Depraved DeBlasio

I have lived most of my life as a resident of New York City. My mother grew up here, and her mother lived here.  My two sons have grown up in New York City, and my grandchildren have grown up here as well. In my entire life here, it never occurred to me nor to anyone else whom I have known, that  dishonesty and criminal behavior could ever put people on an even playing field when applying for a job.  Mayor De Blasio has now set this City on the road to ruination. This man is without conscience. He must be forced to resign, or else he should be impeached. He was swept into office because no one came out to vote. He won by default. This is the most dramatic demonstration of the failure of the American people to take responsibility for their lives and to take the responsibility that is inherent in the idea of a democracy. It is the failure of this public to accept the obligation as citizens to go to the polls to vote for the best person who is entered in the political battle at that time.

Mr. DeBlasio recently signed a bill (Int. No. 318) into legislation making it illegal to run a credit check on someone who is applying for a job. He then fortified that legislation with additional regulations that makes the use of a criminal background check illegal for job applicants in most occupations and professions.  So any criminal can from now on come to work in your building, for your family and maybe even for your school. This is the most unconscionable law ever passed by any ambitious lunatic in government in the nearly 250 year history of this country.  A heroin addict or dealer who has served time in prison can now attend to your child, can work in any capacity in your building, your school, your hospitals, as your housekeeper, your babysitter and your child’s school bus driver. There is no end to where this can lead.

The DeBlasios are depraved. According to the newspaper accounts, this Mayor’s wife was being paid $175,000  when he took office. Supposedly, she was the advisor and assistant to the Mayor. The hue and cry against this abuse caused her to resign. She then hired her friend who was living with a criminal or ex con. I sense that this may be the root of this ill-conceived law. This is their revenge against the City and its inhabitants for having taken public action against Charlene De Blasio and her friends. I absolutely cannot see any other rational reason for such a destructive law. This is an invitation for all honest, hardworking people to leave this city and flee to the countryside or any other place where honesty and integrity are still a factor in our lives. The effect of this on Business is mind boggling. Any corporation with any fiduciary responsibility to the public will be decimated by this law. This leaves corporations and individuals vulnerable to law suits by any perspective employee who has a criminal record . This will certainly be an additional reason for corporations and other businesses to leave the city.  De Blasio is a depraved maniac.  People! Please, men, women, girls, and boys–get out there; hit the streets. Protest in masses. That’s the only way to stop this insanity.

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  1. I would calm things down a bit here, folks. First of all Di Blasio did not originate this legislation but rather signed it into law when passed by the city council. The bill was sponsored by many, many council members including the Manhattan Borough Prez so to say it was “his law” is a bit unfair. I would say he supported the will of the people as represented by their elected officials. Further, the law is not that uncommon as 17 states and 100 cities have similar laws. The idea is to not discriminate against those who have done time and are trying to find work but are immediately blocked by a criminal records search. This would be especially hard on the 1/4 of the African American males who have been incarcerated and would like to work. The law does not disallow back ground checks. But they cannot be made until a conditional job offer has been made. It is hardly as draconian as it sounds — read below link–

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