Death and Destruction of Manhattan


New York City is in the process of becoming the worlds ugliest city. It is my understanding that it is Mr.Bloomberg our former mayor who gave out permits, left, right and center for anyone to build the highest,ugliest buildings ever seen by man, to be built helter skelter in Manhattan. Apparently no one in this city’s administration, or any other administration cares anything about the quality of  our city life, or the inherent beauty of the city.

Manhattan was famous for the beauty that was created by the symmetry of the buildings on Park and other avenues, where most of them were of a certain height. All the buildings on West End Avenue, Park Avenue, Fifth Avenue, Madison Avenue, West End Avenue, were largely well designed buildings. At the same time New York  had a few taller but beautiful buildings like the Empire State building and the Chrysler building, and still New York was able to preserve and improve the older lovely townhouses that have existed in various neighborhoods of Manhattan.  It was this strange combination of tall buildings, sharing city blocks with seven story town houses. That has always been part of the attraction and charm of Manhattan.

Now suddenly, buildings are going up right, left and center of unimaginable height with no sense of design or proportion. Probably the ugliest building in the world is on West 57th street, right across from Carnegie Hall. And on 56th street and Park Avenue one of the tallest buildings in the world with no special design and nothing to recommend it. It is decimating the the symmetry, the scale that has contributed so much to the fascination, variety and excitement of the city. This building on 56th street and Park Ave has absolutely nothing to recommend it. It is an architectural anomaly, it doesn’t even have any green space around its needle like facade. It is so obviously built for and by American greed. The word on the street  is  that it is likely being owned by extremely wealthy foreigners who will not inhabit the building, but whose ownership of the property allows them to park their money there.

This ugly building can be seen from any place in Manhattan and driving into Manhattan it is almost the only building you can see, and it totally destroys the skyline of Manhattan. One has to think that Mr.Bloomberg had something in mind when he gave out the permits for these ugly buildings to be built. I know his intention was to renew the midtown of Manhattan and to bring more money into town. But it is certainly a mystery as to how this will happen when we have what I hear are 15-20 year tax abatements bringing nothing, zilch, nada into the city coffers.

As far as employment is concerned, they could have built more beautiful buildings at half the height spread around many parts of Manhattan, this would have created many more jobs in the construction industry. If the people of this city had anything to say about what goes on in our city, they should say “tear down those buildings”. Bloomberg is gone. The damage he did will live on in infamy. It is up to us to make sure that Mayor  de Blasio does not continue the ongoing destruction of Manhattan.


Please note: Your power is in your vote

Sunday, September 21st, thousands of people, men, women, boys, girls, gays, straights and celebrities all hit the streets to raise awareness of the imperative need to change our attitudes, habits, and actions regarding climate change.

My dear people, the biggest change you can make right now is to go to the polls and vote. Your vote is all that is needed to draw the attention of the nation and to force the Congress to make the necessary changes in the laws. In this country only about 1/3 of the population votes. They vote for Senators like Mitch McConnell. Who will never ever support any bill requiring changes which may help to save our planet. He and the Tea Party are more interested in shutting down the government, destroying the country and the President rather than saving the planet.

In a few weeks, you will have the opportunity to go to the polls and vote. A democratic majority in the Senate and the House would  enable the President of the United States to have the support to effect the very changes that you were demanding  last Sunday on the streets.

Even if you never vote for a Democrat again,  do it this time. That will kick-start the passage of the kind of laws that you called for on Sunday. We need a democratic majority in order to pass the very bills that thousands of you were demanding.

In Australia people who do not vote are fined. And in Brazil, if  there are three elections for which you do not vote, you are not only fined, but your passport is taken away from you. It is your obligation as well as your privilege as a citizen of the United States to vote. Hopefully you will vote for a democratic  majority of Senators who in turn will effect the changes you are demanding.

You and your vote matter.



Improving quality of life in Manhattan 

I have counted literally hundreds of balconies just between 57th and 86th street on Manhattan’s east side.There are any number of residential buildings with terraces and balconies totally devoid of greenery. I don’t understand why anyone would pay for a terrace that they never use, that they never put a plant on, that they never seem to sit on. If every terrace and balcony in New York City had plants on them, what a difference this would make to the air that we breath, to the sights that we see, to the quality of life that we live in this great city of Manhattan. I travel the world, and this is the only city in the world that I have ever seen with empty balconies. I have a very small terrace outside of my  apartment, I have all kinds of things growing there. I buy small plants that are very inexpensive at Home Depot or other places, and I plant them in pots on my terrace and have the p[pleasure of seeing them grow. In  some cases I have run a heavy duty electric cord in order to hang a sunlight lamp on the terrace in the winter when it is cold and dark, but plants don’t need much, once a week watering and light, not always direct sunlight.If weight is a problem,they don’t have to be very heavy The pots can be partially filled  with earth, They can be filled partly with Styrofoam bubbles. Every one of these empty balconies in Manhattan can be a source of greenery and enchantment. The city would look less like a block of cement. and more as though people enjoyed life and living.  What Bette  Midler has done on the ground to create community gardens, you can do on your balcony in miniature Breathe a little.. Boys, girls, men and women, Do it. Buy a plant today.



The rape of America by the Supreme Court

This supreme court in its wisdom now has decided that American women have no rights regarding their most personal selves. Men may receive Viagra under their insurance claims. Men may rape women and then claim impotence as in the recent case of the college girl, a seventeen year old f Freshman at Hobart and William Smith College who reported being gang raped.This Court has ruled that American women need not be permitted under their company health insurance to be covered for contraception. College girls and women need to have that protection.  The fate of American working women is now in the hands of their corporate bosses, who may at any time call upon their suddenly found religious beliefs to deny working women their rights to be covered by insurance for contraception.This United States Supreme Court on June 30th, 2014 ruled that a corporation on religious grounds may deny a woman the right to have contraceptive coverage under her corporate health insurance policy. Under the guise of religious freedom this Supreme Court has ruled that religious belief has the right to rule the workplace. The denial of personal  rights is the first step towards loss of freedoms. Girls, boys, men and women hit the streets in protest.

Cast shadow and fear

I really think that it behooves all of us to object to this crazy new skyline in Manhattan.. Not only are these buildings  ill-conceived so as to make the City a world more cavernous than it already is..but this is not even mixed usage. After some hour like, 5 PM the streets will become empty dark caverns, open invitations to crime and sidewalk sleepers and  garbage.Worse than even all the rest is the fact that these buildings WILL SHADOW CENTRAL PARK.. We will loose from this City one of the greatest parks in the world. To have a  green park you have to have sunlight and one of the glories of Manhattan has always been that we could have the skyscrapers and we could have the Park. Now we will have higher and higher buildings and less and less Park.Colder in the winters and Hotter in the summers. Isn’t there anyone in this City who isn’t a money mad insane power nut? Who do we have to reach out  to get something done, or undone. . Please tell me. I’m in a real fighting mood . First the Supreme Court destroying the country. i thought that was as bad as it could be.. and now we have the city being totally transformed into a dungeon and it’s not even the fault of the Supreme Court. Who can we blame? Who can we badger? Who can we thwart? On whom can we declare War? If nine  eleven seemed like a tragedy, just imagine what would happen if one of these buildings should ever come under attack. The entire City would be destroyed.. No one needs these monstrous,tall,ugly towers. They are virtually parking lots for  foreign money. This is a a disaster. People!  Get off your buts,don’t sit on your hands. Men ,Women,Boys Girls,Hit the streets. Protest now before it’s too late. this is a call to action.


Impeach The Members of the Supreme Court

This Supreme Court  as it stands today no longer represents the best interests of the people of These United States of America. They have sold this country to the Koch Brothers and the other Highest bidders. it is no longer possible for ANYONE to run for Political Office. It has now become the province of the very rich. The country is in the hands of the Oligarchs. This country is no longer run by the people, for the people . We are in grave and serious danger. Everyone in America should hit the streets in protest.