Race to the Finish

I personally do not differentiate amongst my friends as to the color of their skin or the slant of their eyes. I do not like all white people and I do not dislike all black people. I only like some white people and I only like some black people, some Asian people and  some muslim people. I like those people who are my friends. 

I wonder if the endless talk about race is not counter productive. It seems to me that the real story and the real problem is “people not race”.

All white people are not the same and all black people are not the same nor are all Chinese or muslim people the same. 

What about the doctors and the nurses of all races who put their lives at risk as did the  Assemblywoman Karines Reyes who used to work as a nurse  and gave up the safety of her life to work in a hospital on the frontlines of the coronavirus battle? These are all people multiracial who are dedicated to helping other people. 

The hospitals are filled with people of all races. The coronavirus, if it has any meaning at all in the passage of time, it is that epidemics affect all people regardless of race, color or religion.

 If some people are poor and have underlying health conditions due to malnutrition, inadequate health care, poverty or a myriad of other problems, they may be more vulnerable than some other people are.

As America emerges from the devastation of this pandemic, my hope for this country, for us as a nation is that we will look upon and see all Americans as PEOPLE. 

If some people need more help than other people it should be the obligation of all citizens to see that these conditions are alleviated. 

It becomes clearer as time passes that our obligation to ourselves and to this nation of ours is to improve our medical systems for everyone, to improve our educational systems for everyone and to see that all people receive  their fair share for their contribution towards the wealth of corporate American. 

No matter what the worker race may be, what matters is that all people are recognized as individuals and judged accordingly.