1. Attention!

2. Beware!

Anybody who lived through WWII who is still alive today will remember that “ACHTUNG!” was the Nazi call to attention. They recognize the classic signs and symbols of a systematic takeover by a totalitarian dictator. Do not forget that it was the people of Germany who voted Hitler into power, and that is what We The People of the United States are facing today.

A democratic society is complicated, confusing, and difficult. A dictatorship dismisses societal protections (whether they be for the environment, education, healthcare, or the arts) as complications and simply eliminates anything or anybody who gets in the way of simple, direct action and total control.

Unfortunately what this country needs at this time is complicated. It is made even more complicated by the social progress that has been made over the last 90 years. Probably the advent of computers and cell phones has exacerbated the problems and simultaneously shed more light on the divisions within the country, whether they be race, creed, religion, gender or financial inequality. This is a time in our history where leadership is as crucial as it has ever been. This nation, this democracy, is being torn apart and is in dire need of a healer who brings people together instead of what we now have, a divisive and destructive egocentric dictator.

The last Republican administration was that of George W. Bush and it was on his watch that we became involved in the total destruction of Iraq and the endless wars in the Middle East. It was on his watch that the banks were failing and the country was heading towards a serious financial depression. It was also George W. Bush who at last recognized the situation; late, but at least in time to start the turn around.

Obama ran his campaign on the need for a National Health Program, but even as he took office as President, he became caught up in the desperate need to stop and reverse the downward tide of the financial crisis facing the nation. He supported the banks for which he has received endless criticism. However, in the 1930’s, it was also the Republicans who caused the financial collapse. The banks were not saved, and a financial crisis plunged our country into a deep depression that swept the globe. There were no jobs, there was no money, and people starved. The truth is, we didn’t recover from the depression until after WWII.

So here we were in 2008 facing the same dilemma. Obama took action to put the country back on the path to recovery. It was not speedy but at least it was constant. Jobs were being created. The banks were secured. The stock market was on an upward trend. However, a certain portion of the population was still left behind, and their jobs disappeared. Numbers of people slipped from the middle class into poverty. Trump seized upon their vulnerability. He was subsequently elected and immediately claimed credit for all that Obama had accomplished.

Instead of addressing the ongoing problems and divisions in the country, he has exacerbated them, causing irreparable damage to the fabric of our society and to the very core of our Democracy.

This is a time in history where this country needs creative, enlightened leadership to help solve the many problems facing and endangering our society. This is a time to address the social, racial, and financial issues that separate the poor and the middle classes from the 1%. This is not the time to cut taxes for the wealthiest people in the world, nor for many wealthy corporations.

The country is split by serious problems of job displacement. Due to the advancement of technology, our economy today relies less on manufacturing, and more on technology. Therefore, the requirements of the workforce are different and more demanding than they ever were before.

We need to have a high level of education in order to prepare people for today’s job market. It takes an educated public to make demands of their government and hold them accountable. Education in this country is at a lower standard than it has ever been and we have never ranked higher than in the middle worldwide. Now we have a woman in office, chosen and backed by the President, neither of whom understands the value of a high quality public education, nor do they want it. They do not want an educated public. They do not want free speech. They are not open to accountability or criticism. A democracy cannot survive with an uneducated public. A dictatorship cannot survive with an educated public.

The congress, which constitutionally should be the nation’s check and balance system, has become an exclusive club to which members swear allegiance. Instead of representing their constituencies, the members are representing their party and drumming out anyone who disagrees with the party line. Our check and balance system is broken, and has played right into the hands of a demagogue.

Only someone incapable of dealing with the complications of a Democracy, someone looking to line his own pockets and to have the power to do so, chooses to be a dictator and thus rids himself of the problems or blame. Instead of governing he rules by edict. And further to save his own skin, he forces the appointment of his sycophant to denigrate the Supreme Court. Only someone incapable, incompetent and ignorant wants and needs to get rid of Free Press and Free Speech and any possible criticism. Are we as a nation really willing to give all of our freedoms and rights away to an ignorant and corrupt President and this sycophant’s followers in the Congress? Hit the streets folks: Rebel. Vote! Vote the despots out!



4 replies on “ACHTUNG!”

  1. Brilliant and terrifying Rita. I’m applying to become an American citizen, so I can vote. I never thought it was particularly important but now I have to, as a matter of principle.
    Hope to see you soon. Lido??? Serena xxxx

  2. Right on Rita!
    A tangent — the last five Republican presidents:
    Nixon – a crook who faced impeachment
    Reagan – a 2 bit actor without a bit of intellectual depth
    Bush I – a sneaky CIA operative with hands in all sorts of filthy pots
    Bush II – a total loser his whole life, intellectually challenged, elected without a majority
    Trump – another loser in life who used bankruptcies to game the system, elected without a majority

    Compared to:
    LBJ – self-made man, master politician, created the modern social state
    Jimmy Carter – naval officer, farmer, scholar
    Clinton – self-made man, Rhodes scholar
    Obama – self-made man, Harvard constitutional scholar

  3. Thank you, Rita. Your arguments are spot on in my book. I especially appreciate your description of the forces leading up to Trump’s election.

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