Improving quality of life in Manhattan 

I have counted literally hundreds of balconies just between 57th and 86th street on Manhattan’s east side.There are any number of residential buildings with terraces and balconies totally devoid of greenery. I don’t understand why anyone would pay for a terrace that they never use, that they never put a plant on, that they never seem to sit on. If every terrace and balcony in New York City had plants on them, what a difference this would make to the air that we breath, to the sights that we see, to the quality of life that we live in this great city of Manhattan. I travel the world, and this is the only city in the world that I have ever seen with empty balconies. I have a very small terrace outside of my  apartment, I have all kinds of things growing there. I buy small plants that are very inexpensive at Home Depot or other places, and I plant them in pots on my terrace and have the p[pleasure of seeing them grow. In  some cases I have run a heavy duty electric cord in order to hang a sunlight lamp on the terrace in the winter when it is cold and dark, but plants don’t need much, once a week watering and light, not always direct sunlight.If weight is a problem,they don’t have to be very heavy The pots can be partially filled  with earth, They can be filled partly with Styrofoam bubbles. Every one of these empty balconies in Manhattan can be a source of greenery and enchantment. The city would look less like a block of cement. and more as though people enjoyed life and living.  What Bette  Midler has done on the ground to create community gardens, you can do on your balcony in miniature Breathe a little.. Boys, girls, men and women, Do it. Buy a plant today.



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  1. This is so true. Sometimes it needs very little to make a great impact and change.
    I live in Switzerland and when the sun is shining loads of people enjoy their balconies and their plants – and have great parties outside.

    Go for green and colourful growth!

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