-2018
103. Similar to #101, it was revealed that Trump’s speechwriter had a history of domestic abuseAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues9-Feb-2018
104. After releasing the memo alleging bias in the Russia probe in #101, refused to release a memo rebutting the claimAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues9-Feb-2018
105. Similar to #71 and #74, it was revealed that VA Secretary David Shulkin squandered tax payer money on extravagant travel expenses to EuropeAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues14-Feb-2018
106. Donald Trump Jr. engaged in staggering corruption on his trip to IndiaAbuse of PowerConflict of Interest21-Feb-2018
107. It was revealed that Ben Carson had spent $31,000 on a dining room set in an extravagant effort to decorate his officeAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues28-Feb-2018
108. Partly as a result of #107, demoted an official who refused to break the law by exceeding the legal limit to decorate Ben Carson’s officeAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues27-Feb-2018
109. A report revealed that the administration has hired a staggering number of lawyers hailing from industries they are expected to regulateAbuse of PowerConflict of Interest1-Mar-2018
110. Kellyanne Conway violated the Hatch Act by participating in a series of interviews with Fox NewsAbuse of PowerConflict of Interest6-Mar-2018
111. Profiteered off his reelection campaign by using donor money to pay exorbitant rental fees for office space he ownsAbuse of PowerConflict of Interest7-Mar-2018
112. Trump’s personal assistant, John McEntee, lost his security clearance, most likely because he is under investigation for financial crimes related to TrumpAbuse of PowerConflict of Interest13-Mar-2018
113. After dismissing Tillerson, had his daughter Ivanka handle foreign policy in what’s been called “blatant nepotism”Abuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues16-Mar-2018
114. Fired Andrew McCabe, likely in retaliation for his role in the Russian probeAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues17-Mar-2018
115. It was revealed that a Trump linked analytics firm, Cambridge Analytica, stole the information of more than 50 million facebook users in their efforts to get Trump electedAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues19-Mar-2018
116. Sued for violating the emoluments clause of the constitutionAbuse of PowerConflict of Interest28-Mar-2018
117.It was revealed that Scott Pruitt rented a condo for 6 months in 2017 owned by a Healthcare lobbyist for under market rates, raising serious ethics concernsAbuse of PowerConflict of Interest30-Mar-2018


118. Scott Pruitt used an obscure provision in the Safe Drinking Water Act to give substantial pay raises to two of his closest aides after the White House’s Presidential Personnel Office’s rejected his request for those raises.Abuse of PowerConflict of Interest3-Apr-2018
119. Trump attorney, Michael Cohen, was arrested for bank fraud as Robert Mueller’s investigation continues to bring down officials close to Trump for potential collusion with Russia and illicit business dealingsAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues9-Apr-2018
120. Used flimsy pretexts to justify Scott Pruitt’s extravagant security details, such as people being critical of him on social mediaAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues11-Apr-2018
121. Excused former Cheney aide Scooter LibbyAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues13-Apr-2018
122. Demanded James Comey prove the “pee tape” wasn’t realAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues12-Apr-2018
123. Scott Pruitt broke the law when he built a $43,000 phone booth in his officeAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues16-Apr-2018
124. Medical staffers reported feeling pressured to give out prescription drugs to Trump’s staffersAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues27-Apr-2018
125. Raided his doctor’s private practice to seize his medical records and dictated his own medical evaluations as a candidateAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues1-May-2018
126. Threatened to block the release of Department of Justice records in the Russian probeAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues2-May-2018
127. It was revealed that Michael Cohen sold access to TrumpAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues9-May-2018
128. Suggested there may have been more women who received hush money from TrumpAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues6-May-2018
129. Was caught lying about whether he had reimbursed Michael Cohen for his payoff to Stormy DanielsAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues3-May-2018
130. Watchdog, CREW, noted that Jared Kushner has revised his financial disclosures so many times that he should have been fired by this point, and hasn’t because of his family ties to TrumpAbuse of PowerConflict of Interest5-May-2018
131. After China poured $500 mn into a Trump Organization project Trump lifted sanctions on the Chinese Telecom ZTE, a deal which was promptly shut down by a House Panel over concerns that they the firm would steal and misuse consumer dataAbuse of PowerConflict of Interest15-May-2018
132. During the 2016 elections met with Saudi and UAE emissaries promising to help in the electionAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues19-May-2018
133. Personally pushed the postmaster general to raise rates on Amazon and other firms as part of his general practice of trying to punish businesses he personally doesn’t likeAbuse of PowerConflict of Interest18-May-2018
134. Donald Trump Jr. lied to the Senate Judiciary committee by saying he was “unaware” of any other foreign governments attempting to collude with the campaign to influence the election, which appears increasingly unlikely due to #132Abuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues25-May-2018
135. Scott Pruitt spent $3.5mn on security in his first year, more than 110% more than his predecessorAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues25-May-2018
136. Pardoned Dinesh D’Souza, who had previously plead guilty to campaign finance fraudAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues31-May-2018
137. Threatened the Russian probe not to subpoena TrumpAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues3-Jun-2018
138. Claimed unfettered power to interfere in investigations and even pardon himselfAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues3-Jun-2018
139. It was revealed Paul Manafort had attempted to get witnesses to lie for him courtAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues4-Jun-2018
140. Scott Pruitt used an EPA aide and donors to find a job for his wifeAbuse of PowerConflict of Interest13-Jun-2018
141. Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump made $82mn while working in the White House last yearAbuse of PowerConflict of Interest12-Jun-2018
142. It was revealed Trump operative Roger Stone met with a Russian man trying to sell dirt on Hillary Clinton for $2mnAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues17-Jun-2018
143. The Congressional GOP escalated it’s antagonism of Rob Rosenstein and the Russian probeAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues28-Jun-2018
144. Scott Pruitt resigned, completing his tenure as one of the most scandal ridden cabinet members in modern American historyAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues5-Jul-2018
145. Just days into his tenure, new EPA chief Andrew Wheeler already faced ethical problems regarding illicit hiring practices and tampering with the release of public documentsAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues13-Jul-2018
146. Following #131, allowed Chinese Telecom ZTE to reenter business in the United StatesAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues13-Jul-2018
147. Jared Kushner came under investigation for allegedly trying to force tenants out of their apartments, using tactics up to and including exposing children to toxic substancesAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues16-Jul-2018
148. Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke racked up numerous ethics scandals, including retaliating against staff for political reasons and failing to disclose his business connectionsAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues23-Jul-2018
149. At a time when former Trump campaign staffers and administration officials are under investigations which the administration is actively attempting to undermine, nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, who expressed the opinion that the unanimous Supreme Court decision to make Nixon turn over the white house tapes in Watergate investigation was wrongly decidedAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues21-Jul-2018
150. Encouraged by the Trump administration, Republicans in the House of Representatives introduced legislation to impeach Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as part of their campaign to discredit the Russian probeAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues25-Jul-2018
151. The released Cohen tapes seemed to confirm that Trump had insisted on payments that violated campaign finance lawsAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues25-Jul-2018
152. Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Guilliani, tried to claim that “collusion is not a crime”Abuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues30-Jul-2018
153. Pushed Jeff Sessions to end the Russia ProbeAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues1-Aug-2018
154. Admitted that his son, Donald Trump Jr., met with Kremlin linked lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya to obtain incriminating information on Hillary ClintonAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues6-Aug-2018
155. Began revoking security clearances of former officials in retaliation for criticismAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues15-Aug-2018
156. Bizarrely tried to avoid being interviewed by Robert Mueller on the logic that he would perjure himselfAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues19-Aug-2018
157. Granted a high level of influence over VA policy to an oligarchic “Mar-a-Lago crowd”Abuse of PowerConflict of Interest8-Aug-2018
158. Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, revealed under oath that Trump ordered him to illegally interfere in the electionAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues21-Aug-2018
159. Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was found guilty of 8 counts of tax fraud, bank fraud and other illegal activitiesAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues21-Aug-2018
160. Suggested cooperating with prosecutors should be a crimeAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues23-Aug-2018
161. The Republican Congress systematically failed to investigate 52 separate instances of misconduct by the Trump administrationAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues24-Aug-2018
162. Pushed a bizarre conspiracy that Google is rigged against himAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues28-Aug-2018
163. Fired Paul McGahn after it was reported that he had cooperated Robert Mueller’s probeAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues29-Aug-2018
164. Criticized his own attorney general for investigating corrupt RepublicansAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues3-Sep-2018
165. Gave Mar-a-lago $17 million for non- existent hurricane damageAbuse of PowerConflict of Interest7-Sep-2018
166. Trump’s FEMA chief was put under investigation for misusing official vehiclesAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues13-Sep-2018
167. Spent absurd amounts of public money on furnishings, such as $52,000 drapesAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues14-Sep-2018
168. Ordered the release of unredacted texts from the Russia probe, potentially undermining the ongoing investigationAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues17-Sep-2018
169. It was reported that Trump had spent decades engaging in dubious tax schemes and outright fraud on behalf of his father as part of an elaborate tax evasion strategyAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues2-Oct-2018
170. It was revealed Devin Nunes had buried evidence to protect the Trump administrationAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues5-Oct-2018
171. It was revealed Jared Kushner has paid almost no Federal Income Tax for yearsAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues13-Oct-2018
172. It was revealed that Trump was directly involved in the decision in #58 to nix a new FBI headquarters, which he then lied to Congress aboutAbuse of PowerConflict of Interest18-Oct-2018
173. It was revealed that Melania Trump’s one night stay in Egypt cost taxpayers $95,050Abuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues1-Nov-2018
174. Fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions and replaced him with a party loyalist apparently to open the path to substantial interference in the Russian probeAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues7-Nov-2018
175. Violated campaign finance laws by being directly involved in hush money paymentsAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues9-Nov-2018
176. Directly profited off the 2018 midterms, with Trump owned properties earning $3.2 million from campaigns and PACsAbuse of PowerConflict of Interest10-Nov-2018
177. Admitted that he had installed Matthew Whitaker as Attorney General over the Russian probeAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues15-Nov-2018
178. It was revealed Ivanka Trump used her personal email account to conduct government businessAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues19-Nov-2018
179. Raised prosecuting Clinton with top officials in the White House and Justice Department on frivolous groundsAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues20-Nov-2018
180. It was revealed that Paul Manafort had met with Julian Assange while working on Trump’s campaign. It was also revealed that Manafort has lied to the Mueller probe about business and Ukrainian dealingsAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues27-Nov-2018
181. Suggested he may pardon Paul ManafortAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues28-Nov-2018
182. Violated the Hatch Act when 6 administration officials promoted Trump’s political message from their positionsAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues30-Nov-2018
183. It was revealed that Saudi lobbyists had bought 500 nights at Trump’s hotel after the 2016 electionAbuse of PowerConflict of Interest5-Dec-2018
184. Federal prosecutors concluded that Trump committed a felony by instructing Michael Cohen to make payments to Stormy Daniels and lie to investigatorsAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues7-Dec-2018
185. It was found that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner personally profited from a tax policy they championedAbuse of PowerConflict of Interest11-Dec-2018
186. It was revealed that Trump was in the room when discussing hush money for tabloid scandals, violating campaign finance lawsAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues13-Dec-2018
187. Trump’s inaugural committee came under investigation for various financial abusesAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues13-Dec-2018
188. The Trump Foundation was dissolved after it was found that Trump had used the organization to commit numerous abuses, essentially using it as a slush fundAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues18-Dec-2018
189. Michael Flynn was denounced as having “sold out” his country by a Federal judgeAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues18-Dec-2018
190. It was revealed that Paul Manafort had shared campaign finance information to people with extensive ties to Russian intelligence agenciesAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues8-Jan-2018
191. Came under investigation by the FBI to determine if he was a Russian assetAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues11-Jan-2018
192. Attempted to hide details of his meeting with Putin from administration officialsAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues12-Jan-2018
193. Attorney General nominee Bill Barr suggested he would bury the Mueller probeAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues15-Jan-2018
194. It was revealed that the General Services Administration had ignored the Constitution when approving the lease of Trump HotelAbuse of PowerConflict of Interest16-Jan-2018
195. It was revealed Trump had directed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about the construction of a Trump Hotel in MoscowAbuse of PowerLegal and Ethical Issues17-Jan-2018

See a full list of Trump’s actions against the United States of America here

List last updated 6:40am EST, 3/19/2019

I Spy

Hoda Mathana left the United States to join ISIS in Syria, fully knowing that The Caliphate was dedicated to the destruction of the USA. In my opinion this woman , Hoda Mathana, should be left in the Syrian Refugee Camp where she is now. 

She was an adult when she made up her mind to destroy the US by join ISIS.

When I was 15 years old, most of my friends were really excited about signing the Communist Manifesto. I read it through to the very end where it was clear that the aim of the Communist Party was the destruction of the US Government.I did not sign on and I have never joined any group or any organization whose express aim was the destruction of the US Government.

This woman who married 3 times, to men all of whom were members of ISIS. Each time her husband was killed, she promptly married somebody else who was a member of ISIS. Admittedly, she might not have had a choice in this matter. 

If she is, allowed back into the United States, she should be tried for treason and jailed for life.

Think about it. She could easily be a mole and we would never know it. 

Why should the American tax payers take on all of that? There is a hight cost for court time, for lawyers , and paying for her while she is in prison.

We have so much trouble deciding on a realistic immigration policy for this country, and we are disallowing and turning away  people who are legitimately seeking asylum.

This girl left the United States to join a force that was dedicated to the destruction of the US and the Western World. She would be lucky to remain in the Syrian refugee camp where she is, with people who are legitimate refuges from an abusive and destruct Government.

The Huddled Masses

“Give me your tired, your poor,
your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” 
– Emma Lazarus, “The New Colossus”
Engraved on the Statue of Liberty


In  view of the present inhumane approach to immigration, I’d like to clarify my concept of how America might be able to more willingly accept refugees whose culture and language are different from our own. Sixty-seven million people are refugees in the world at this time. No one abandons their home except in desperation. The world has never dealt with anything of this magnitude before. As the crisis evolves, so must our vision of a solution. We must redefine our entire concept of our border policy.

I think it is essential for refugees to be able to assimilate into their host country as easily and as soon as possible.  America needs a  study to ascertain how many people this country can assimilate per annum. And it would not be unreasonable to decide how many, and what trades or skills the country needs.

In my opinion, if people are allowed to concentrate in the same area, forming their own communities, it makes assimilation more difficult and sometimes takes several generations. There are communities in America, and particularly in the larger cities, where several generations of immigrants barely speak English, and certainly do not speak it well. Since the language of the United States is English, I believe firmly that all public schools should teach only in English, with a mandatory second language for every student.

After all, English is the language of our country, and I believe it should be preserved as such. Universal language and public education are essential for assimilation and for the life of a democracy.

Therefore, I would have new arrivals to the United States spend a certain amount of time in some kind of border facility, such as a university where they would have an intensive English Course. They would also learn about the history of America, understand the constitution, and understand the social contract under which they will be living, and the laws that will effect them. People’s lives can be improved when they are provided with the necessary skills and knowledge.

We probably should have trade schools, offered not just to refugees, but throughout the country for our own citizens, to help people adjust when they are forced to change jobs or trades. Trade schools and training would help people to make a quicker adjustment and enable them to get jobs.

To assimilate people as quickly as possible they need language skills  and jobs, enabling them to enter the workforce and pay taxes, which is part of citizenship.

Even without Mr. Trump’s harassment at the borders, it’s extremely complicated to enter this country legally. And after finally entering, it is difficult to work legally. An Employment Authorization Document is needed to enter the workforce. In order to even request this employment, one must file a complex application which costs  410 U.S. dollars. It can take up to 150 days to process the papers. Given the desperate conditions under which people arrive, and the additional cost of employment papers, people have to be able to work as soon as possible. It takes too long to receive permission to work. The cost and the length of time together are almost by themselves an invitation to illegal entry and illegal employment.

In order to expedite successful assimilation, newcomers who enter the country should be dispersed, rather than be allowed to huddle together and form their own exclusive communities. For a period of time it might benefit them to be dispersed to less populated parts of the country where there is need for workers. I believe that existing local American communities would be more likely to accept and be helpful to smaller groups of people if they don’t feel overwhelmed when faced with what they perceive as an invasion of their communities where their jobs and culture are threatened.

Today’s problems are enormous and desperately require a new outlook, a new vision.



 1. Attention!

2. Beware!

Anybody who lived through WWII who is still alive today will remember that “ACHTUNG!” was the Nazi call to attention. They recognize the classic signs and symbols of a systematic takeover by a totalitarian dictator. Do not forget that it was the people of Germany who voted Hitler into power, and that is what We The People of the United States are facing today.

A democratic society is complicated, confusing, and difficult. A dictatorship dismisses societal protections (whether they be for the environment, education, healthcare, or the arts) as complications and simply eliminates anything or anybody who gets in the way of simple, direct action and total control.

Unfortunately what this country needs at this time is complicated. It is made even more complicated by the social progress that has been made over the last 90 years. Probably the advent of computers and cell phones has exacerbated the problems and simultaneously shed more light on the divisions within the country, whether they be race, creed, religion, gender or financial inequality. This is a time in our history where leadership is as crucial as it has ever been. This nation, this democracy, is being torn apart and is in dire need of a healer who brings people together instead of what we now have, a divisive and destructive egocentric dictator.

The last Republican administration was that of George W. Bush and it was on his watch that we became involved in the total destruction of Iraq and the endless wars in the Middle East. It was on his watch that the banks were failing and the country was heading towards a serious financial depression. It was also George W. Bush who at last recognized the situation; late, but at least in time to start the turn around.

Obama ran his campaign on the need for a National Health Program, but even as he took office as President, he became caught up in the desperate need to stop and reverse the downward tide of the financial crisis facing the nation. He supported the banks for which he has received endless criticism. However, in the 1930’s, it was also the Republicans who caused the financial collapse. The banks were not saved, and a financial crisis plunged our country into a deep depression that swept the globe. There were no jobs, there was no money, and people starved. The truth is, we didn’t recover from the depression until after WWII.

So here we were in 2008 facing the same dilemma. Obama took action to put the country back on the path to recovery. It was not speedy but at least it was constant. Jobs were being created. The banks were secured. The stock market was on an upward trend. However, a certain portion of the population was still left behind, and their jobs disappeared. Numbers of people slipped from the middle class into poverty. Trump seized upon their vulnerability. He was subsequently elected and immediately claimed credit for all that Obama had accomplished.

Instead of addressing the ongoing problems and divisions in the country, he has exacerbated them, causing irreparable damage to the fabric of our society and to the very core of our Democracy.

This is a time in history where this country needs creative, enlightened leadership to help solve the many problems facing and endangering our society. This is a time to address the social, racial, and financial issues that separate the poor and the middle classes from the 1%. This is not the time to cut taxes for the wealthiest people in the world, nor for many wealthy corporations.

The country is split by serious problems of job displacement. Due to the advancement of technology, our economy today relies less on manufacturing, and more on technology. Therefore, the requirements of the workforce are different and more demanding than they ever were before.

We need to have a high level of education in order to prepare people for today’s job market. It takes an educated public to make demands of their government and hold them accountable. Education in this country is at a lower standard than it has ever been and we have never ranked higher than in the middle worldwide. Now we have a woman in office, chosen and backed by the President, neither of whom understands the value of a high quality public education, nor do they want it. They do not want an educated public. They do not want free speech. They are not open to accountability or criticism. A democracy cannot survive with an uneducated public. A dictatorship cannot survive with an educated public.

The congress, which constitutionally should be the nation’s check and balance system, has become an exclusive club to which members swear allegiance. Instead of representing their constituencies, the members are representing their party and drumming out anyone who disagrees with the party line. Our check and balance system is broken, and has played right into the hands of a demagogue.

Only someone incapable of dealing with the complications of a Democracy, someone looking to line his own pockets and to have the power to do so, chooses to be a dictator and thus rids himself of the problems or blame. Instead of governing he rules by edict. And further to save his own skin, he forces the appointment of his sycophant to denigrate the Supreme Court. Only someone incapable, incompetent and ignorant wants and needs to get rid of Free Press and Free Speech and any possible criticism. Are we as a nation really willing to give all of our freedoms and rights away to an ignorant and corrupt President and this sycophant’s followers in the Congress? Hit the streets folks: Rebel. Vote! Vote the despots out!



New vision for immigration

Today there are more displaced people in the world than there have ever been at any time in history. According to the United Nations, 67 million people are desperately seeking refuge somewhere. This vast displacement of people has caused a major crisis, and a growing crisis, to every nation in the developed world. 

Huge numbers of refugees and asylum-seekers are being forced to live under unacceptable conditions while they desperately try to gain legal admission to any country that will accept them. The current systems are not solving the problem of massive immigration. It is incumbent upon the governments of all nations, the United Nations, the European community, and even the World Economic Forum to redefine immigration programs. It is also imperative that all of us, worldwide, find ways to aid refugees facing extraordinary challenges.

There is a sense of destabilization that occurs when a large population of different races, religions, and customs overwhelm an existing culture. As The United States does not have any viable immigration plan, these fears have empowered this administration and its tyrannical zero immigration policy. This policy has lead to cruel and inhumane treatment of desperate people.

The present anti-immigration policies of The United States, such as the deportation of people who have lived here for many years and the separation of children from their parents at the border, is absolutely not acceptable. It is not in any way a plan or solution to the massive refugee problem, nor is it a solution to immigration. It is tyrannical, unacceptable and totally short-sided for The United States.

America should welcome immigrants. We have almost full employment and we are an aging population with an historically low birth-rate. This confluence of circumstances can bring development and growth to a halt in The United States. Immigration is an important way of reversing the tide. In order to grow the economy we will need skilled workers to fill future jobs in farming, building infrastructure, and other trades.

It is often costly and usually takes an inordinately long time for people to apply and gain legal entry into The United States. There should be more entry ports and consulates so that this process could be shortened, and so that asylum-seekers could be dealt with more quickly and humanely.

Legal entry into The United States should have certain requirements. Obviously no criminal record, but also English should be required. Instead of having internment camps at the border, there should be English language schools. 

No one should be allowed a green-card until they have a working knowledge of English. After all, English is the language of the country and it is what binds Americans together along with the social contract, the laws of the land, and the culture. English must be the primary language. Without it we lose the ability to take on jobs, assimilate, or feel a sense of patriotic love of country. 

We as a nation have lost our moral compass. We must re-establish our own social and moral values in order to be able to impart them with impunity to the new arrivals. This should be done even as they are learning to speak English. 

Another problem facing host countries receiving an overwhelmingly large number of refugees is that these people tend to seek their own kind. In turn they set up their own enclaves within the existing communities. Unless immigrants have families to go to, it would make sense to spread them out and direct them to areas of the country where they are needed and would be welcomed. For a period of years, their choice of settlement should be restricted. This would prevent them from forming separate communities.

Most communities have activities for all age-groups in which everybody can participate regardless of race, creed, or religion. It is simply easier and less threatening for communities to accept newcomers if they arrive as individuals.

It is abundantly clear that The United States nor other nations of the world can any longer run immigration systems with antiquated methodologies and concepts. This seems to be a time when America has to redefine itself just as we did at the time of the American Revolution and again during the Civil War. 

White supremacists and religious fanatics cannot be allowed to shape the world in their own image. We, as Americans, must not allow it. These extremists are only a small part of our country. Our values are not, and should not, be so narrowly defined as they would have them be. People are and continue to be on the move. The genie is out of the box.

Clear The Swamp

It seems that what Trump supporters were hoping to achieve by electing Trump to be their president was really to reduce the effect of the federal government and the interaction of the federal government in their lives. 

It would seem that the total destruction of the federal government is synonymous with clearing the swamp. It made me wonder what the federal government really does do for the citizens of the United States of America. 

This is the list that I’ve come up with:


1. Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

2. Immigration law

3. Federal discrimination and civil right laws protecting against racial, age, gender and disability discrimination

4. Provides 8% in funding for educational programs and stimulates a dialogue on how to create a globally competitive educational system

5. Bankruptcy laws

6. Patent and copyright laws

7. Federal criminal law such as tax fraud law and the counterfeiting of money

8. Oversees repair, management, and funding for interstate highways and national parks

9. Provides roughly 1% of necessary funding towards the arts

10. Federal voting laws

State laws:

There are 50 states and several commonwealths and territories within the U.S. Each one has its own system of laws and courts that handle the following:

1. Criminal matters

2. Divorce and family matters

3. Workers Compensation for injuries at work

4. Personal injuries, such as car or medical malpractice

5. Welfare, public assistances, or medical matters

6. Wills, inheritance and estates

7. Real estate and other properties

8. State laws govern overall educational standards

9. The major portion of funding for education is provided by the state

9. Oversees repair, management, and funding for state highways and parks

10. States provide about 2% of funding towards the arts in contrast to the federal government’s 1% of funding.

11. States oversee business contracts

12. State voting laws


1. Local safety (police and fire department)

2. Rent laws (leasing, rent control, evictions, living conditions) 

3. Zoning laws

4. Oversees repair, management, and funding for city roads, parks and recreational areas

5. They provides roughly 3% of funding towards the arts.

These provision are all made by federal, state, or local governments. I went over this list pretty carefully and I couldn’t find very much that I would like to give up or have taken away from me. I can understand that people feel that the government is not adequately addressing their needs.

Over the past 90 years, since Franklin D. Roosevelt, many of these laws and institutions have been created by various presidents in order to protect and benefit all of us who live in the United States of America. Everyone who can work and can contribute is obliged to do so. Not everyone contributes equally, some need more from the government than others do, but that is that nature of living in our democracy. 

I understand that although the intention is to benefit or protect everyone, there will always be imperfections. My belief is that we should work to correct and improve, but not to destroy the structures that have been put in place. If there are inadequacies it is the right of the citizens of this country to seek to improve and make changes. However, what this president and administration has done to destroy all of these benefits is not constructive.

It is up to all of us to vote for the people locally and nationally who will seek to make the improvements, changes, and find remedies that will satisfy the needs of the neediest member of our society. Don’t toss the baby with the bathwater. Hit the streets!

Trump’s Crime Against Humanity

While gun-control is an important focus for the American public, we must not lose track of the crimes that are being perpetrated by this administration and the members of congress.

The United States fought a bloody civil war from 1861-1865 to free the slaves. Now Trump has dragged this country back to pre-civil war behavior. He is creating a whole new level of servitude, otherwise known as slavery.

“At least five lawsuits have been filed against private prisons, including GEO and CoreCivic, over detainee pay and other issues. The lawsuits allege that the private prison giants use voluntary work programs to violate state minimum wage laws, the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, unjust enrichment and other labor statutes…

Inmates in Colorado and California have also sued the Boca Raton, Fla.-based company, alleging that they were forced to work for $1 per day to pay for necessities like food, water and hygiene products. Detainees performed janitorial work such as scrubbing floors and cleaning windows, as well as clerical work, washing laundry, even cutting hair. Detainees who objected were punished by “disciplinary segregation or solitary confinement” or referred for criminal prosecution, one suit alleged.” – Tracy Jan, Washington Post

Now these poor impoverished congressman are crying out to Trump for help to save them from lawsuits by immigrant prisoners.

During WW2 the United States committed the sinful detention of Japanese and other nationals who were deemed to be potential enemies of the people. We are now repeating this shameful detention policy with immigrants.

This congress wants to be supported against lawsuits, which they damn well deserve. They should be sued! Both for the conditions under which they are forcing these people to live, and they should be sued again for their failure to create a proper decent immigration policy for the United States. They should be put in prison for their failure to serve the people of the United States of America with decency and honor.

Trump tweets, but he never experiences. He has never gone hungry, never served in any capacity (army, public office, etc.), he’s never been out in the mud, he’s never been out in the rain, and he’s never taken a bullet. He should spend a few days in lock-up with these immigrants, so that he can experience first-hand the cause and effects of his mean-hearted and thoughtless tweets.

His supporters in congress looking to be saved from the lawsuits, should instead be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. They should be forced to taste their own medicine.

Awake and Sing

This list was created by Laurence W. Britt who wrote about the common signs of fascism in April, 2003, after researching seven fascist regimes: Hitler’s Nazi Germany; Mussolini’s Italy; Franco’s Spain; Salazar’s Portugal; Papadopoulos’ Greece; Pinochet’s Chile; Suharto’s Indonesia. A poster version of this was even sold in the United States National Holocaust Museum.

Does this sound familiar? Is this the road we’ll travel?


Early Warning Signs of Fascism
Powerful and Continuing
Disdain For Human Rights
Identification of Enemies
As a unifying cause
Supremacy of the military
Rampant Sexism
Controlled Mass Media
Obsession With National Security
Religion and Government Intertwined
Corporate Power Protected
Labor Power Suppressed
Disdain For Intellectuals & and the Arts
Obsession With Crime & Punishment
Rampant Cronyism & Corruption
Fraudulent Elections

Slippery Slope

I have always wondered what is the benefit of being a dictator. I have never heard of a dictator under whom a country flourished. The possible exception being Singapore, under the benevolent dictatorship of Lee Kuan Yew. I’m not sure that I really understand the rational of having total power over a country whose economy is foundering and a regime that is basically shunned by the rest of the world.

In order to have control in America the President needs to have the support of the Congress. To that end Mr. Trump was more than willing and has continued to be more than willing to support rapists, child molesters, crooks and criminals. This was certainly evidenced by his support of Roy Moore a known child molester. Trump said “I don’t care, I want that seat in the Senate filled by a Republican”. Whether it was good or bad for the country was of no consequence to Mr. Trump.

It is interesting to note that the support Trump requires is no different from that of any other dictator. He needs and has gained the support of the right wing of the Republican party whose interest seem to be the same as Mr. Trump’s, personal gain and not for the benefit of the American people.

He is systematically destroying the fabric of our society, along with the support systems, and the underpinnings that have helped the poorest and the eldest members. He has also lowered the standards of morality, mores, decency and respect. His staff appointments so far indicate that this is what he wants to accomplish .

The members of the Republican party who disagree with him resign. I have to assume that this is out of sheer frustration at finding oneself, a person of principle and ethics to be constantly outvoted by the members of ones own party who seem to be unprincipled and dedicated to the destruction of the American society as we have known it.

The fact that there are sex offenders in the Congress and amongst Mr. Trump’s staff appointments is almost a distraction from the fact that this country continues to support a President who is himself a known sex offender, a liar and a possible criminal tax evader. It is no secret that he and his family are gaining financial benefit from the position that he holds.

Our democracy is proving to be a frail vessel for an individual who wants absolute control over the destruction of the society. Beware my friends. He is a total Dictator.