Time is running out

Friends and fellow citizens of USA. Those of you who are interested and who value the democracy under which we have all lived for several hundred years must now support Biden in the midterms. 

Whether one agrees with all of President Biden’s policies or whether we do not agree with all of them the only way to save this democracy in the next period of time will be to support him in the midterms.

Trump and his Nazi party and white supremacist followers who want to destroy this country, are well into the process to do so. They are working day and night to do everything possible to suppress the voting rights, to promulgate, publicize and communicate misinformation and lies. 

If Biden is not supported at the midterms, if the republicans regain the senate this country will fall into the hands of Donald Trump and his republican sycophants posing as members of the senate. They do not represent a true Republican party. They represent Trump and themselves with a single aim to destroy this country and the 

Democracy and destroy our democratic form of government under which we have lived and thrived for more than 200 years.

Biden has not always been right a 100% of the time. However at least he is dedicated to the service and salvation of this nation of ours. 

He is blamed for everything that is wrong and goes wrong in this country and beyond. 

The truth of the matter is that starting with Afghanistan and the withdrawal of the American troops, Biden was blamed for the messy exit. 

Nobody seems to remember that the former president Donald Trump had a contract with the Taliban to get all Americans out in 10 days. If this contract was not fulfilled every American in Afghanistan would have been killed by the Taliban. 

Biden inherited that contract and managed to get a 170.000 people out of Afghanistan in 10 days. Most of those people were Americans and many others were people from Afghanistan or people who have worked for America. 

Of course, it was messy and of course it was most unfortunate and sad that some people were lost along the way. 

The sad truth of the matter is that Trump’s arrangements are always inhuman and inconsiderate of the human beings involved.

Now Biden is being blamed for the inflation. It is possible that Biden’s build back America was too generous. Perhaps some families should have been deprived of the $1400 allowance that was distributed. When you are dealing with a society that is suffering from a worldwide Pandemic, and the ensuing unemployment and starvation and death, there is no known mechanism available to go from family to family to investigate the financial status of each claimant. 

The covid epidemic had caused the closure of businesses and corporations leaving people unemployed, sick, and hungry and dying. 

It is certainly possible that less money might have been spent in this regard. However, the situation was desperate urgent and required immediate attention. 

Remember that Trump have failed utterly to do anything to help this nation to survive the covid Pandemic.

Yet another major contributing factor to the present inflation is of course the war in the Ukraine. 

President Roosevelt kept WW2 over there for as long as it was possible. Remember Cash and Carry project, remember the arms sent to the Russians to help them in the war against Hitler, remember the America help to England and France and the rest of Europe.

It was not until after Japan attacked the USA in the Pacific and that Hitler would attack the USA from Europe that the USA had to enter the order by sending troops. 

We are in a similar situation right now. The world is again facing a criminal, inhumane mad man who will stop at nothing. This man Putin cares cares nothing for human life, who thinks nothing of useless, unforgivable destruction and torture only to salve his own ego. 

Biden by supporting the Ukraine and the battle against Putin is fighting a war over there. 

By weakening Putin’s army, and holping to destroy it. We are keeping the war over there.

War is costly. 

In order, to support Ukraine, we have to pay. There is no alternative. 

There is a cost to the combination of the loss of Ukrainian grain to the world and the shortage of oil in Europe as consequence of the shutting down off the Russian oil flow.

We have inflation and we will continue to have inflation as long these condition lasts.

If Putin is in the stopped in the Ukraine, he will push into all the neighboring countries and alternated the NATO will be forced to declare WW3. 

We must recognize that Putin from overseas and that Trump within our own nation are both determined to destroy our democracy. Each for their own divisive purposes but allied to create an authoritarian pro-Russian government in the USA.

This may sound insane but look back at the roots of the WW2 and you will see that Trump and Putin together have a similar aim as did Hitler and as did the Japanese at that time.

America support Biden now and in the midterms. 

If Biden loses in the midterm, if the democratic senate is lost to the right wing, narrow minded and anti-democracy, fascistic, our democracy is lost.  

These people are not dedicated to our democracy or to our nation. They are only interested in their own power and in their lifetime gratuities.

They are not interested in benefiting this country. 

Only by supporting Biden and the democratic senate in the midterms can we at this time hope to preserve our democratic way of life and the democratic government under which we all abide. 

Hit the streets America. 

Support Biden now. 

Support Biden and the democratic senate now in the midterms. 

Address his deficiencies later. They are far less serious than the present danger and potential immediate loss of our democracy.

Hit the streets America. Vote for Biden in the midterms and send this blog onto as many people as you have in your list and encourage them to send it to their lists.