The Garden of Eden

It is perfectly disgusting that New York City continues to act as a garbage can. There should be no live garbage anywhere, and certainly not on the streets. A photograph was taken the other day of fifteen rats on a disgusting pile of garbage emanating from Palace Restaurant on East 57th Street, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Blank Street Coffee. The other day, a photograph of the rats outside of Dunkin’ Donuts was taken into the manager of Dunkin’ Donuts. The manager thanked the guy and gave him a box of donuts. The rats are still there, the garbage is still there. Why does not the Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, run a real campaign to eliminate all organic food matter from the garbage? There is no reason in the world that every enterprise, and certainly food centers, should not be composted. There are garbage bags today which can be filled with live garbage, placed in a bin, and they will decompose and turn into compost. If an individual enterprise has more to compost than it can handle, why should there not be bins on the street from which the city can pick up the compost and use it to feed the trees, the grass, the parks… This is not the most complicated process to organize. It would turn New York City from being a garbage can, a disgusting city to walk through day or night into a pleasant and updated city. Come on, Mayor Adams, get with the program.