It’s easy to focus on Trump because he’s a circus barker and he knows how to get the troops into his tent.

He’s managed to divide the country between Republicans and Democrats, between religious fanatics and people of normal belief.

A man of no moral compass has managed to create a world around him of no moral compass, and he has encouraged violence across the United State.

He has also managed to create a Republican party of Senators and others running for the Presidency who are equally as despicable as he is.

Somehow this country has managed to invent a new Republican party made up of Senators whose sole aim is the destruction of the democracy .

These Senators are being elected , with no term limits.

They can sit there for their entire lives and get paid for their entire lives.

There are several very important constitutional changes that should be attended to.

Term limits for all elected officials. An independent, non-political, character assessment must be required before someone can be allowed to run for office.

Currently there is no provision in the Constitution requiring a character and background check for anyone running for office.

Because any change in election policy must come on a legislative level, this blind spot in the qualification procedure may likely remain for some time.

The Founding Fathers never dreamt that crooks and criminals would be elected to the highest office in the United States.