The Great Divide

The Founding Fathers concept of the Supreme Court was that these nine people would be able to rise above the Politics of  Political Parties. It is their job to see that this country, it’s Politicians, the wealthiest  and the poorest are all represented equally. These nine people are appointed to the Supreme court for life. They should not owe allegiance to any party,any interest or any individual. Their job is simply to opine on those issues which  give equal rights to all citizens and justice for all. This court has failed  this country on one issue after another. It is a court divided within itself. The women against the men. The Liberals versus the conservatives. They are Politically , ethnically and sexually divided., This does not fit the mandate of the Supreme Court. The recent ruling by this court in the Hobby Lobby case gives corporations and  their owners, the power to deny their female employees their right to birth control options under the Corporate insurance policies. This, under the guise of religious Freedom. The Founding fathers of this country never conceived of Religious freedom becoming the tool with which the Society would be controlled. Each person has the right to practice his or her Religion . Religion is a  personal and private matter. However, it was never conceived by the Founding fathers that this right would become the controlling power over the electorate, the people or the Government of this country.  Girls, Boys, Men Women Hit the streets. Impeach this supreme Court.


Has condoned the shutting down of abortion clinics by their ruling

Has not just infiltrated the hobby lobby but Roe versus Wade