Now or Never

The start of this new year is no less depressing than was the end of the last year.

 In these first days of 2022, this country, the United States of America, the leading democracy in the world is tethering on the brink of 

facing the possible loss of our democracy and becoming a dictatorship.

Never at any time since the civil war has this country faced such imminent danger.

The times seem very much like the end of the Weimar Republic of Germany in the 1930’s.

Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany. Between the time of his election and the start of WWII, he and his henchmen managed to imprison and exterminate six million Jews and at least five million other people. 

This period is known as the Holocaust.

It was Hitler and his Nazi party whose intention was to create a pure Arian race. 

If Donald Trump and his ignorant sycophantic followers gain power and  have their way, they would probably exterminate not only Jews, but Asians, Hispanics, and certainly  all black people as well. 

Their goal is to create a pure, blonde haired, blue eyed white skinned America.

Since the schools in America teach history only superficially, few Americans under the age of sixty seem to know anything about Hitler and the causes of WWII. 

Without the understanding of Hitler and his rise to power, Americans do not realize that Donald Trump has modeled  himself and his party after the greatest tyrants of the world, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Putin, and Kim Jong-un.

Few Americans have participated in public service since the end of The Vietnam war in 1973, when the draft was abolished.

As a consequence the knowledge and interest in what is happening in this country has diminished. 

The generation under the age of 60s seems to have little knowledge or interest in what is happening to their country.    

Since they do not know or understand the rise of Hitler’s Germany, they do not recognized the similarity between Donald Trump and Hitler. 

President Biden is doing everything that he can to address the problems facing this country and the failures in our system. 

Joe Manchin the Senator who were against Biden reconstruction, is standing in the way of progress. He made his money in the Coal business and is protecting his familybusiness and in doing so is preventing Biden from doing exactly what this country needs at this time. 

Biden’s build back America program is exactly what Roosevelt accomplished with “The New Deal “in the 1930s.

It made it possible to rebuild the country with roads, bridges, housing, schools and medical care.

Part of Biden’s policy is the protection of the right of citizens to vote. The only way forward for this country at this time and to save America and our Democracy, is to support Biden.

It should be an imprisonable crime for anyone under any circumstances to attempt to suppress the vote in any city or state in the United States of America.

Everyone who can vote must support the access and the freedom to vote for all.

The democracy can only survive  at this time by supporting President Biden and the democrats against a totally corrupt Republican Party.

Rise up and support president Biden, the right to vote and the build back American program.

The time is now.