Heil Trump USA 2020!

America has never had a proper comprehensive immigration policy. America has become a hostile and dangerous country to refugees who seek asylum. 

Nonetheless, people will try to enter whether legally or illegally but these people still need to be treated as human beings and not brutalized and tortured. 

This is no longer a matter of republican vs democrat. This is a clarion call to all decent people of all parties: Republican, Democrat, liberal, conservative, moderate or any other.

Women are now arriving at our border only to be imprisoned, abused and forced to undergo unnecessary hysterectomies. That is sterilization. This is torture by any other name.

Mr Trump and the so called  “Republican Party” that he has constructed with his acolyte Mitch McConnell, and the lemmings who cow tow to them both, have totally lost credibility for the right to govern. 

These people no longer represent the majority of the people of the United States and should not be allowed to participate in overseeing the check and balance system of the US government in which they are suppose to serve. 

If we ever get rid of these criminals, this country must demand some constitutional amendments. 

The first would be to get the money out of politics. 

The second is to limit the term that any elected official can serve, making it less likely for anyone of these criminals to care more about their lifetime job in a governing position than what is right and good for the country. 

The third would be surely to make it impossible to bring their fake religious fanaticism into governing as they are now doing even though it is in opposition to the US Constitution under which they serve which clearly separates church and state.

What in their Bible, or in the Bible that Trump so virtuously held up in front of St John’s Church in Washington DC, gives them the right to think that they can make judgements over the bodies of women in America?

”Republicans”  will rush to confirm a new Justice of the Supreme Court so they can totally reverse the prior Supreme Court ruling of Roe v. Wade, which entitles women to the legal right to choose what is best for their lives and for their bodies. This will reverse the progress that it has taken women over 100 years to gain in the United States of America. 

Before Roe v. Wade, women used wire hangers to abort unwanted pregnancy. Legal abortion enables women to have safe and medically sound care. Women generally do not choose abortion lightly or easily.

This senate, these Anti- Christs, have set themselves up as judge and jury over the lives of women. These senators who have sold their souls to their Devil, Trump, should be swept out of the Senate, out of the government and even out of the country. 

If women are not to be permitted to have control over their own bodies then all men should not have control either. They should all be rounded up and forced to have vasectomies- that would solve the problem for everyone of all persuasions. 

Trump and his sycophants are afraid of losing their lifetime jobs. They only worry about keeping their seat in the Senate. They do not have any regard for the people of this nation for whom they have been elected to serve. 

Women of America (and all of those who care about them), hit the streets and go to the polls. Vote for your right to choose what is best for you.

2 replies on “Heil Trump USA 2020!”

  1. If anyone would take up a case on behalf of these poor women Trump would not find friendly Justices among the extreme conservatives he has appointed.
    The whole idea is antithetical to their philosophy.

  2. Here here Rita!

    But our most pressing concern is the way he is positioning the upcoming election. He has already declared only his victory will be considered “valid.” He will soon have a stacked Supreme Court that will hear his case for remaining in office. Democracy will be dead. What do we do in the face of this? I’m not sure.

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