United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Considering the fact that Donald Trump thinks that he is Gods gift to women, I a woman, find him to be the most unattractive, unreliable and dishonest human being that I have ever run across. He is unattractive looking, he is overweight, he has bleached woven hair which he combs to look like the fin of a blowfish. He has squinty eyes with bags underneath them, which he touches up with makeup. He has a constantly sniffing nose, making one wonder whether he is on drugs or not. He has an ugly turned down sulky mouth which sometimes becomes a hole, giving the impression of a small fish. To top it all off, he is a nasty ill mannered narcissistic bully. He is a cheat, a liar, a smart alec, and to boot he is only semi-literate and speaks the English language poorly. Come to think if it, maybe English is not after all his first language.

All of the above would normally describe someone who surely should not be eligible to even be considered for the office of the Presidency of the United States. However amazing as it has been, not only that he received the support of the weak livered fascistic, divided Republican Party, but he has also won the support of many millions of people in the United States. The needs, the fears, the anger and despair of these people must be addressed. These people are part of a large number of American citizens who’s lives have been totally upended largely by the technological revolution through which we are at present living. Most of these people have worked hard all of their lives and have paid their bills on time and have been comfortably settled into the lower end of the middle class. Now suddenly they have found themselves without jobs and with the pattern of their lives being shifted by job loss, into insecurity without the potential of being retrained for other work. The outlook is grim and those people are angry, insecure and they want change. Especially within the United States government.

Since their problems have not been addressed by the Government, they obviously want to change the institution which they blame for their plight. Of course they want change, and of course they want jobs. Some jobs could be provided by the government, if the government were truly run by the people and for the people. Roosevelt did it in the 1930s, Obama tried to do it by seeking the financing to invest in infrastructure. But alas the broken GOP couldn’t allow funding. Instead they shut down the government with no thought what so ever as to what this could mean to the nation as a whole or to this population of vulnerable people. Donald Trump has appealed to these people and played upon their fear and anger. He has told them that he and he alone can fix all of their problems, and they believe him. He has reached out to exacerbate their fears, their angler and their sense of abandonment. He has been the most divisive and the most dangerous politician in this country since the Civil War. He has damaged the United States in the eyes of the entire world. And he has made us more vulnerable as a nation. The recent China-Philippine pact is an example of the kind of alignments that may result from his rhetoric.

The banks, the press, and some elements of the public are supporting him. They believe his lies, his boasting and his vicious divisiveness. He is putting this country in clear and imminent danger. The press must consider how much coverage he should have compared to Hillary. This Nation, these United States need to be brought together again in order to be strong again in the eyes of the world. We must not allow this depraved man to rip us asunder.