Can This Be Love?

Mr. Rudy Giuliani the ex-Mayor of New York City recently criticized President Obama as a President who does not love his country or the people who inhabit it.  He launched a tirade against Obama basically attacking him for being weak and indecisive in his presidency. Well, there’s no question that Mr. Giuliani decisively did reduce the crime rate in New York City. He allowed the police to sweep into custody anyone who was suspect of anything. He put any number of people in jail on charges that he could not prove. Obviously some were guilty, and his tactics though totally undemocratic, did reduce the level of crime in the city. However, he has now denounced the President and applauds Mr. George W. Bush.

It is surprising to me that President Obama and the Democrats have never risen en mass to respond, not just to address Mr. Giuliani’s accusations, but also to denounce the Presidency of G.W. Bush. He created the situation now facing the world. It was G.W. Bush who after 9-11, with no thought and no plan in mind set out to destroy Hussein and Iraq .He  simultaneously allowed Bin Laden,  the actual perpetrator of the 9-11 destruction of the towers, to slip away. It was G.W. Bush who thoughtlessly led us into the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and is ultimately responsible for the turmoil and brutality which we now face in the Middle East.  It was G. W. Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney who involved us in two major wars, at a cost of  trillions of dollars, and the incredible loss of American lives and limbs. That says nothing of the so called “collateral damage” which means, the destruction of civilian populations.

G.W. Bush was responsible for running this country into financial debt and causing a crisis second only to the great depression of the 1930’s. These are the conditions that Obama inherited  following  16 years of consecutive Republican leadership.

Rudy Giuliani has accused Obama of not loving this country. Was it out of love that G.W. Bush, Richard Cheney, and Rumsfeld fabricated and disseminated lies to this country, to the people and to the Congress. Lies that weapons of mass destruction existed and had been found in Iraq. Giuliani praises these men tho led this country to the brink of destruction. Obviously Hussein was a terrible man, totally abusive and a destructive dictator. That alone does not justify a full scale war by the Untied States. So when Mr. Obama became President, he inherited two wars  and a country on the brink of financial disaster with unemployment rampant at almost 10%.  This was the Legacy left by Mr. Giuliani’s heroes. Following four years of President Herbert Walker Bush , eight years of Reagan, eight years of Bush, twenty years of republican presidents. President Obama is given little or no credit by a right wing Republican Party that has been taken over by the most conservative right wing narrow minded, bigoted and financially powerful group of people who have ever dominated the Congress, the Senate and the financial world.

Obama may not be the greatest communicator in the world.  He may not be the “hale fellow well met charm boy” that Reagan and Bush were reputed to be. He is, however, certainly a thoughtful, highly intelligent and cautious man.  Mr. Giuliani and his cohorts would happily involve this country and the world in a war of total destruction. Mr. Obama, on the other hand has reduced the national debt, created employment, improved the economy helped people get healthcare, killed Bin Laden reduced the number of American soldiers whose lives were carelessly put at risk by G.W. Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld. I don’t believe it is because he does not love this country that he has tried and continues to try all possible means of keeping us out of another endless war. He is not power hungry. He is a thoughtful man who looks at all the alternatives trying to find a solution to the conflagration in the Middle East caused by President G.W. Bush and Company. Everything that Obama  has tried to do has been blocked by the fanatical, ultra-conservative, radical right wing Republicans who now dominate the Congress and the Senate. Is this love of country?