America Beware

What is the matter with this country?

Do you people not understand the difference between right and wrong? When Jamie Dimon CEO of Chase Bank comes out and says “don’t write off Trump, he’s right about something”. That is NOT the issue. Hitler built roads and bridges and sent 6 million people to their death because he hated Jews, Chinese, Blacks… and anyone who is not white skinned, blue eyed, or aryan. Trump is the same as Hitler. He is a dictator. Yes, he may lower taxes for the rich. But as president he also increased the debt by $27 Trillion of dollars by the end of his term. “The national debt rose by almost $7.8 trillion during Trump’s time in office. That’s nearly twice as much as what Americans owe on student loans, car loans, credit cards and every other type of debt other than mortgages, combined, according to data from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York”. During all of this his family put millions of dollars in their own pockets. These are facts not fiction. Maybe he has a couple of good ideas but that isn’t the issue. The man is a corrupt liar, a misogynist, a despicable and vial creature. Is that what America wants to have? A despicable Dictator? Is that what America has become, just an order to lower taxes, to deprive people of health care, education, welfare, of equal rights under the law. Does America want to have a Putin, a Hitler, a Mussolini, a Stalin. Any of who by the way may or may not be as bad as Trump. 

This has nothing to do with the differences of Republicans, Democrats, right or left, Conservative or Liberal. Those are all valid opinions that can be discussed, argued and fought over by Republicans and Democrats. The Republican party has become a cult, the party of Trump, it is no longer an independent party. He has bought, bribed and terrified the individual members of this Republican party. Kiss the ring or you may be assassinated, threatened or defamed. He stands against immigration. However, his grandfather was a whore master in Germany and came to this country as an immigrant investing his ill gotten gains into real estate. Trump himself was financed and refinanced by his corrupt father. Aside from anything else he is far from a self made man. Trump is a vial despicable disgusting subhuman being. Is this who America wants as their president? Presented to the world, so that America can be isolated, insulated and rotten to the core. Represented by a reprehensible person. If America has any values left, this man should not, must not and cannot be a nominated for the presidency to represent The United States to the world. Americans stand up and fight to preserve your failing democracy before you sleep walk into a corrupt dictatorship.