Here Dead We Lie

Any sanctions that we might levy against Putin will take time and in the end may not be successful. He has insulated himself from western retribution.

Putin is a maniac, a psychopath , a mass murderer. The only way that he can be stopped is by eliminating him. 
There would be nothing wrong with the secret services of all nations seeking him out wherever he is hiding and eliminating him.We did it with Gaddafi for less reason and we did it with Bin Laden and others.

This man Putin is worse and more dangerous , more insane, more inhumane than all of them put together. He must be destroyed. NATO must act, America must act. The longer we wait the more damage he will do. 

He totally destroyed Syria only to keep assad in power and he will totally destroy a nation close to Europe for absolutely no reason except to satisfy his maniacal ego. This man must be stopped and destroyed. 

If he gets way with the physical and inhumane destruction of an entire nation he will not stop here. 

Remember Hitler! Remember Hitler! 

He took over one country after another starting in eastern Europe walking his way across Europe to Britain. As long as Putin is alive he will not be stopped and one way or another we will be ultimately involved in a war to preserve civilization as we know it. If he is successful in the Ukraine nothing will stop him from going into Poland, Finland or wherever he chooses. 

There maybe a danger of retaliation if he is eliminated but there is a far greater risk if he is allowed to survive. Putin must be eliminated as soon as possible now.