Pit Fall: Trump fails America’s health

I find it so incredibly disturbing that, aside from Trump’s total inadequacy, unpreparedness, egocentricity and everything else that should disqualify him as a human being let alone, as President of the United States, he has  been allowed to put together a cabinet of people who are basically unqualified for the jobs to which they have been appointed. It is hard to believe that he is supported by a Congress of religious fanatics who instead of serving the less fortunate, are bent on destroying all of the support systems that have been set up in the last 84 years since President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. All of these people are wealthy basically and I suppose that if any of them had to pay for their own healthcare out of their pockets they probably could do so. Certainly the Trump family who seem to be making money everyday that their father is the President of this country, I suppose they could afford it. However for most people in this country who are not crooks and who do not play the system, who just work as hard as they can to survive and to pay their rent and put food on the table, those people and most Americans depend on their health insurance plan to save them and their families if they are struck by some long term illness or sudden emergency.

I simply am unable to understand why anyone would not want to support affordable care for everyone, a bill that took generations to finally achieve. We are the only nation in the developed world that did not have a national health program. Finally Obama managed to squeeze through an imperfect one. Okay Mr. wheel and deal Trump, go deal with the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical companies and fix the Affordable Care Act so that it makes medical insurance available at the same price for everybody across the country. It should be affordable for everyone, young and old, rich and poor. Even young people can have emergencies, they too may need the coverage even though they may think that youth is on their side. As far as the insurance companies are concerned, with that many people on the insurance plan they will be making plenty of money anyway but it should not be a source of profiteering. And they will anyway be making more by insuring cars, homes etc. But health insurance should be set at an affordable price for everyone. I really don’t understand the selfish, mean mindedness of Trump and this Congress. I fail to understand why these religious fanatics, the right wing of the Republican party are so bent on destroying the health and lives of their own constituence. Where does the Bible teach them to serve themselves? Where does their religion teach them to profit from sickness and desperation?

The public needs to be knowledgable enough to force Trump and the Congress and the Senate and his cabinet to IMPROVE the Affordable Care Act but NOT to destroy it. These people, this administration care more about money in their own pockets, than they do about the welfare the nation.

Rise up America! Take action before it is too late. Vote to improve the level of leadership and education, before we end up with an ignorant public voting for the destruction of America and American values.

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