Are women not equal under the law?

Are women not equal under the law?The equal rights amendment was passed and made into law in March 1972. 
Trump managed to keep it out of sight and off the books along with his other plans to destroy our democracy.
He managed to hide the equal rights amendment as though it had never existed.
The fact is that women in America today have equal rights under the constitution. 
They have the right to determine what they should do with their own bodies. 
The rights of women, today, cannot be taken away or destroyed by some Nazi, right wing, fascists, or religious fanatics who are trying to take over this country. 
This has been Trump’s aim from the beginning. He has had the support of the narrow minded, right wing, republican senators. 
It will not stop until WE THE PEOPLE of America wake up and stop this anti-democratic movement in America. 
Every woman who receives this blog and every man who supports women’s rights and the constitution should stand up and scream out against the suppression of equal rights in this country. 
For those who may agree with this, please read it, and send it on to others whom you know.
Let’s get women’s rights back on track.
Let’s get all rights back on track.
Let’s get our democracy back on track.