Shedding Light on Civil Rights

When I Have Fears Part 2

The progress that has been made through careful and insightful legal action to improve the conditions under which people live, work, and survive in America are systematically being destroyed by a man who, by cheating, lying, and stealing, has managed to survive and flourish.

The following weeks will be dedicated to listing Trump’s incredible moves against the United States of America and the Democracy for which we stand.

ActionPolicy AreaSpecific Policy AreaDate
196. Removed all Spanish content from the White House website. Allegedly this was because the site was doing maintenance and Spanish language content was given a low priority, begetting the question of why it was given low priority. As of July 2017, the White House still does not have a Spanish language websiteCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access23-Jan-2017
197. Called for major investigation into unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud, which can only be only be described as frivolous (pending)Civil RightsEnfranchisement and Access25-Jan-2017
198. Prevented foreign NGOs which receive US funding from providing abortion counselingCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights23-Jan-2017
199. Wiped pages on Civil Rights, Climate Change, and LGBT Rights from the White House website after taking officeCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access20-Jan-2017
200. Had the Department of Justice halt a case on Texas’s voter ID lawCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access20-Jan-2017
201. Withdrew a challenge to an injunction blocking guidelines that would prevent discrimination against transgender people in restrooms, then later withdrew the guidelines altogetherCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights11-Feb-2017
202. Decided to treat transgender rights as a “states rights issue”, presumably knowing full well what “states rights” tends to mean for civil rights issuesCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights21-Feb-2017
203. Dropped support for allowing Transgender students to use locker rooms of their choiceCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights23-Feb-2017
204. Had the DOJ officially drop the case against Texas’s discriminatory voter ID lawCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access27-Feb-2017
205. Omitted sexual orientation and gender identification from the 2020 census, making it more difficult to collect information that may be used to improve research and policy on LGBTQ issuesCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights29-Mar-2017
206. Provided the tie breaking vote to defund family planning clinicsCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights30-Mar-2017
207. Mike Pence won’t eat alone with women other than his wife in a move that’s not just bizarre, but does tangibly harm progress on women’s rightsCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights30-Mar-2017
208. Defunded a global maternal health organization which helps save tens of thousands of lives per yearCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights3-Apr-2017
209. Attempted to strong arm twitter into disclosing the identities of numerous private user accountsCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access7-Apr-2017
210. Ended Obama era rule that prohibited states from defunding healthcare providers which provide abortionsCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights14-Apr-2017
211. Discontinued the “Let Girls Learn” programCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights1-May-2017
212. Halted litigation against healthcare settings that discriminate against transgender peopleCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights3-May-2017
213. Cited a segregation era ruling to justify travel banCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access8-May-2017
214. Launched investigation into frivolous voter fraud chargesCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access11-May-2017
215. Broadened the Mexico City policyCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights16-May-2017
216. Proposed dismantling the Labor Department agency which polices Civil Rights issues among contractorsCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access29-May-2017
217. Moved to roll back birth control coverageCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights30-May-2017
218. Broke with the new tradition of issuing a proclamation for LGBT pride month, while also reportedly looking into ways to roll back the Obama administration’s efforts to integrate transgender troops into the military.Civil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights2-Jun-2017
219. Rejected the UN Human Rights Council’s call for access to safe abortionsCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights23-Jun-2017
220. The “Election Integrity Commission”, the commission initiated by Trump in item #214 to investigate “voter fraud” on the basis of spurious claims, pushedfor data from the states that breached voter privacy lawsCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access3-Jul-2017
221. The education department’s civil rights head trivialized 90% of rape casesCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights12-Jul-2017
222. Banned transgendered people from serving in the militaryCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights26-Jul-2017
223. Said that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission will no longer protect people based on sexual orientation, allowing a return of employment discrimination against gay and lesbian employeesCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights27-Jul-2017
224. Moved to divert resources in the Civil Rights division of towards undermining affirmative actionCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access1-Aug-2017
225. Cut dozens of Native American tribes out of a land buy-back programCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access4-Aug-2017
226. Allowed Winchester to circumvent a federal order to end its discriminatory zoning practicesCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access8-Aug-2017
227. Reversed the DoJ’s position in a supreme court case, backing Ohio’s voter purgeCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access8-Aug-2017
228. Following up from #222, issued an executive order banning transgender people from the militaryCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access25-Aug-2017
229. Removed a report on sexual violence from the White House websiteCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights30-Aug-2017
230. Ended an Obama era policy to reduce pay discriminationCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access29-Aug-2017
231. Moved to overhaul how colleges investigate sexual assaultCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights7-Sep-2017
232. Filed papers with the Supreme Court backing a baker who broke Colorado’s anti- discrimination laws by discriminating against gay couplesCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access7-Sep-2017
233. Appointed one woman for US attorney out of a total of 42, a horribly lopsided figure generally suggesting discriminationCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights12-Sep-2017
234. Argued, in court, that employers can fire people for being gayCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights28-Sep-2017
235. Backed a 20 week abortion banCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights3-Oct-2017
236. Removed Title VII protections for transgendered employeesCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights5-Oct-2017
237. Rushed to pack courts with anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ judgesCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights7-Oct-2017
238. Rolled back a mandate for health insurance to cover birth controlCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights6-Oct-2017
239. Betsy Devos and the Department of Education rescinded 72 policy documents that outline the rights of students with disabilitiesCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access22-Oct-2017
240. Requested an emergency stay on a court decision requiring the department of defense to begin accepting transgender recruits by Jan 1, 2018Civil RightsEnfranchisement and Access11-Dec-2017
241. Took down the White House’s site for petitionsCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access18-Dec-2017
242. Ended a rule to crack down on discriminatory practices in the housing market wherein the CFPB collects demographic data on borrowers in order to determine whether or not lenders are discriminatingCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access21-Dec-2017
243. Refused to help transgendered teenagers in their discrimination suitCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights16-Jan-2017
244. Introduced a rule to shield healthcare workers who refuse to provide patients with healthcare services due to “moral objections”Civil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights16-Jan-2017
245. Rescinded guidance from the Obama Administration which prevented states from de- funding planned parenthoodCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights19-Jan-2017
246. Moved to make it harder for immigrants using public health benefits to gain citizenshipCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access8-Feb-2018
247. Removed anti-discriminatory language from the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s mission statementCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access6-Mar-2018
248. Reversed a series of moves to reduce discrimination in schools, de-emphasizing diversity as a consideration in funding, delaying a rule aimed at stopping discriminatory standards in special education, and eliminating “systemic” investigations into discriminationCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access2-Mar-2018
249. Used the Parkland shooting as a pretext to re-introduce discriminatory school disciplinary actionsCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access14-Mar-2018
250. Issued a new memorandum banning transgendered people from the militaryCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights24-Mar-2018
260. Moved to roll back an Obama era rule preventing doctors and hospitals from discriminating against transgender peopleCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights21-Apr-2018
261. Following up from #260, House Republicans voted to kill auto lending guidelines preventing discriminationCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access8-May-2018
262. Move to rollback various legal protections against housing discriminationCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access10-May-2018
263. Rolled back protections for transgender inmatesCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights12-May-2018
264. With Niel Gorsuch providing the deciding vote, green lighted aggressive purging of voter rollsCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access11-Jun-2018
265. The Supreme Court enabled “crisis pregnancy centers” that mislead and outright lie to pregnant women by overturning a basic consumer protection that requires clinics to notify patients if they’re medically licensed and let them know their healthcare optionsCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights26-Jun-2018
266. Reversed Obama era guidelines aimed at improving racial diversity in college admissionsCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access3-Jul-2018
267. Ordered the creation of a “religious liberty task force” to push conservative social policyCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights30-Jul-2018
268. Claimed people need IDs to buy groceries in order to justify harsh voter ID lawsCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access1-Aug-2018
269. Underreported instances of racial discrimination in schoolsCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access22-Aug-2018
270. Backed students suing Harvard over it’s admissions policy aimed at promoting diversityCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access29-Aug-2018
271. Moved to issue new rules limiting the liability of Universities for sexual assaultCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights29-Aug-2018
272. After it was revealed that his Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, had sexually harassed a classmate and lied under oath, continued to rush his nomination forward and sought to discredit his accuserCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights14-Sep-2018
273. Killed fetal tissue research that could save lives and instead decided to audit itCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights25-Sep-2018
274. According to a leaked memo, considered removing transgendered from the definition of sexual discrimination under Title IXCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights15-Oct-2018
275. Moved to expand the religious exemption for birth control coverageCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights19-Oct-2018
276. Vowed to end birthright citizenship, which would reduce countless immigrants to a perpetual second class status and violate the ConstitutionCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access30-Oct-2018
277. Moved to allow employers greater flexibility to deny health insurance covering birth control to their employeesCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights31-Oct-2018
278. Published new rules denying birth control coverage mandated under Obamacare and billing Medicare and Medicaid users separately for abortion servicesCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights8-Nov-2018
279. Issued new rules protecting those accused of sexual harassmentCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights16-Nov-2018
280. Pressured 4-H to drop its LGBT friendly policyCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights19-Nov-2018
281. Urged the supreme court to immediately take up the transgender ban in the militaryCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights23-Nov-2018
282. Following up from item #273, killed NIH contracts to fund fetal tissue research aimed at finding treatments for Parkinson’s disease and other illnessesCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights4-Dec-2018
283. Continued to press having the military restrict transgender troopsCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights9-Dec-2018
284. Moved to roll back roll back of anti- discrimination rules aimed at curbing actions that have a disparate impact on different groups of people based on ethnicity, gender and other characteristicsCivil RightsEnfranchisement and Access2-Jan-2018
285. A Federal Court blocked the administration’s expansion of religious exemptions to providing birth control in #275, citing dire public health and financial consequencesCivil RightsGender Issues and Reproductive Rights13-Jan-2018

See a full list of Trump’s actions against the United States of America here

List last updated 6:40am EST, 3/19/2019