The fire next door

It is totally heart breaking to be standing by and watching the Ukraine been decimated by a maniac.  Like Hitler he is repeating the same story .

We The USA cannot once again stand by as we did in 1940 allowing Hitler to killed 6 millions jews and an untold numbers of other people as well.

Here we are again standing by doing nothing to help while the Ukraine is being invaded and decimated by a maniac.

Putin is Hitler all over again! We are facing the same dilemma. 

Do we let our neighbor house burn, or do we get involved in saving our neighbor house and perhaps getting ourselves involve in the fire.

In  this case it may be the start of the WW3. 

A friend of mine Connie Erlanger send me a letter that she posted with The New York Times . I want all of you to read it , so I post it here.

In 1940 President Roosevelt made the analogy of our neighbor’s house being on fire and the urgent choice - either to help put out the fire, or not (at that time it was about providing support to the UK in defense of democracy there and here in our own country.)  Today we are faced with the same circumstance: our neighbor Ukraine’s house is on fire and if we do not take aggressive action to help put out the fire, it will burn down the neighborhood. 

We refer to the men and women who responded in 1940 as The Greatest Generation. The generation that saved the world from tyranny. Today, we observe the unfathomable tragedy unfolding before us - on TV. 24/7. Like a movie. But it is not a movie. This is a real life horror and we, the United States of America, can not stand by as observers and sympathetic commentators. 

Now, as was the case in 1940, the fear of engagement is that it will lead to world war, only this time it will be nuclear war. I am not an expert, but I suggest that we are already in WW3, and it is being waged on the ground, in the air, on the sea, in cyber space, and all the while real human lives are lost and shattered - in the real world.   
The way to avoid more war, nuclear war, is to respond immediately to the urgent pleas of Ukraine, for their sake and our own. 

Our neighbor’s house is on fire. We must rush to provide Ukraine with all the fire hose and water and fire retardant and fire prevention material possible, without limit or hesitation.  

Connie Erlanger