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Hoda Mathana left the United States to join ISIS in Syria, fully knowing that The Caliphate was dedicated to the destruction of the USA. In my opinion this woman , Hoda Mathana, should be left in the Syrian Refugee Camp where she is now. 

She was an adult when she made up her mind to destroy the US by join ISIS.

When I was 15 years old, most of my friends were really excited about signing the Communist Manifesto. I read it through to the very end where it was clear that the aim of the Communist Party was the destruction of the US Government.I did not sign on and I have never joined any group or any organization whose express aim was the destruction of the US Government.

This woman who married 3 times, to men all of whom were members of ISIS. Each time her husband was killed, she promptly married somebody else who was a member of ISIS. Admittedly, she might not have had a choice in this matter. 

If she is, allowed back into the United States, she should be tried for treason and jailed for life.

Think about it. She could easily be a mole and we would never know it. 

Why should the American tax payers take on all of that? There is a hight cost for court time, for lawyers , and paying for her while she is in prison.

We have so much trouble deciding on a realistic immigration policy for this country, and we are disallowing and turning away  people who are legitimately seeking asylum.

This girl left the United States to join a force that was dedicated to the destruction of the US and the Western World. She would be lucky to remain in the Syrian refugee camp where she is, with people who are legitimate refuges from an abusive and destruct Government.

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  1. I certainly don’t think we should pay for anything for her. And it sure sounds like she was “siding with the enemy” probably in some extended adolescent rebellion- however she did do it and we should not bear the responsibility of rescuing her when there are legitimate people out there who need to be allowed to emigrate here because they have legitimate concerns for their own safety and are innocent victims of regimes like the Syrian one.

  2. Well detailed article. I agree. Accepting her back into US might encourage others looking to destroy our country.

  3. Fully agree, Rita. That’s also why I reject as ourageous DT’s demand that Germany should take back the German citizens that had joined ISIS, or else they would be set at large…

  4. That girl has a mental illness, probably highly psychotic. Ask a psychiatrist what she or he thinks should be done. Difficult situation with legal and medical implications.


  5. As US citizens who defected to fight our country for a foreign army they should be court martialed. We know what the outcome would be.

  6. I agree, Rita.
    If she is let back in at all, she should surely face legal processes and do jail time.

  7. I agree. Am liberal on our immigration policy, but if 3 times a terrorist I believe she made her choice.

  8. Same argument is going on in the UK with an identical scenario. We must show how serious this is to discourage others who would like to follow her.

  9. People make decisions and mistakes left and right and it is hard to believe any US citizen may work against our country with the intention to cause damage, destruction and death to the most supportive and important country of the world; however it keeps happening…
    and the sad part is that we are slamming the front door to innocent refugees who have been in a living hell for more than 7 years: Syrian refugees in particular.
    We need to keep up our commitment to assist less fortunate countries (of course) without compromising our national security. We are very blessed over here.

  10. i am in total agreement. as the proverb says, “She made her bed, let her lie in it.” mark

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