Gag the gaggers

Trump administration deprecates women worldwide

If the increase in worldwide population is the issue that many people believe it is, then we should look closely at our own Congress and our own government for the irresponsible role that they play. Among the very first actions taken by this administration was to institute a worldwide gag order which was wildly supported by the born again Christian right wing of the Republican Party. The gag order means that organizations anywhere in the world receiving government money would be cut off from funding if they so much as mention abortion, birth control or any other issues that effect women’s reproductive health.

It is obvious that these people in this administration are so ignorant and so abusive of women that they do not even understand the relationship between women’s ability to take control of their reproductive lives and the subsequent decrease in the rates of both the population and the number of abortions. The distribution of contraceptives  and information provided by the UN Population Fund prevented 3.7 million abortions last year, so obviously if you are against both population increase and abortion then you should logically support the UN Population Fund instead of destroying it.

The ignorant men in this administration should actually be forced to go out and visit some of the countries like Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria, Sierra Leon and others, to see for themselves how both their cruelty and ignorance are forcing women to suffer from the consequences of poor care and lack of information during difficult pregnancies. By a simple pen stroke instituting the worldwide gag order, millions of women are condemned to suffering fistula, prolapses and agonizing deaths from childbirths and even cervical cancer. Much of this is avoidable through education, proper healthcare, family planning, birth control and sometimes even abortion.

Some of these conditions, such as an obstetric fistula, cause incredible pain and furthermore humiliation by the failure of their flesh to heal while their bodies rot away. An obstetric fistula is a hole between the vagina and rectum or bladder that is caused by prolonged obstructed labor, leaving a woman incontinent of urine or feces or both. This disease causes a foul body odor as well, creating a condition that seemingly justifies and empowers the community to shame and shun these women, leaving them to rot away, alone and uncared for.

The real shame belongs to the sanctimonious, ignorant misogynists who think that they represent God’s will on earth and claim themselves to be pro-life. So much suffering can hardly be called pro-life. It is making birth control medication and information available to these women that is pro life. Why don’t the sanctimonious misogynists with God on their side do something constructive to help women avoid abortions and reduce the rate of increase of the population? Instead the religious right is ravaging the health programs that might help decrease the disastrous plight of women. The worldwide gag order itself is a product of mean minded, selfish, cruel misogynists who are basically ignorant of the world and the problems that abound in it.

Do these misogynists really represent the United States? Do they really believe that their daughters, wives, sisters, nieces, granddaughters, cousins are not using birth control? Is it only because their wives and children can afford to buy it that they are allowed to have it and use it? Does that mean that the poorer people of the world or working class of America are not to be allowed to have access to family planning? Does that mean it should be removed from corporate insurance policies because it saves them money? Is this America? Is this why we can’t have a health plan affordable to everybody in the United States supported by the Insurance Companies and Pharmaceutical Companies? Is it really the job of the Congress to deny these rights to everybody in need in the world? Is that what America has come to?

The answer is hit the streets. Vote. Run these people out of office.