America the Brave

The four years of the Trump Administration has accelerated the diminution of America. It has been supported by Mitch McConnell and his followers in the republican party.

Their only interest is in self preservation and in retaining their seats in the house and in the senate.

Their lifetime salaries are paid by the American taxpayers, the citizens of the United States.

Under one administration after another, they have held power over the congress and over the senate with no regard for the benefit of the country, nor for the people who inhabit it.

They seek to repress the vote of the citizens of the United Sates in order to maintain power in their States, and in the congress.

America is on the brink. We no longer have time to waste on racism, antisemitism or whether the virus originated in China.

The only thing that matters at this time is whether America can regain the respect of the world and can we again redevelop American exceptionalism.

Exceptionalism is not defined by race, creed, religion, or gender.

Finally at least some true Republicans, regardless of political party, have joined together in support of Biden’s effort toward the reconstruction of the United States.

 We must build back the roads, the tunnels, the bridges, and the highways. The railroads must be updated or replaced if necessary. Japan’s railways are eons ahead of our antiquated systems.

Yes we will have to pay higher taxes to rebuild America!

It is important to note that under President Dwight D. Eisenhower, the super rich paid 90% in taxes and the rest of the population paid 70% tax.

With those additional funds, we rebuilt America after World War II, and with the Marshall Plan (the European Recovery Program), the U.S. provided aid to the recovery of Western Europe following the devastation of the second world war.

America generated enough money in taxes to launch and complete the labyrinth of interstate highways, roads and bridges across the U.S. , the largest projects that America had ever seen.

It is now once again needed.

Compare Biden’s proposed tax plan to Dwight D. Eisenhower’s. Biden’s proposed tax plan is to increase the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28% and the top individual income tax rate from 37% to 39.6%. Far less than Eisenhower’s.

We must look to the future. American exceptionalism means investing in people, in the best possible education for everyone, in new ideas and new technologies.

It means investing in schools, better training of teachers and according them the salaries and the respect that they deserve. It means providing the best possible education for everybody in America.

We need to invest in our future to maintain our prominence in the fields of technology and science, and we need to continue to support of our universities to be the best in the world. Instead we are falling way behind.
We also need to invest in our communities, providing new schools and affordable housing.

People need to have a roof over their heads, and they need to have jobs and decent remuneration.

This is neither Socialism, nor Communism. It is clearly the way back to American exceptionalism.

People who have made vast fortunes in coal and oil, in fracking and mining, now should invest in future fortunes to be made from new forms of energy and in the technology of the future.

The energy sources of the future should prove to be less destructive and more protective of our planet.

As America has become more isolationist and more bigoted, we have fallen behind China, Japan, and Germany, they have developed more advanced systems than we have.

We have been diminished, and influenced by the abusive power of money in our politics, in our government, in our social system, and in our democracy.

America has been diminished by a political system that has allowed the former President of the U.S. to be a cheat, a liar, a crook, a woman abuser and possibly a traitor.

The Republicans are sitting on their brains, refusing even to discuss these issues so relevant for the survival and the future of our democracy and our nation.

Remember, once again, for this they are being paid for the rest of their lives by the American tax payer.

We are losing influence all over the world.China has been building the railroad system in Africa since the 1960’s.The same system that will allow African countries ultimately to send their wealth to China.Chinese state-owned enterprises are still the largest investors in Africa.

Meanwhile America is worrying about the color of skin, creed, religion, and gender, and failing to support exceptionalism.

Wake up America! Forget petty party politics.

Imagine a revival of the American Spirit. Where exceptionalism knows no limits and no boundaries.