America, the Beautiful

When I Have Fears Part 4

Today we should be listening carefully to the scientific community. All we need today is to look around us.

Look at the fires in California driven by unprecedented wind storms. Look at the rising tides eating away at the once familiar shorelines and endangering homes perched on those shores. Look at the melting icebergs and the consequent loss of species. Polar bears basically trying to find food as they are forced roam from one ice flow to another where once they trod on solid ice.

We are clearly at the tipping point. Attention must be be paid. Anyone who cares about the future, anyone who cares about their children and grandchildren and the world that we are forcing upon them, must pay attention to climate changes.

The following weeks will be dedicated to listing Trump’s incredible moves against the United States of America and the Democracy for which we stand.

ActionPolicy AreaSpecific Policy AreaDate
286. Issued executive order pushing forward the Keystone/Dakota Access Pipeline. Before the end of the year, the Keystone pipeline had spilled of 210,000 gallons of oil in South DakotaEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure24-Jan-2017
287. Froze new grants and contracts at the EPAEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure23-Jan-2017
288. Repealed the Extraction Payment Disclosure rule, which requires oil, gas, mining, and other extraction companies to disclose their payments to foreign governmentsEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure3-Feb-2017
289. Repealed the Stream Protection Rule, which prevents coal companies from dumping their waste products into rivers and other effluenceprestea-mineEnvironmentConservation and Animals2-Feb-2017
290. Ordered the USDA to remove inspection reports and other animal welfare safeguards, enabling animal abuseEnvironmentConservation and Animals4-Feb-2017
291. Delayed listing bumblebees as endangeredEnvironmentConservation and Animals9-Feb-2017
292. Nixed $674 million in spending to electrify California’s rail system, effectively killing hopes for a high speed rail in the stateEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure17-Feb-2017
293. Gave away millions in royalties on coal extracted on public lands to coal companiesEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure26-Feb-2017
294. Signed an executive order to dismantle the Clean Water RuleEnvironmentConservation and Animals28-Feb-2017
295. Repealed ban on lead ammunition in national parks. It’s estimated 20 million birds and other animals die of lead poisoning each year from led munitions used by hunters, even though the cost of non-lead munitions are no more expensiveEnvironmentConservation and Animals2-Mar-2017
296. Dropped Climate Change as a factor in government decision makingEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure14-Mar-2017
297. Moved to undo Obama era emissions standardsEnvironmentConservation and Animals15-Mar-2017
298. Delayed EPA regulations addressing air quality guidelines, formaldehyde emissions stemming from composite wood products, and pesticide regulations, among other thingsEnvironmentConservation and Animals17-Mar-2017
299. Halted an anti-corruption effort in the energy sectorEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure22-Mar-2017
300. Repealed rules forbidding a raft of inhumane hunting practices in wildlife refugesEnvironmentConservation and Animals26-Mar-2017
301. Delayed rules for humane treatment of livestockEnvironmentConservation and Animals25-Mar-2017
302. Revived the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste planEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure27-Mar-2017
303. Issued executive order rolling back the Clean Power Plan and other environmental regulationsEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure28-Mar-2017
304. Reversed an Obama era environmental policy, which had blocked a large scale project to pump groundwater from the Mojave DesertEnvironmentConservation and Animals4-Apr-2017
305. Asked a federal appeals court to delay arguments over a rule that prevents coal-fired power plants from releasing toxic chemicals, including mercury, lead, arsenic and other pollutants, into the environment.EnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure19-Apr-2017
306. In general has allowed big business a high degree of access to push for everything from allowing them to drill for oil in Russia to scrapping scientific studies on the harmful effects of pesticides,EnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure20-Apr-2017
307. Preempted the implementation of a rule that would prevent coal plants from emitting mercury and polluting streamsEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure20-Apr-2017
308. Signed an executive order aimed at scrapping national monumentsEnvironmentConservation and Animals27-Apr-2017
309. Scrubbed all references to Obama era climate plans from EPA websiteEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure28-Apr-2017
310. Put efforts to measure carbon emissions of cars and trucks on indefinite holdEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure19-May-2017
311. Withdrew from the Paris accord on climate changeEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure1-Jun-2017
312. Authorized seismic airgun blasting off the east coastEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure5-Jun-2017
313. Abstained from the G7 climate change pledge.EnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure12-Jun-2017
314. Threw out a rule to protect endangered whales and sea turtles.EnvironmentConservation and Animals12-Jun-2017
315. Moved to undermine the EPA’s permitting rules.EnvironmentConservation and Animals12-Jun-2017
316. Removed protections of Yellowstone Grizzly BearsEnvironmentConservation and Animals22-Jun-2017
317. Approved a set of water tunnels which will cost water users an estimated $14 billion and devastate the ecologically sensitive Sacramento and San Jaoquin river valleysGorsuchEnvironmentConservation and Animals26-Jun-2017
318. Following through on item #294, moved to roll back the clean water ruleEnvironmentConservation and Animals27-Jun-2017
319. Initiated an expansive new 5 year plan to increase offshore drillingEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure3-Jul-2017
320. Began approving arctic drillingEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure13-Jul-2017
321. Began the process of repealing Obama era fuel economy standardsEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure26-Jul-2017
322. Began the process of repealing Obama era fracking restrictionsEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure25-Jul-2017
323. Issued a 53 page report from the department of interior with plans to undermine numerous Obama era conservation policies, including undermining the Obama Administrations sage grouse conservation strategyEnvironmentConservation and Animals7-Aug-2017
324. Removed the white house bikeshare stationEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure16-Aug-2017
325. Killed a plan to ban plastic bottles from national parksEnvironmentConservation and Animals15-Aug-2017
326. Watered down toxic chemical rulesEnvironmentConservation and Animals16-Aug-2017
327. In the weeks before hurricane Harvey, reversed rules to make infrastructure more resistant to natural disasters like flooding and hurricanesEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure15-Aug-2017
328. Released his plan for public research priorities, indicating a withdrawal of government support for research in numerous fields such as climate changeEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure17-Aug-2017
329. Moved to undermine emissions standard rules for cars and light trucks, as well as heavy duty trucksEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure20-Aug-2017
330. Disbanded the federal advisory panel for National Climate AssessmentEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure21-Aug-2017
331. Halted research on the public health impact of mountaintop removal coal miningEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure21-Aug-2017
332. Moved to downsize four national monumentsEnvironmentConservation and Animals24-Aug-2017
333. Ended an Obama era plan to strengthen houses in flood zonesEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure11-Sep-2017
334. Halted pollution controls at Utah coal plantsEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure11-Sep-2017
335. Moved to lift ban on oil assessments in wildlife refugesEnvironmentConservation and Animals15-Sep-2017
336. Refused to acknowledge the role of climate change in forest fires, and instead tried to blame “radical environmentalists”EnvironmentConservation and Animals1-Oct-2017
337. Moved to end rule mitigating methane emissionsEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure4-Oct-2017
338. Decided to terminate the clean power plan, which was designed to reduce carbon emissions to 32% below 2005 levels by 2030EnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure9-Oct-2017
339. Took steps to delay the Portland Harbor superfund cleanupEnvironmentConservation and Animals9-Oct-2017
340. Barred three climate science from giving talks on climate changeEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure22-Oct-2017
341. Moved to auction off vast swathes of the Gulf of Mexico to oil companiesEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure24-Oct-2017
342. The Bureau of Land Management rescinded a rule requiring officials the consider climate change impact of energy projects, following up from #296EnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure25-Oct-2017
343. Opened up to 10 million acres of Alaskan wilderness to oil and gas drillingEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure26-Oct-2017
344. Enacted a rule barring scientists who receive EPA funding from serving on advisory committees, removing several climate scientists from their positions and replacing them with industry-backed researchers in their placeEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure1-Nov-2017
345. Delayed a rule to ensure the welfare of organic livestockEnvironmentConservation and Animals9-Nov-2017
346. Lifted the ban on importing hunted elephant headsEnvironmentConservation and Animals16-Nov-2017
347. Overruled a recommendation by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Committee that found New Jersey had exceeded its harvest limits on flounders. This is not only promotes over fishing, it also undermines the authority of a well established institution that had been helping states on the Atlantic coast coordinate their resource use for 75 years.EnvironmentConservation and Animals21-Nov-2017
348. Moved ahead with approving arctic oil explorationEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure28-Nov-2017
349. Delayed the implementation of the Waters of the United States Rule, a rule aimed at protecting wetlands, while also accelerating process to repeal the law by shortening the customary period for public comment on the regulation from the customary 30 days to 21 insteadEnvironmentConservation and Animals22-Nov-2017
350. Slashed the size of the Bears Ear and Grand Staircase National Monuments by 85% and 55% respectivelyEnvironmentConservation and Animals4-Dec-2017
351. Failed to enforce smog rules, garnering a lawsuit from 14 statesEnvironmentConservation and Animals9-Dec-2017
352. It was reported that the Administration has slowed actions against polluters and put limits on enforcement officers at the EPAEnvironmentConservation and Animals10-Dec-2017
353. Delayed and effectively preempted regulations aimed at controlling methane leaksEnvironmentConservation and Animals8-Dec-2017
354. Moved to open the door to oil drilling of the East CoastEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure11-Dec-2017
355. Improperly withheld $91 million in funding from advanced energy researchEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure13-Dec-2017
356. Killed rules to prevent animal cruelty in organic egg farmingEnvironmentConservation and Animals15-Dec-2017
357. Opened up the Arctic Natural Wildlife Reserve for drill as part of the tax billEnvironmentConservation and Animals19-Dec-2017
358. Halted an independent study of offshore oil inspectionsEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure21-Dec-2017
359. Officially withdrew the rule cited in #343 intended to make infrastructure more resistant to flood and severe storms. This action had previously been halted after Hurricane Harvey when it became obvious that poor infrastructure had made flooding considerably worse, however they are now once again ending the ruleEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure22-Dec-2017
360. Reversed an Obama era decision not to renew the license of a copper and nickle mine that could cause serious and irreparable harm to a nearby nature preserveEnvironmentConservation and Animals23-Dec-2017
361. Reversed an Obama era rule by deciding not to prosecute companies that accidentally kill migratory birdsEnvironmentConservation and Animals27-Dec-2017
362. Following up from #319, moved ahead with an expansive 5 year plan that will dramatically increase the area of offshore drilling in US coastal watersEnvironmentConservation and Animals4-Jan-2017
363. Struck the Canada Lynx from the endangered species list, despite a 2016 assessment that concluded the species would die out without federal protectionEnvironmentConservation and Animals11-Jan-2017
364. Canceled a detailed study into the environmental effects of toxic metals leeching into rivers and streams, in part due to his decision to reverse the mining ban referenced in #360EnvironmentConservation and Animals26-Jan-2018
366. Reversed a decades old policy under the Clean Air Act aimed at maintaining stricter pollution emissions standards on large scale producersEnvironmentConservation and Animals26-Jan-2018
367. Moved to ask Congress for a 72% cut in funding for clean energy researchEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure31-Jan-2018
368. Threatened to scrap a conservation agreement with the state of California protecting 10.8 million acres of desert from environmentally harmful activitiesEnvironmentConservation and Animals1-Feb-2018
369. Moved to roll back environmental reviews of public land useEnvironmentConservation and Animals8-Feb-2018
370. Moved to slash funding for earthquake early warning programsEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure21-Feb-2018
371. Moved to dissolve the EPA office that tests the effects of exposure to chemicals on adults and childrenEnvironmentConservation and Animals28-Feb-2018
372. Delayed implementation of methane emissions rule for two yearsEnvironmentConservation and Animals23-Feb-2018
373. Expedited plans to shrink the Grand Staircase National MonumentEnvironmentConservation and Animals4-Mar-2018
374. Backed out of a previous commitment by refusing to ban elephant trophiesEnvironmentConservation and Animals7-Mar-2018
375. Broke federal laws by failing to identify all the parts of the US that fail to air quality standards for smogEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure14-Mar-2018
376. Sued for failing to protect humpback whalesEnvironmentConservation and Animals17-Mar-2018
377. Tried to sell 77 million acres of the gulf of Mexico for off shore drillingEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure21-Mar-2018
378. Sued for withdrawing animal welfare rulesEnvironmentConservation and Animals22-Mar-2018
379. Sued for its failure to protect the Vaquita PorpoiseEnvironmentConservation and Animals26-Mar-2018
380. Scott Pruitt’s EPA issued talking points to its employees for downplaying climate changeEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure28-Mar-2018
381. Axed Obama era fuel efficiency standards and moved to end a waiver that would allow California to set its own standardsEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure2-Apr-2018
382. Sued California over a law aiming to limit a Federal land transferEnvironmentConservation and Animals2-Apr-2018
383. The White House is considering a proposal that could strip protections from hundreds of threatened species, to the benefit of oil and agriculture companies.EnvironmentConservation and Animals5-Apr-2018
384. Following up from #361, issued an opinion instructing agents at the department of interior not to penalize companies that kill migratory birdsEnvironmentConservation and Animals13-Apr-2018
385. Following up from #343, began the scoping process to open the Alaskan National Wildlife Reserve to drillingEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure19-Apr-2018
386. Trump’s EPA determined wood burning plants are carbon neutralEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure23-Apr-2018
387. Moved to roll back the Well Control Rule, aimed at preventing disastrous offshore drilling spills like the Deep Water Horizon spillEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure28-Apr-2018
388. Sued by 17 states over his decision to invalidate emissions standards through 2025EnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure1-May-2018
389. Cancelled NASA research verifying greenhouse gas cutsEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure9-May-2018
390. Hid report on toxic chemicals that contaminated drinking water in Rensselaer CountyEnvironmentConservation and Animals16-May-2018
391. Tuned out public comments on its review of the Bears Ear National MonumentEnvironmentConservation and Animals17-May-2018
392. Sued by conservation groups over migratory bird policyEnvironmentConservation and Animals24-May-2018
393. Altered the way the EPA calculates costs and benefits to downplay the public benefits of environmental regulationsEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure7-Jun-2018
394. Restricted the way the EPA establishes harms from environmental toxinsEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure7-Jun-2018
395. Rolled back Obama era Ocean protection rulesEnvironmentConservation and Animals21-Jun-2018
396. Created a loophole for “super polluting” trucksEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure8-Jul-2018
397. Moved to block a climate change lawsuit filed by childrenEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure16-Jul-2018
398. Moved to rollback protections on endangered species by making it easier to delist species and withdrawing a policy that offered the same protections to threatened speciesEnvironmentConservation and Animals19-Jul-2018
399. Curtailed the powers of the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety BoardEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure22-Jul-2018
400. Moved to freeze fuel efficiency standards and tried to claim that higher fuel standards risk lives because they might cause people to drive moreEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure2-Aug-2018
401. Overrode endangered species protections to access water California’s firefighters say they don’t needEnvironmentConservation and Animals8-Aug-2018
402. Moved to open 1.6 million acres to fracking, drilling in CaliforniaEnvironmentConservation and Animals8-Aug-2018
403. Moved to sell off 1,600 acres of land that was formerly a part of the Grand Staircase- Escalante National MonumentEnvironmentConservation and Animals15-Aug-2018
404. Failed to deliver $14bn in funds for mass transit projectsEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure15-Aug-2018
405. Declared conserving oil is no longer an economic imperative for the US, undermining decades of efforts to promote fuel efficiency and conservationEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure19-Aug-2018
406. Moved to roll back restrictions on coal fired power plantsEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure21-Aug-2018
407. Named a Climate Change denier William Happer as his adviser on emerging technologiesEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure4-Sep-2018
408. Cut nearly 1,600 EPA staff in his first 18 months in officeEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure8-Sep-2018
409. Eased limits on methane pollutionEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure11-Sep-2018
410. Sued by New Mexico and California for their attempt to roll back Obama era methane rules in #409EnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure18-Sep-2018
411. Said the government should “work for” the oil and gas industryEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure21-Sep-2018
412. Presumed a worst case scenario on climate change and used to it to justify undermining environmental regulations under the presumption that the outcome was already unavoidableEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure28-Sep-2018
413. Completed its rollback of safety regulations put in place after the Deepwater Horizon disasterEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure29-Sep-2018
414. Eased mercury emissions rulesEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure1-Oct-2018
415. Moved to use military bases to export coal as a means to circumvent local officials who rejected private efforts to build coal portsEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure15-Oct-2018
416. Withdrew an Obama era rule on Uranium millingEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure19-Oct-2018
417. Approved offshore arctic drilling in AlaskaEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure24-Oct-2018
418. Wrongly blamed “radical environmentalists” for California wildfiresEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure20-Nov-2018
419. Buried a report on the devastating and accelerating impacts of climate changeEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure23-Nov-2018
420. Approved harmful seismic blasting in the AtlanticEnvironmentConservation and Animals30-Nov-2018
421. Called for an end to subsidies for renewables and electric carsEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure3-Dec-2018
422. Refused to sign the G20 statement until they inserted language restating their decision to abandon the Paris Climate AccordEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure3-Dec-2018
423. Moved to end protections for Sage GrouseEnvironmentConservation and Animals6-Dec-2018
424. Moved to end requirement that new coal plants use carbon capture technology despite disastrous climate impactEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure6-Dec-2018
425. Stripped Federal protections for waterways and wetlandsEnvironmentConservation and Animals8-Dec-2018
426. Following up from #414, moved to roll back Obama era mercury emissions regulationsEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure28-Dec-2018
427. Drove a sharp increase in carbon emissions with its rollback of environmental regulationsEnvironmentEnergy, Climate Change and Green Infrastructure8-Jan-2018

See a full list of Trump’s actions against the United States of America here

List last updated 6:40am EST, 3/19/2019