Beware! The Tiger Is at the Gate

Here we are, in exactly the same situation that the United States was in just before World War II. Roosevelt was trying to keep the war “over there” by trying to support Britain and France in the fight against Hitler. Today it is even worse. As dangerous as that was, we were faced with an external enemy. Today we are fighting another war. Today we are a nation divided against ourselves, trying to fight an enemy from within. It is inconceivable to believe that that enemy is the former President of the United States.

It is inconceivable that the United States today is on the brink of losing the democracy to a former President, running again, whose single, solitary aim is the destruction of that very democracy. In World War II, Hitler was about to attack England and the United States, having already taken over France, and Roosevelt persisted in trying to keep the war over there. It wasn’t until Hitler took over Europe, and the simultaneous attack by Japan at Pearl Harbor, that finally forced America to go to war. The circumstances today seem very similar with Putin hoping that by destroying Ukraine, and if we do nothing immediately to support Ukraine, that it will give him the freedom to move into the NATO countries, which would immediately involve the United States. 

The Congress of the United States must immediately make the commitment to support Ukraine. A peaceful future for the United States is dependent on weakening Putin by supporting the Ukrainians and their efforts to destroy him. What is wrong with America? That it can allow politics to divide the nation in such a way as to lead to it’s own destruction. What is wrong with America? Are we allowing political differences to destroy our democracy?

Today we are facing a double-threat – from the destruction within our country from Trump, and the destruction from Putin emanating from the outside of the country. Beware! The tigers are at the gate.