The Headless Rider

It is depressing to look into the future of this country. The closer we come to the election the less confident I am that this great nation of ours is going to be able to work its way out of the pandemic and this depression and to find the way forward with 37 million people plus unemployed.

How will we ever find the confidence to reenter the world when we do not even have the simplest plan?

It may not be a totally secure system but produce and provide thermometers to test the temperature of each and every person entering a building. Every building.

At least then, one would have some sense of security on any given day that the people with whom you work in the same building, are free of the virus.

Certainly it should not be that difficult to get  enough thermometers made and distributed. However, we couldn’t even get life saving protective body covering and masks made for our front line workers. 

It is clear that what was really needed early on was for the federal government to order the people who manufacture sleep masks, to make safety masks instead. 

The government should have instantly ordered the garment industry to manufacture life saving protective garments for the front line workers. It should not have been a very complicated conversion.

Although they are not in the garment business, theater actors in NYC have been volunteering since the beginning of the virus to cut protective fabric and the wardrobe departments of the theaters have been sewing the garments and then distributing them to the hospitals.

I remember that during WW II there were many problems that needed immediate solutions. One that I particularly remember  was that in 1942, America had entered the war and the Bazooka had just been invented. This was the first portable rocket launcher. It was essential to immediately find the material with which to make the barrels. The president locked his brain trust into a room until they solved the problem. 

The problem was solved immediately. They took the pipes from closed down oil drilling equipment and converted those pipes into the barrels of the bazookas. 

Today we couldn’t even manufacture face masks.

Actually we could have. We could have manufactured face masks right at the beginning of the pandemic  and we could have manufactured protective garments that would have saved lives. But we didn’t.

Today we have virtually no government to mandate the solutions. 

In fact we have no government at all. What we have instead is a narcissistic family running this country as if we were all chattel,  here only to enrich and aggrandize them.

The Trump family does not need to wear masks or protective garments. Only we their slaves, need to wear masks and gloves to protect them from us. 

Is this our way back? 

Hit the streets, rise up, rebel, before it’s too late.

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  1. I agree with everything you’ve written except for the thermometer issue- people do not necessarily have a fever with COVD-19- in fact many people have no or minor symptoms or are i the throes of coming down with it and have no fever but are contagious.

  2. Right on Rita. It’s a sad state of affairs – people who felt disenfranchised thumbed their nose at the “elite” by electing someone who was clearly an idiot — I believe they knew that but they wanted to stick it to everyone. Well, elections have consequences, as they say, and their hissy fit has possibly wrecked the country. But maybe they wanted that all along?

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