Down and Out

The constitution of the USA clearly provides for the removal from office of a President who is deemed no longer fit to serve in the office as President of the USA. 

This President has already done irreparable damage to the US. Who would come to support ourforeign-policy. He affect the politic system, to the justice department, to the supreme court , and to the moral fiber of the nation, by exasperating inherent problems.
 His withdraw from all the traditional world organizations puts us at risk. It will take years and years before our former friends and allies will ever trust us again.

He has succeeded with the support of a corrupt Republican Party made up of senators who are embracing Trump, so that they can remain in his club.
This is not a matter of Republican or Democratic preference. This is a question of who, we the people of this Nation are, and what our values are, at home, and how we want to present ourselves to the world.

Who we are at home, is how the world sees us abroad. We have lost our world leadership position over the past four years.

Donald Trump is only dedicated to himself and his own personal and family fortune. He measures the financial success of the country by his own personal success in the stock market .     

The people and organizations invested in the stock market have done well, they’ve made money. 

However, this money that has a crude to the wealthiest people in the country whose taxes simultaneously, have been reduced, are of course satisfied with Trump’s regime. 

This wealth however has not reflect itself throughout the society. A very large portion of the nation population is worth off than they have been since the depression of 1933. 

This is not due just to the layoffs caused by covid-19. It was caused by the total lack of attention or investment  or attention to the suffering and needs of the middle and lower class population. 
No investment has been made in health, education, welfare or affordable housing under Trump.

It is not socialism for a wealthy nation to take care of its poorest members. 
No matter how loudly he trumpets his successes, Trump has done nothing but to double the national debt, spend tax money to benefit himself, he has divide the country by exacerbating the anger and divisiveness that already existed in the country. 

This is the portrait of America today under Trump. Who would want to claim us as an ally? A nation divided and in a state of chaos, with disease, poverty, and crime on the rise. 

He has succeeded in destroying every agreement that has been made whether with Iran, Mexico, Canada, or China. 

Possibly those commitments were not totally advantageous to America, but now they have been annihilated .They were better than nothing. At least they provided the grounds for further discussion, and at the same time a certain amount of protection,whether from exploding nuclear bombs or developing nuclear power. If they weren’t perfect there surely was room for further negotiation. 

None of these treaties have been renegotiated and the cost has been born by the American people ,by agriculturalists, by farmers and by general population. 

There has been a substantial rise of the cost of living in America as a consequence. 

If isolation, alienation, divisiveness, anger and violence is what this country wants to be today, then this President has succeeded. 
America under Trump is becoming a Banana Republic.

Vote! Hit the Streets , Vote! This is your last chance to save this nation.PS : If you agree with this blog, please send on to your contact list.

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  1. Thanks Rita- fingers crossed. He may just take it and the SC will back him up so no amount of voting will matter. ;(

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