Once more, in to the breach

Looking at America today is absolutely amazing, astounding to see the incredible divisions within the country. 

Try as one may to rationalize and find reasons for  these divisions more and more it seems that it is a combination of the power of social media and the incredibly low level of education that prevails in this country. 

The lack of education alone makes it impossible for people to be able to recognize truth from fiction. 

These divisions also seem to have aided in the sudden deterioration of values in this country: family values, the value of education, responsibility of social media and respect for the law.

When an ignorant and stupid man like governor Abbott of Texas can take the law into his own hands, can suppress the vote so that he can win and can deny women their legal right under the law to make decisions about their own bodies, we are faced with a society in disrepair. 

What possible right does this idiot have to control the rights of women? 

A man who is so stupid that he does not even understand the menstrual cycle of a woman. A man so stupid as to believe and state that he is going to rid the streets of rapists. What is he going to do? Is he going to walk the streets, approach every man on the street and ask him if he is a rapist? The only way to counter an idiot like Abbott and all the other people around the country who support him is to pass a law that every boy over 12 must undergo a vasectomy. 

If men can not take the responsibility of the sperm that they so easily release they should pay the price by not being able to reproduce without government accountability. They would have to get certificate from the government that would enable them to go and have a reversal of their vasectomy. 

In this manner maybe we could prevent sexual crimes, unwanted pregnancies and reduce the need for abortions.

The other thing that is happening to this country is that we have a supreme court that seems to be driven more by religious affiliations than by intellectual questioning and investigation. Maybe we have to change the constitution so that people appointed to the supreme court by half witted lying presidents should be forced to retire. 

It is totally appalling that this country has been taken over by racists, by religious fanatics, by liars and by thieves with absolutely no oversight as to the character of the members of our governing body. 

More effort is put into the character check for a prospective buyer of an apartment in a New York co-op than it is to run for any elected office, including the Congress.

It is astounding that one year after the election of our current president of the USA the ex president who is a known thief, a known lier, a known cheater, a known ignoramus, a known woman abuser still has an enormous following.

There is something fundamentally wrong with this country. It is totally demoralizing to watch the demise of our democracy. 

Social media must be controlled. It is hard to know whether controlling social media impinges upon freedom of speech or freedom of the press but it is imperative that we find a solution before it is too late. Even with the corona virus pandemic, tremendous amounts of misinformation and changing information, reached the ears of people who were unable to distinguish truth from fiction.

The consistent misinformation being disseminated by these groups including the voter suppression in many states and the constant diminution of individual rights is undermining confidence in government, in values and destroying America democracy and the USA. 

This country is on the brink and could easily fall into the hands of tyrants and dictators. It is more important now than it has ever been before to seek out the truth and expel from government those whose intent is to destroy our democracy and our country. 

Mitch McConnell and his Republican party are truly not representatives of the check and balance system that was envisioned in the constitution of the USA. Perhaps the only solution would be in the creation of a 3rd party which would represent conservative democrats and liberal republicans.

We must look at the causes and the weaknesses in our system that have enabled people such as Trump and Abbott and DeSantis and McConnell and religious fanatics- weakness that have confused issues regarding the governing of the USA and have ultimately compromised our constitution.

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  1. Good to hear from you Rita. Revelations in the last few days have really pin-pointed social media’s role in fomenting our divisions. If you have not seen the 60 Minutes interview Facebook Whistleblower it is available on YouTube. She spells it out clearly. As for the SCOTUS – it all goes back to W. F. Buckley who charged conservatives to use any means necessary.

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