Straighten Up and Fly Right

Why in the world is America wasting so much time and money on Donald Trump? The man who raised the national debt of the United States by $7.8 trillion while in office? God alone only knows what he paid himself and his family out of that debt. When he lived in New York, everybody knew that he was a liar, a cheat, a misogynist, and a despicable human being. Everybody who ever worked for him was robbed by him. A girl who was raped by him was told if she got pregnant she should get an abortion. This is a man whom everybody knew and has known forever, who has absolutely no redeeming feature as a human being. What is the matter with the people of this country? Who wants to be represented by such a reprehensible person? Is this the way Americans want the world to see us?

This has nothing to do with Republican or Democrat – right or left – this has to do with a dictator who wants to take over the country, reduce the taxes on the rich, and take away from the middle-class and the lower-class every benefit: health, education, reconstruction, and international alliances that help keep the country safe and secure. He will increase taxes on the middle and lower classes. He will deprive women of their right. He will deprive people of their vote. He would open the doorway for Putin to take over the United States. He would give up our alliances with the other nations of the world that keep us safe, and instead would enable Putin to accomplish his goal of destroying the United States. 

Do not forget: America went to war to fight World War II against Hitler. Hitler had been elected to office by the German people. Does America want to repeat history? To give up our democracy to a vile, despicable, self-avowed dictator? Is that what you, the people of America, want for your future?