America Rise and Shine

Beginning with the attack on the Capitol of the USA on Jan 6 2021 by an unruly and violent group of Americans, it has been clear that the Democratic base of the US is in serious jeopardy.

Our freedom is at stake by those very people who are attacking the government in the name of freedom.

Their absolute freedom is absolute chaos.

Laws are made to protect every citizen and it is only when the law is there and observed as an umbrella that we, as individuals, have freedom.

We are free to walk on the streets when laws are provided and observed.

For instance traffic lights: the law requires that cars stop at traffic lights. As long as the law is observed it provides us with the freedom to cross the street without fear of being run down.

Often when the law is broken, cars turn against the light and someone may be hurt or even killed.

Of course some people brake the law and when they do we are less safe and less free as a consequence.

It is the concept of the total right to total freedom that explains the thinking behind the violent lunatics who attacked the Capitol and sought to kill members of congress.

This is no longer freedom.
This is chaos and chaos only leads to destruction. The social order and the very society from whence they have sprung are endangered by them.

Freedom to be sure seems not much to lose to some members of our society but some of us still think it is a battle that must be fought and won.

It seems totally clear that freedom exists only within certain limitations.

The militia organizations gaining support and followers across the country are a clear and eminent danger to freedom.

The stem from a total misunderstanding and misconception as to what freedom is, what it is and who shall have it.

Individual groups of people bearing arms and joining forces to attack the government of the USA or the Capitol of the USA is not an expression of freedom.

Although the second Amendment to the constitution provides individuals with the right to bear arms, it does not provide the freedom to attack the government of the USA. It only vaguely provides the right of citizens to form militia only to protect the government of the USA.

An organized militia, recognized by the government, made up of volunteer citizens, often called the Home Guard, stands ready to protect the government of the USA.

If the pro Nazi militias and anti-government militias proliferating around the USA today are free to attack the government of the USA to break those laws protecting all the citizens of America, then none of us will be free any longer.

We will all be living in a world of total chaos.

We must be fiercely vigilant both of people desirous of breaking the law and also that the law is fair and provides us all with the protection that enables us to be free and to live in a free society.

We the people must all take action to save our democracy now or we will lose it and we shall descend into the the abyss of chaos, tyranny and the ensuing dictatorship.