Everything happening in the Senate and White House requires daily attention from all of us. President Trump, in his State of the Union address, gave a great speech. If everything that he said in his speech would have been true, one could have concluded that he is truly a great president. 

However, the truth is that everything he said was a lie. When Nancy Pelosi tore up the copy of his speech, all she was saying was that this speech has no worth for the United States. It is a package of lies, presented as truth.

He has reduced Medicare and the costs have gone up. He has reduced coverage for pre-existing conditions. He has not dealt with the pharmaceutical companies, and he will not, so the price of pharmaceuticals is out of reach for most people.  He has not dealt with education except to further destroy the education system in America by appointing someone who has no experience in education and has never held any relevant positions in her life. 

It’s true that the wealthiest Americans are benefitting from unnecessary tax cuts while the rest of the country is basically struggling for survival. It may be that there is little unemployment – not to say that this is a bad thing – but it is a bad thing when two members of the family are employed full time and still can’t pay for school, rent, medical expenses, and have no fallback or savings for an emergency. 

And in the meanwhile, we have a Republican Senate locked in the grip of a dictator.  Instead of acting as the individuals representing their individual sectors, or doing what is right for the country, all that they are doing is supporting and enabling a lying, untruthful president. 

It has brought me to the conclusion that we must have a constitutional amendment to change the status of the Senate.  This cannot be a lifetime career with a lifetime pension. If their seats were not lifetime, then they wouldn’t be so afraid of losing their seats. There must be limits on the number of terms they may serve. 

It should be an honor to serve, at a decent salary while you serve. I also do not think that people should serve for more than two terms at the most. They would be more likely to want to take their place in history and do what is really truly best for the country. That would protect the country from exactly the kind of dictatorship condition that we are in right now. 

History will remember Mitt Romney as a man of courage and decency. The rest of the Republican party, faced with clear evidence against the president, would not even allow witnesses or evidence to be brought to bear. Obviously, they were afraid to allow the truth to be brought to light. But only Romney had the courage to deny Trump that unanimous Republican support.

This failure on the part of the Republican senate is such a clear and evident crime against our Democratic state and the American people.

And if this is allowed to persist further, and if Trump remains president for another 4 years, this country and all of its values and everything that has made America great will be totally destroyed and will never be able to be rebuilt again. It will never recover. 

The impossible will have happened. Donald Trump is not only incapable of integrity, honesty, empathy, or humanity; he is a total destroyer and dictator, and his language on television is absolutely despicable. It is embarrassing for a nation to be represented by an illiterate person, whose use of four letter words on national public broadcasting is despicable, vulgar, and unacceptable beyond description.

The Republican Party is no longer the Republican party. It has allowed itself to become the destructive arm of Donald Trump and his supporters. 

This is not a question of Republicans versus Democrats, or Democrats versus Republicans. And if the Republicans had a grain or an ounce of decency they would put up another candidate. They would back another candidate. There is no law that says the party HAS to support an unqualified, undesirable, unethical, delusional dictator. 

Pay attention, America. Please pay attention. Please go and hit the streets. Get the vote out. Whether a Republican or a Democrat is elected in 2020, IT MUST NOT BE TRUMP.

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  1. Thanks Rita for keeping up the fight! I would go for term-limited Senate. Of course a Constitutional Amendment is almost an impossibility these days. Especially with a Supreme Court that thinks the thing was written in stone and handed down from the Almighty. The Republicans of various stripes are getting what they want from T. The guns and abortion crowd are thrilled with the judges, the no-taxes folks and corporations are happy as clams, the industrialists love the regulatory roll-backs, and the resentful folks who feel put down by the elites get to shove a thumb in their eye. They are all getting what they want and so don’t care if he extorts foreign leaders with our tax money, destroys the free press, encourages foreign intervention in our politics and demeans the office of the president into an autocratic, cult-of-personality. They got theirs. Sad. But I agree – we gotta keep up the fight and understand the enemy and the terms.

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