Justice For All

The American democracy under which we have lived and prospered for the last 245 years is on the brink of destruction.

Anyone who lived through World War II must recognize the similarity of those forces, of those individuals, who like Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin, were dedicated to creating their own autocracies and to the destruction of their own democracy and the world as we knew it.

Their followers, too, were Aryans and Antisemites who were totally responsible for the murder of 6 million Jews and many others besides. Along with the Japanese on the other side of the world, seeking their own world domination, were totally responsible for World War II. Those forces have grown, misinformation has spread, and war criminals, such as Putin, have been aided and abetted in their dedication to the destruction of our nation.

Perhaps the most essential feature of their destructiveness and perhaps the most long lasting effect of Trump’s desire to destroy this country, will be the denigration of education, the introduction of religion into the educational system of the schools, the judicial system throughout the country, and finally the destruction of the Supreme Court.

He and some of his predecessors cynically stacked the Supreme Court for their perceived possible benefit.

Trump is not the only responsible party for the destruction of the Supreme Court. In recent times, President George HW Bush made the cynical appointment of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court. The Republican party refused to allow Obama to make an appointment. However, they did support Trump’s three self-serving appointments. His soul intention was to stack the Supreme Court in his favor should his case ever be presented, as it probably will.

The confidence of Americans in the integrity of the judicial system has been totally undermined.

The destruction of the Supreme Court is probably the last and final act leading to the demise of our democracy. Historically, they have been the iconic final word on any judicial issue. They had the nation’s trust that their decisions would be just. One used to consider that the Supreme Court’s decisions were not bound by self interest or politics, but purely by deliberation and what was the best and correct decision for the nation.

This is all reminiscent of Hitler’s Germany all over again.

Ultimately, it seems as though the members of the Supreme Court are one way or another corrupt, can be bought by wealthy individuals and this is at the very heart of the destruction of this country. Money has taken over the entire governing system, from state elections to national elections, to the Supreme Court. A democracy really depends on the integrity of the electoral system in every state in the country, and the dedication of the individuals who run for office and who are elected.

It seems that character and integrity are not required for a perspective Supreme Court Justice. It’s easier to run for election for any position in the United States government than it is to get into a New York City Co-Op.