The Time is now!

We the people of the USA have abrogated our rights. We can be Democrats or we can be Republicans. 

We do not have to be black, white, Asian or any other racial religious or ethnic group. 

All we need to be is “We the people” of the United States of America standing together to take military weapons off the streets of our nation. 

This does not mean depriving people of the right to own a legally registered gun, a sporting rifle or whatever anyone legally wants to have. 

It simply means that military weapons, repetitive rifles and glock pistols would simply not be so easily available to demented or angry people. 

It would mean that you and I, whoever we are, wherever we live, no matter rich or poor, no matter what race or religion, we could feel safer on our own streets. We the people can live safely together.

We the people are the only ones , only we together can end the proliferation of guns on the streets of the United States.

In one week in the month of April, in just that week there were 40 shootings on the streets of New York city, 8 of them were fatal.

This represented a 30 percent of a surge over shootings in 2020.

This is the only country in the world that i know of where anyone who wants a gun can go to a Walmart and buy themselves a gun. 

Apparently anyone who wants one can buy a glock  pistol  which is a repetitive pistol, or a repetitive rifle. These are a military type of weapon. There is absolutely no reason for any private citizen to own one.

It is easier to buy a gun in this country than to buy a car or get a driver’s license or even to get a bus or a subway pass. 

At times it is easier to buy a gun than it is get a doctor’s appointment.

Last week tourist were shot and killed on 42nd street in the middle of the day. 

It is an outrage. 

The NRA has basically been protected by the government, Wall Street, investors, civilians and a gun toting public. 

This must stop now. 

50 people who were shot in 46 incidents over a 7 day period. 8 of them were fatal. 

That is a more than 300 % surge in gun related incidence of the same week in 2020. 

It is easy to blame the covid. It is easy to say that people feel cooped up and angry and possibly demented due to the demands of the covid and the effort to curtail the pandemic. 

The facts do not support this theory.

The NRA has been largely responsible for fostering the use of guns and making rifles accessible to the general public. The NRA should simply be shut down.

There is no earthly reason for anyone to own a repetitive rifle.

It is a military weapon and it should be clearly and absolutely illegal to own one. There is no earthly reason for it to be in anyone’s private home.

The same thing is true of the glock pistol , also a military weapon. It should not be available to any member of the general public.

If somebody want to have a gun with which to go hunting there is no reason on earth that they can not have that gun as long as it is legally registered. 

That seems altogether normal and necessary. That alone would probably go a long way towards reducing gun crime on the streets and in the homes. 

America wake up.

People wake up! It is up to us to “We the people” to pressure our congressmen and our senators to put through gun control legislation. Once again it is up to our senators to get on their stick and act on behalf of their constituents. 

It is up to “We the people” to pressure to unseat any member of the congress who does not support gun registration and who does not support the abolition of military weapons being sold into the hand of the general public.

Wake up America, it is your lives that are at stake. Act now!