The rape of America by the Supreme Court

This supreme court in its wisdom now has decided that American women have no rights regarding their most personal selves. Men may receive Viagra under their insurance claims. Men may rape women and then claim impotence as in the recent case of the college girl, a seventeen year old f Freshman at Hobart and William Smith College who reported being gang raped.This Court has ruled that American women need not be permitted under their company health insurance to be covered for contraception. College girls and women need to have that protection.  The fate of American working women is now in the hands of their corporate bosses, who may at any time call upon their suddenly found religious beliefs to deny working women their rights to be covered by insurance for contraception.This United States Supreme Court on June 30th, 2014 ruled that a corporation on religious grounds may deny a woman the right to have contraceptive coverage under her corporate health insurance policy. Under the guise of religious freedom this Supreme Court has ruled that religious belief has the right to rule the workplace. The denial of personal  rights is the first step towards loss of freedoms. Girls, boys, men and women hit the streets in protest.

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